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20 Feb 2012

Hello, I've been watching TR from the sidelines for nearly a decade, now, so I felt I should finally try and contribute something to the project. Really, I'd love to help with questing, but I'm not very confident with the CS yet, so I figured I should put together an interior showcase in the meantime.

My interior is a Temple-run almshouse/muck-kitchen for the infirm/homeless/recalcitrant in the Velothi set (I'm not so sure on the Temple's attitude towards social welfare systems, so maybe this is off-base). The cell name is "Mercyhouse".

I'm a total novice, so I expect there'll be a lot of unwitting mistakes to work through. I eagerly await your review!


 Filename:  Sirrah_showcase.ESP
 Filesize:  21.06 KB
 Downloaded:  120 Time(s)

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05 Aug 2014

Hi, not a reviewer but wanted to welcome you. I took a quick look at the interior and it looks great. I didn't check for floaters and blenders but the layout makes total sense. Good luck with the showcase!

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st.Veloth, The Repenting
28 Feb 2015

Location: toronto

could you post some screenshots? i'd love to see what you're up to!
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Lead Developer
10 Feb 2014

I've begun reviewing this - I should be done in a day or so.
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Lead Developer
10 Feb 2014


Excellent showcase! Smile I really like this interior. Technically, your rotation is quite good. As for the concept of this interior, it's perfect for a Hostel run by the Temple. This could easily fit into any of the Velothi communities. Nice book selection too – I hadn't read a couple of those yet.

Rotate the door to the kitchen 180 degrees so that it opens inward. This would require moving one plate on the shelf just a bit so that it will not bleed into the door.

I made note, below, about the rope knots bleeding for the 3 tapestries by the kitchen. Might I suggest taking a bit of artistic license and moving the tapestries up, until just the wood rod (right above the tapestry) is touching, or even bleeding into, the ceiling/rail. Just be sure that none of the rope going up to the hanger is showing. This is an acceptable way of placing the tapestries.

The following is the list of items that need to be fixed. Once these modifications have been made, I'll have no problem promoting you.

Replace Com_Sack_02_ingred – with a food sack. Ingredient items are only for alchemists. There are strange items in the ingredient level lists that should not appear in a food area.

Replace de_p_chest_02_potions with a custom chest. Since this place should always be poor, the leveled list associated with this chest would give the player expensive potions as their level increased. I'd say keep the potions simple – maybe a few cure common diseases, a cure poison and a few restore health. These should all be bargain and maybe some spoiled potions as well.

flora_stoneflower_02 (1202, -68, 848) Leaf bleeding into wall
common_shoes_04 (751, 406, 826) into shelf
common_shoes_04 (749, 354, 826) Shoes shouldn't bleed into shelf
bk_SaryonisSermons (1381, -23, 900) Back of book is bleeding into shelf

TR_furn_barrel_empty01 (721, 15, 813)
TR_bk_GospelofSaintAralor (1854, 350, 604) Back of book not resting on bench
common_skirt_02 (742, 281, 915)
common_skirt_02 (736, 282, 825)

TR_misc_toyguar (730, 338, 923) Butt/hip Into shelf
TR_furn_de_urn_open01 (864, 311, 563) Into wall
TR_bk_MedDeterminedLaw_gD (1374, 9, 911) Into books on both sides
misc_de_foldedcloth00 (742, 379, 870) Into shelf
misc_com_metal_plate_05 (1364, 64, 532) Into mat
light_de_lantern_03_128 (764, -64, 735) Loop at top is slightly bleeding into the rope.
furn_de_tapestry_01 (947, 295, 761) Rope knot into ceiling
furn_de_tapestry_01 (947, 232, 761) Rope knot into ceiling
furn_de_tapestry_01 (947, 170, 761) Rope knot into ceiling
furn_de_p_bench_03 (1863, 369, 559) Leg bleeding into wall
furn_de_p_bench_03 (1048, 552, 554) Leg bleeding into wall
bk_CantatasOfVivec (1868, 420, 603) Back of book is bleeding into bench

misc_com_metal_plate_05 (970, 294, 622) Remove X/Y rotation
misc_com_metal_plate_05 (914, 207, 631)
light_com_candle_07_64 (914, 147, 640) Make the candle bleed just a bit into the railing – like the other one.
furn_crate_lid_01 (966, -6, 808) Back of lid is not resting against floor/wall.

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20 Feb 2012

Thanks for your review, I'll get right on it! I did feel a bit uncomfortable about both doors opening into tight spaces, I'm (pleasantly) surprised the door fits rotated the other way, I thought it would completely intersect with the shelf.

Miraclestone- Thanks for the comment; I'm really glad the layout is comprehensible, miscommunicating the purpose was one of my biggest worries with it.

st.Veloth- I'll see if I can take some in-game shots for you, I've been trying (and failing) to get OpenMW to build over the past few days, and that's been eating up my spare time.
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20 Feb 2012

Alright, I think I have all these sorted. Re-uploading.

st.Veloth- I took some very real-estate-y screens here.

Clean Sirrah_showcase.ESP

 Filename:  Clean Sirrah_showcase.ESP
 Filesize:  21.36 KB
 Downloaded:  100 Time(s)

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Lead Developer
10 Feb 2014

Review #2
Very good job – just a couple of items left to be fixed. Good job with the chest too.

One thing I forgot to mention in the first review is the light by the window. That really should go, unless you put a script on it to light up only during daylight hours, otherwise you may want to put a lamp or a lantern in the area.

To be fixed

bk_SaryonisSermons (1381, -23, 900) Remove X rotation and re”F”
expensive_amulet_02 (727, 25, 792) Floating
furn_de_p_bench_03 (1863, 369, 559) Leg still bleeding into wall
misc_com_metal_plate_05 (705, 265, 644) floating (maybe scale down to 0.95 and “F” into place)
potion_local_liquor_01 (718, 11, 801) Floating.

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20 Feb 2012

Thanks again, seneca37. I've fixed the remaining floaters/bleeders and made a few basic scripts to swap the lights around to fake transitions; it's probably a bit too abrupt, and the interior probably doesn't warrant several custom lights, so it might've been better to just ditch it for a single lamp.


 Filename:  sirrah_showcase_fixed.esp
 Filesize:  23.41 KB
 Downloaded:  98 Time(s)

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Lead Developer
10 Feb 2014

Congratulations! You've passed the showcase review. I am pleased to welcome you to the TR Interiors/Developer Team.
You can now claim interiors to work on.

To claim an interior:
1) Go to the main forum page :
2) Scroll down to the Claims – Interior sections and click on Unclaimed.
In here you will see the current list of available interiors to work on. Look them over. When you find one you want to work on:
3) Click on the “Claim” button at the top, and type in a brief explanation of what you'd like to do with the interior.
4) Within a day or so, a lead developer will either accept or reject your claim (most are accepted).

Please, use this same thread if you wish to do another showcase, or if you have questions. You may also PM myself or any of the lead developers with questions or you can usually find help in the IRC Chat room #tamriel.

As for the scripted lights – yeah, they should really be removed. It would be better if a single light could be placed in there that would change throughout the day. But that can be done at a later time – if at all. If you wouldn't mind, please remove the scripted lights and just put in a regular lamp. This interior is very good and we may use it for one of our interiors.

Looking forward to seeing your work.
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Lead Developer
23 Nov 2014

Location: Europe

Hey sirrah, I also like your interior a lot. Congratulations and welcome to TR. Looking forward to see more of your work! Smile
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20 Feb 2012

Thank you, it's an honour to be a part of TR! I'll go ahead and claim an interior now.

I've removed the scripted lights for a single lamp, here:


 Filename:  sirrah_showcase_final.esp
 Filesize:  21.28 KB
 Downloaded:  101 Time(s)

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20 Feb 2012

I've put together some models for 10Kaziem's Weeping Pallia concept; I'm not sure they're complex enough for a showcase, but since I'm not a modeller, I figured I should post it here anyway.


edit: fixed a couple of misplaced meshes.

 Filesize:  43.56 KB
 Downloaded:  114 Time(s)

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