Provisional Sticky Thread Links

Threads related to the general organization of the project.

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Provisional Sticky Thread Links

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This is a list of all of the old stickies that will be archived or de-stickied. Stickies not on this list (pretty much only ones that have been created recently and two offtopic stickies) will probably not be touched.
Most stickies will be archived, some replaced and, as above, some will be demoted to normal posts. Important stickies or stickies in which people are expected to post (like bug reporting threads) will probably only be archived after they are replaced. Some new stickies may also end up linking to the older ones.
But for the time being, until the stickies have been replaced, (and perhaps I won't even remove this thread afterwards), this thread exists to keep the old stickies accessible and in one place, out of the way of the forums.

[url=]!!! Official Statement of Vision [Please Read][/url]
[url=]!!! [IMPORTANT] Tamriel Rebuilt Structure Overhaul[/url]
[url=]!! Attention: Tamriel Rebuilt Website Donations[/url]

Project Organization
[url=]!! Forum Rules and Guidelines[/url]
[url=]!! Claim Timeframe/Deadline Rule - Effective Immediately[/url]
[url=]!! Responsibilites of Modders[/url]
[url=]!! Tamriel Rebuilt's Leadership [A List][/url]

Downloads, Testing & Feedback
[url=]!! TR_Data Updates Thread[/url]
[url=]!! TR_Mainland Download and Updating[/url]
[url=]!! Meshes Missing? Lots of Errors? READ THIS FIRST![/url]
[url=]! [Morrowind] Public Feedback[/url]
[url=]! TR_Data Error Reporting[/url]
[url=]! TR_Mainland Scripts/Quests/NPC Error reporting[/url]
[url=]! TR alpha Error Reporting[/url]
[url=]! Map 6 Download (Narsis/Tear)[/url]
[url=]! TR_Mainland Dialogue Error reporting[/url]
[url=]! TR_Mainland World Error reporting[/url]
[url=]! TR Sections-in-Dormance Download (Map 5 / rest of Map 4)[/url]
[url=]! Almalexia & Alt Orethan Files[/url]

Developers Showcase
[url=]!!! How to Contribute to Tamriel Rebuilt[/url]
[url=]!! Guide to Modding for TR (Must Read!) (Updated 6 Sep 2013)[/url]
[url=]!! PLEASE remind us of your showcase if it seems forgotten! YO![/url]
[url=]! Modder Resources[/url]
[url=]! Interior Showcase Guidelines Updated 11 Aug 2014[/url]
[url=]! Reviewer Application 2.0[/url]
[url=]! Exterior showcasing? Read this![/url]
[url=]! Vertex shading, dear exterior modders - read this[/url]
[url=]! To All Aspiring Writers[/url]
[url=]! NPC Claims guidelines and hints[/url]
[url=]! Sound & Music Guidelines[/url]

[url=]!! No Religion/Politics/Total Member Threads in Off-Topic[/url]
[url=]! Let's Play Morrowind[/url]
[url=]! Site Statistics[/url]
[url=]! TR Last.FM Group/TR Music[/url]

Master Planning
[url=]!! [Master Plan] Foundation Document[/url]
[url=]! Maps[/url]
[url=]! The Empire [Faction][/url]

[url=]!! Four Principles of Lore[/url]
[url=]! Generic dialogue needing work[/url]
[url=]! Questions? Ask Them Here![/url]
[url=]! Screenshots Thread[/url]
[url=]! Ultimate Dialog Checklist [WIP][/url]
[url=]! House Indoril, practical considerations for NPCing[/url]
[url=]! Notes on the government in Morrowind[/url]
[url=]! [WIP] [Spoilers] Great House Indoril quest line[/url]
[url=]! Monster balancing and Heartland[/url]
[url=]! Guide to NPC Detailing[/url]
[url=]! Interview with Ender[/url]

Concept Art
[url=]!! TR Gallery[/url]
[url=]!! [FAQ] The Concept Art department: How we work[/url]
[url=]!! [FAQ] Concept Art Guidelines[/url]
[url=]! [FCG] Deshaan Plains[/url]
[url=]! [FCG] Uld Vraech[/url]
[url=]! Off-Topic Concept Art Thread[/url]
[url=]! Lutemoth Concept Art[/url]

[url=]!! The Great Text Overhaul[/url]
[url=]!! Books TR needs and how to write them[/url]
[url=]!! General Information, Guidelines, and Quality Control[/url]
[url=]!! Information and Rules[/url]
[url=]! Writing Request/Review Thread for Claims[/url]

Asset Development
[url=]!! DDS (Texturing FAQ) - Texture Website List[/url]
[url=]!! CONCEPT ARTISTS: How To Work Together With Our Modellers[/url]
[url=]! Models needed for Morrowind[/url]
[url=]! Nex 's Textures[/url]
[url=]! Software and Formats Discussion[/url]

[url=]! Useful S&M links/info[/url] - this has been merged with Looking for Recording Software?
[url=]! Looking for Recording Software?[/url]
[url=]! Morrowind Sound Overhaul[/url]

Exteriors: Claimed
[url=]!! Landscape Texture Directory[/url]

Exteriors: Finished
[url=]!! TR NPC Claim 4-3-Red [Sload][/url]
[url=]!! TR NPC Claim 4-37-Red [Rats][/url]
[url=]!! TR NPC Claim 4-38-Red [Bloodthirsty Crustacean/Yeti][/url]
[url=]!! Map 3 NPC Claim #3 [Tondollari][/url]
[url=]!! Map 3 NPC Claim #2 [Yeti][/url]
[url=]!! TR NPC Claim 4-26-Hla [Yeti][/url]
[url=]!! Map 3 NPC Claim #8 [Stryker, Yeti][/url]
[url=]!! Map 2 NPC Claim #8 [arvisrend][/url]
[url=]!! Map 2 NPC Claim #9 [Bloodthirsty Crustacean][/url]
[url=]!! Map 3 NPC Claim #7 [Bloodthirsty Crustacean][/url]
[url=]!! Map 3 NPC Claim #5 [Bloodthirsty Crustacean][/url]
[url=]!! Map 3 NPC Claim #4 East [Why][/url]
[url=]!! Map 3 NPC Claim #9 [arvisrend][/url]
[url=]!! M2 Detailing #7 NPC Claim [Bloodthirsty Crustacean][/url]
[url=]!! M2 Detailing #4 NPC Claim [Bloodthirsty Crustacean][/url]

Interiors: Unclaimed
[url=]!! Interior Rules and Guidelines (As of June 2014)[/url]

Quests: Claimed
[url=]!! Guidelines for TR Questers (Morrowind)[/url]

Quests: Reviewing
[url=]!! Things to Remember [Morrowind][/url]

Quests: N/A
[url=]!! q1-83-Mis[/url]
[url=]!! q3-17-Imp[/url]
[url=]!! q3-16-Imp[/url]