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12 Aug 2005

A suggestion: since Telvannis will have a rework somewhere after pigs fly but it could really use some work, offering a sort of "rework a city" contest/bounty for non-TR (or freelancing TR) modders might generate interest.
Doubly so because the Telvanni are a rather popular faction and everyone can play with mushrooms.

The winner of said contest/bounty would of course get their changes into TR Mainland. And maybe something else? I don't know what would be nice.

I think this would generate interest as TR is from the outside seen as a monolithic block which is hard to get into.
It would also generate work done in areas which wouldn't be touched upon otherwise.
The only downside (that the work done this way would go to waste once the region is overhauled) is so long in the future that it might as well not matter.

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