[Quest Idea] Duchess of Firewatch

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[Quest Idea] Duchess of Firewatch

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Although I don't know what your further plans with the East Empire Company are, having played all the quests for Helnim, (at least i think so, because I couldn't progress any further) maybe you'll find a use for it, in a way or another.

I looked around Firewatch for more quests of the EEC, and noticed the envoy of the ECC.
The Idea now, would be, that you'll have to go and help him, to convince the duchess of signing the contract, which allows the EEC to expand their business to Firewatch. The envoy has had no luck in winning the favor of the Duchess, but found out about the romantic nature of her, which is a weakness you're supposed to exploit. The hilarious part about that, apart from you being a cruel liar, would be that you would brag about things you learned in previous quests, like having a good taste in books from the quest where you have to bring the bored EEC-Argonian a good book to read, or recite a poem you stealed from another person. Just everything that impresses the duchess from your Intelligence and charm, a real casanova as so to speak, who will ultimatley break her heart in the end.

This would be over the course of several days, with preparing, finding out which flowers she loves, bribe people to get more Information, see her once a day, only to disappear again etc.