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Lead Developer
19 Aug 2013

Location: California

One year flashes by as another approaches! 2015 was quite an odd time for the Tamriel Rebuilt team. Planning was made the main focus, and members worked to envision the world of Morrowind before CS work continued at full pace. Slowly and steadily, we got through several tough decisions and worked to further publicize the project. Some members joined, and others left. Restructures have been planned and carried out, as others are still underway. As a result, we are bound to have a fantastic 2016! See below for a list of the important dates of 2015.

January 12: Swiftoak officially steps down from the project, although he still occasionally helps behind the scenes.

January 14: Arvisrend steps down from the project as well, after contributing for several years. Thanks for your help!

March 29 A restructuring of the forums is initiated and then implemented over the following months.

August 7: Theminimanx is promoted to Lead Developer.

August 8: Haplo, the longtime administrator of the project, steps down after over a decade of contributing to the project. Thanks for your time, Haplo. You will be missed!

August 10 Klep is promoted to Lead Developer.

August 16: An overhaul of the Master Plan is initiated and a public work-in-progress document is created.

September 6: RyanS is promoted to Lead Developer.

October 8: Tamriel Rebuilt releases build 15.10! This build makes important bugfixes and several new additions to the preview file. Old Ebonheart now has NPC's and the city of Almalexia becomes available to the public.

October 24: 10Kaziem is promoted to Lead Developer.

November 22: The TR Team releases an interactive map (using the Google Map API) on UESP wiki.

December 12: Not is re-promoted to Lead Developer after returning from a hiatus.

December 17: Build 15.12 is released to the public. This release fixes several bugs, provides players with an extensive travel plugin, and adds unique dialogue to the citizens of Old Ebonheart.

Happy Holidays!

-The Tamriel Rebuilt Team

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. -Ayn Rand
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18 Oct 2003

Location: Bergen

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