Graphical Replacers, sound Replacers, and fixes galore

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Graphical Replacers, sound Replacers, and fixes galore

Post by Glisp »

Seneca wanted me to post these here. What follows are Texture and mesh replacers I've handpicked that I feel preserve the vanilla feel quite well or give you some unique takes on existing things in the game. (such as the Dagoth replacers)

Basically, I handpick replacers because I don't like how MGSO works and I feel they just pick texture and model replacers because they look nice rather than letting new players have the full vanilla styled experience with higher res textures. Some people would argue of course, but if that's the case then most MGSO users are pretty tasteless in regards to replacers (no offense. If you like your game to look pretty at the cost of losing the vanilla feel, that's your business)

Tyddy's Replacers

Tyddy has a lot of nice replacers that capture the vanilla feel pretty well. I recommend trying them out. he even has medium quality textures for those with less beefy computers that want better graphics without killing their computers.

He also has a ground texture replacer set:

There's a number of options here. However, I don't recommend using the vanilla option. While it's the most vanilla friendly option the texture size wasn't readjusted to accomodate for the new skydome. As a result you end up with the clouds tiling and blocking other details of the sky. This mod also comes with new weather particle effects. (be warned, snow becomes so thick that you can't see worth shit. I dunno about the rain replacer because I use another rain replacer)

Darknuts' texture replacers
For the most part these replacers are amazing. Though I'd avoid his bitter coast replacer because it's far too bright to fit with the vanilla game. (use Tyddy's replacers instead for this.) Also It's up to you if you want to use his weapon texture replacer but be aware that a few of the textures don't look like the vanilla weapons'. some have oversaturated colors and others have new ones completely for some reason. Namely Staff of Magnus, Mace of Slurring, and Trueflame are different.

Staff of Magnus was originally copper and silver. with his replacer it's a dark gold for some reason or another. Mace of Slurring was altered from Silver to gold though I'm not sure why that had to be changed. Trueflame's blade textures are now goldish rather than silver. Though this was probably to make it look like it was reflecting the flames on it. There's also Keening which had its crystal's color made darker for some reason. In addition there's various other changes as well to certain other weapons.

Bumpmapped AOF's Imperial housing
An imperial housing texture replacer. You have two options here, you can use Tyddy's compatibility plugin so you can use his textures or you can replace them with these to make your imperial housing look more realistic while still retaining a vanilla feel. This won't affect the imperial castle textures tyddy did so if you want to overwrite his imperial housing textures you can without messing up his castle textures in the process. Entirely up to you.

Hi-res Mournhold
Until Tyddy does a texture replacer, this isn't a bad alternative. I recommend the roof and wall alternatives, they fit the vanilla feel better IMO.

Dunmer/Chimer stronghold texture replacer
This is by far one of the most vanilla friendly retextures I've ever seen for any tileset. Plus, this tileset is often neglected so seeing replacers for the Chimer stronghold tileset is quite rare. This most likely the best one out there.

Apel's Rain Replacer
Turns the drizzle of the vanilla game into a torrential downpour.
I prefer this replacer over the one that comes with Skies.IV above.
Telvanni Mesh improvment
This mesh replacer isn't too bad actually. It lets you have higher poly versions of Telvanni Architecture, including some of TR's exclusive ones.

I've tested these ingame and so far no incompatibilities with any of the TR locations, you may find a little problem with Uvirth Unleashed's upper floor where the gateway floating over the room is however. Though you can just disable it via console. This replacer works with Tyddy's Telvanni texture replacer without any need for patching.

Blighted Animal retexture hi-res version
It's basically a new take on Cait's old Blighted creature mod. Gives Blighted creatures a unique (and at times very sickly) look from other creatures. A Diseased version probably won't be made by this user. (despite cait making one of those as well) This hi-res version uses Darknuts' hi res textures as a base.

Note that the Blighted Nix Hound uses a separate model so it will have the animation bug with its unconscious animation and won't have purple tusks. If enough people want it, I have made a fix for this using Fix Hound's model with the blighted texture applied.

And now the next stuff is mostly minor fixes to the game. Many of these are from the nexus user Reizeron:

Correct Iron Warhammer
This mod changes the Iron Warhammer model to better reflect ingame text.

Cave Drips
basically adds a water drip visual effect to the sound generator in caves. Version 1.1 corrects a pretty nasty bug.

Adds a visual effect to the vanilla fly sound emitter. Now you'll see flies buzzing around corpses

Sound Spell Sound Effect
adds a sound from the game's sound effects folder that went unused. The sound was meant for the sound spell. It is fittingly very irritating as it should be given the nature of sound spells.

Fix Hound
Basically gives the Nix Hound model purple tusks. All texture replacers are compatible with it. If a nix hound uses an alternate textured model different from the vanilla model (such as a blighted animal texture replacer mod) you'll have to apply the purple tusks manually via nifskope. (though if enough people need it I can always upload it for them) Also includes Antares' Nix Hound Knockout animation fix.

Correct UV mapped Mudcrabs
Bethesda's UV maps for the Mudcrab were very misaligned. This mod is meant to fix that.

Hunger Keyframe fix
The Hunger's final death animation frames have a slight stutter which results in it playing multiple creature land sounds in a row and a jittering animation. This mod fixes that issue.

Dagoth Ur Fix
I couldn't find the original download for this so I'll tell you what this does. Pretty much it weakens Dagoth Ur with each Ash Vampire killed, just like Bethesda intended. There's another ESP you can use alternatively that makes him tougher than he normally would be weakened.

Edit: because some people might be looking for them still I've decided to upload the graphical enchancers for heads, bodies, clothing, and armor.

Head packs and better bodies

I'll try and list headpacks I use. I'll also note if they replace the ingame NPC heads or not.

Better Heads
A standard replacer for all heads, this will override the vanilla heads so NPC heads will be affected. The version on nexus is outdated. This is the more recent version.

Original Elven Eyes
This is a texture replacer that makes the elven race eye colors in better heads more lore friendly. This replacer should be installed AFTER better heads so that it will overwrite the original textures.

Barabus' Orc heads
Barabus' heads are probably the most lore friendly orc heads currently available. (other than bethesda's originals) This is an NPC head replacer so it will affect NPC's.

a few of the hairs are actually helmets and a few NPC's (mostly ones in Gnisis) show off this hair. Since this is an ESP, this will override Better heads which means you'll get these heads instead of the WoW styled heads that come with Better heads. Note that there's no vampire head in the set. However I have made one and updated the head textures to match the body's skin tone better. If you want these, let me know and I'll upload them for you.

Aymaan's headpacks
These don't replace heads. They give you more options for Chargen.

Headpack 1
Headpack 2

Karmina's headpacks
Same deal as above. More heads for Chargen.
facepack 1

Facepack 2

Emma's Headpacks
Emma's heads add a bit of variety to the game and I personally enjoy her heads. They look nice but the eye colors on the elven races don't always match lore so be aware. Her head packs are meant for chargen though she does have a head replacer if you want to use that (it's at the top of the page.) The only facepack I can't recommend is the Orc facepack. No offense to her, but her orc heads just don't look very lore friendly. On the plus side, at least they don't look like WoW orcs and have a rather unique style to them.

OC's Imperial headpack
More head options for chargen are always fun.

LOCH's Master Headpack
171 heads. You can't go wrong with this headpack.

Word of warning: I think one of these mods above replaces the Argonian models with retextured ones (not just the heads but like the tails and bodies.) They're easy enough to remove from the texture directory (I believe they're under "Sil_". I could be wrong though. You'll know if you see Argonians with Red tails or not.

Westly's Masterheadpack X
Okay I'll be honest with you here. This headpack is rather infamous for how it looks and I personally don't like it that much but within it are a few heads worth using. His heads tend to be hit or miss and I'd avoid using his hair. His hair comes from an Oblivion mod someone did and doesn't really fit the game at all due to the anime look. (not to mention the graphical glitches associated with said hair) Despite this, I'm linking it here because some of his faces actually look quite nice. Up to you if you want to use this pack. Thankfully, using this will only affect chargen and it doesn't replace the faces ingame. (unless you use the "Original heads revamped" plugin. On another note, Morrowind Comes Alive no longer requires this headpack to function.

Better Bodies
I'm pretty sure Version 2.2 is the last version of BB. These days with all the mods that require it, it's kind of required in a mod line up. Well if you tend to use a lot of mods anyway. (like me) keep in mind this doesn't affect beast races (there's a separate mod for that)

For those unfamiliar with the mod (which shouldn't be very many) what it does is replaces the bodies with higher poly unsegmented bodies. In addition you have three options to choose from: Peanut Gallery, Nude, and Permanent Underwear.

Nude is exactly what it says. It's nude bodies. It's meant to be more artistic nude that perverted nude though. I dunno about you but seeing a dreamer or nord berserker come at me naked is a bit scarier than normal.

Permanent Underwear takes the approach of the vanilla game by giving characters textured on undergarments. This is probably the most vanilla friendly approach IMO. Each race has its own colored undergarment set.

Peanut Gallery is (as Psychodog studios says in their readme) for insecure Teenage boys that don't like looking at dicks or body hair. All the males wear underwear as a result while all the females are nude and have their body hair removed from their textures.

Better Beast Bodies
For whatever reason, Psychodog studios neglected the beast races from their better bodies project. Regardless, Sabregirl came in and made these wonderful BB beast races. There's two versions of the mod. Genitals and no genitals.
Lore Friendly Better Bodies underwear
Before someone makes a joke. I believe he meant to say vanilla friendly, not lore friendly. (I will admit though, the regular better bodies underwear looks like it came from Kalvin Klein or somewhere rather than someone on Tamriel made it) What his mod does is makes the permanent underwear look like the Classic Bethesda style from the vanilla game. So far, it's the only one of its kind.

The underwear textures were clearly taken from the vanilla models so they're a bit blurry, but it's a welcome improvement for people that like the vanilla feel of the game to be preserved as much as possible. Be sure to install this AFTER you install Better Bodies Permanent underwear.

Better Clothes
A project that Psychodog never quite finished. It replaces Vanilla clothing with Non-segmented versions for Better bodies. Note that there's a bug called "Can't find footpart". Just ignore it, it's harmless. There's a fix for it but it has a drawback so I wouldn't use it.

More Better Clothes Vol 1
Since Psychodog studios left the scene before Better Clothing was finished, a user decided to take it up in their hands to finish the clothes. This set finishes Morrowind's clothing. Even though it says Volume 1, no further versions were made that I'm aware of.
This mainly finishes up the last of the Extravagant clothing and a few other outfits. Also in the additional downloads be sure to download the little patch for the sleeves and install it after you finish installing better clothes.

Better Clothes for Tribunal
Better Clothes seems to have had an unlucky history as it's went from user to user to improve the clothing. this time Tribunal is up. Despite what the description says it does fix the sleeves a little. (though it's more noticable on the pants)

Better Clothes Bloodmoon Plus
For some reason I only learned about this mod recently. This just about finishes up converting the clothing to Better Bodies format. As the name suggests, it updates Bloodmoon clothing to Better clothing format.

Better Robes
The last of better clothing additions as far as the vanilla game foes, this gives you bb versions of all the robes. There's also an optional TR add-on. It's kinda outdated though so some of the TR robes will appear textureless (Seneca's been moving around texture paths, so this comes as no surprise.) I might patch it myself eventually because the author clearly hasn't touched it.

Better Morrowind Armor
This mod gives you BB compatible Vanilla game armor. Made by the same guy that did Better robes. There's no TR version sadly this time though.

Creature Replacers
The following concern Humanoid creatures only. This is mostly because I feel animal-like creature models age much better than humanoid models do. There are some animal creature replacers out there though.

Vivec God Replacer
Replaces Vivec with a higher poly model. There's several options here. If you've watched Morrowind shorts then you probably are familiar with at least one of the models in this replacer. I personally don't like the Concept Art head. Yeah I know it's technically lore friendly but it just doesn't feel right to me for some reason. Oh there is an optional plugin for looting his corpse for his armor

Better Almalexia
Replaces Almalexia with a higher poly model. The 1.1 version (1.0 is the one still on nexus) adds an optional plugin that allows you to loot her armor from her corpse. Oh this Almalexia doesn't wear underwear of any kind so be aware of that as you may find a surprise when she dies in sotha sil. I've thought about doing a Thonged retexture for her so it's a bit less revealing.

Ash Vampire Replacer
Gives each Ash Vampire their own unique model. It also supports Great House Dagoth and a couple of other sixth house mods.

Dagoth Creature Replacer
Another mod from the same person. This mod gives each Ash Ghoul and Ascended Sleeper Dagoth their own unique outfit and appearance. Even the unused Dagoth Aladdus gets a unique model.

Saint Jiub's Dagoth Ur
For older members of TR's team that username might sound familiar. This is a retexture of the vanilla model (though the texture job is so good it's not easy to tell at first glance.) It has glowmapped eyes as well. For an actual model replacer, you have a number of choices which I'll get to in a bit.

Reworked Dagoth Ur by Phobos
This is actually a model replacer rather than the texture replacer above. It doesn't have glowing eyes but it stays really true to the source material as far as appearance goes.

BB Dwarven Specter
Another mod by saint Jiub, this time it's actually a model replacer. It's probably the only Dwarven specter replacer out there currently. It's a decent model but something has always about it to me....hmmm.

Azura Replacer
another model by Psymoniser this is one of two choices you have for an azura replacer (that I know of at least.) the other is done by Westly. This is probably the more vanilla friendly option of the two as it has shorter hair.

Well that's it for replacers that I can think of. Hope these are useful to you guys in some way.[/u]
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Hmm, this is very interesting. I also strongly prefer replacers that keep the vanilla feel.
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Amazing list, exactly what I was looking for. I hope most of them work with OpenMW.
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Klep it should work. Also updated the list with more things.