Old Ebonheart Dialogue Planning Thread

Development of the Imperial city of Old Ebonheart on the Eastern Mouth of the Thirr River.

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Ah, true, that does make a bit of sense in that regard.
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Some more contributions, mostly tweaked from dialogue I wrote up, edited, or compiled a few months ago, but forgot to post:

Castle vaults

Thieves breached the Castle’s treasury vault several nights ago. Ancient scrolls; arcane devices; priceless artifacts -- all hastily snatched away by unknown culprits. And the robbers didn’t just sidestep the guards on duty to pull off their caper. They also had to overcome the Mages Guild's enchanted locks and traps. Now everyone fears dangerous tools and trinkets will fall into the wrong hands.

latest rumor

Rich, Commoner

When it comes to rumors, most citizens are still gossiping about the shocking break-in at the Castle vaults. You’ve heard about it, right? It has the whole city speculating. How did the robbers overcome the enchanted protections concocted by the Mages Guild? Of course, we needn't be too hasty when judging the authorities. No doubt, the Legion will fiercely persecute the perpetrators.

Commoner, Poor - QUEST HOOK

I bought a loaf of bread at The Mother Alessia the other day -- stale as timber. I hear they are only kept afloat by the favorable contracts the Baker's Guild keeps steering their way.

little advice


You won’t hear many praising the foul practice of slavery within the city walls. The lawyers over at the Barristers' Guild frequently defend former slaves in court, and the Hostel of Stendarr’s Mercy provides plantation runaways free room and board. There's also Do’Mashirr of the Fighters Guild, who teaches former slaves self-defense.

Commoner, Poor - QUEST HOOK

Buy low, sell high. If you can do that, you can run a better shop than Yaguz gro-Dhaluk. The poor Orc put everything into his business, but it seems to be failing. Makes you wonder how he’ll make good on his payments to the Union of Guildless Traders and Craftsmen.

little secret


Have you heard of Neel Gymont, the Wayrest painter? He came to Morrowind seeking exotic inspiration as part of King Helseth Hlaalu’s entourage. He’s since set up an art gallery in his home next to the Mages Guild hall. From what I’ve heard, he’s rather eccentric, though what artist isn’t?
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