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Almas Thirr, Temple offices

Offices for Temple clerks and scribes. Connects to the Plaza Sanctum. Use the provided file for the layout.
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Lead Developer
17 Aug 2008

Location: Groningen

Claiming, because I want to.
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Lead Developer
15 Feb 2009

Location: Minnesota: The Land of 11,842 Lakes

Have at it Aeven! It's great to see you claim an interior again.

Feel free to clutter the rooms differently than the furniture I placed in them. Looking at my shell again, it might be a good idea to include priest dormitories in the lower floors and leave the office space to the top floor.

-Head of NPCs: Skyrim: Home of the Nords
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Lead Developer
19 Aug 2013

Location: California

Locking this claim since it's been moved to the new browser.
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