Claim Request: 2-40 Darconis Mines

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Claim Request: 2-40 Darconis Mines

Post by Draega07 »

I would like to claim the Darconis Slums Cave Entrance/Interior (The Mines)

~Draega to see if i can find the original drawn diagrams I did of those mines... i know they're here somewhere...
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Post by Arcadea »

I said I would return and I may have been right. The past must stay in the past as agreed. If the core needs me or has a job for me just ask for now I watch and write.

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Post by Majra »

Draega, why would you abandone it.... sigh I wish good modders would stick around more

*with a single tear rolling down his cheek Majra slowly types*
*screams in anguish*
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