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Three Sonnets
By Santillia Phineran

1. Direction

Chain 'round my poor eyes, sight taken from me
Tongue bound as with rope, silent as the grave
My fingers broken, no gestures import
I hear no words, I am deaf as a stone
I long for something, for feeling again
But I lack, I want for a leash to lead
To restore eternal springtime within

Someone lift my bonds, someone help me see
Someone untie my words, I be your knave
Mend my bones, your service shall I report
Your lips to my ears, your voice, your will done
Tell me what to do, tell me how to sin
Give me cause, give me pride, attend your need
I am nothing, you afford chance to win

2. Fall

Temperament conflicting inflicted you
Strong willed confusion, struggle all the more
Said what fills thine mind, refuted command
Refuse to bow, bring thineself low. Such pride!
Art thou a master, to possess such sway?
Doth we but serve, elevated thou are?
Manner aside, no kingship thou display!

Rabble, commoner, chattel be what true
Resist as thou want, thou art but a chore
Speak out of turn, out of place, make demand
Questioning betters, thou art one to chide!
Alone mine voice tellest what course to stay!
Thou art a servant, not a risen star!
Mine words come to you, you are to obey!

3. Need

Vacant absence permitted cannot be
A lacking vitality cannot go
An unfilled void devours unwary
Observant for missing piece required
Our watchful eyes must drink until content
A vision what awaits, again at last
Object searching for finally present

See now what element we were of free
Offer it something that cannot take no
Have it take it's place, failure be narry
Give it no choice, it's will be retired
Duration of job, harbor no resent
Regret to force your hand, this will be fast
Sorry for trouble, your cut will be sent
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