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18 Nov 2003

"30 pts for 20 sec on self","90","100","Poem. Describes a battle.","Unnamed fortress (warriors also use silver weapons)",""

Blood Beat
A beat.

The beat of the war drum,
The beat of heavy boots,
The beat of the heart,
Waiting for fate.

Glass sunlight,
Unyielding and cold,
Glinting and dancing
Across a metal sea.

The first wave breaks
The first blood falls
The first screams add
To the cacophony of noise.

Breakers leap—horses rear
Threats of thunder—cries of war.
Lightning shards—
Swords twist fatal dances.

Swords clash
And spears flash
The axe rends
Through heartblood.

Heat of hate
Heat of battle
Heat of blood
Steaming in the grass.

The fight for the field
Yields then charges
Back and forth
Pendulum of victory and defeat.

Second wave sweeps
Third wave struggles
Fourth wave brings
Fear and courage.

Bugle calls.
Hoards break from place.
Waves draw away
Shore prepares for final battle.

Heroes step forward,
Cowards run back,
The army thins,
The final struggle has come.

Fierce and determined,
Out slash silver weapons
Shields are thrown up
Bodies twist to avoid

Down comes the resistance
Up swarms the advance.
Walls crack,
Fortress falls.

Old flag is ripped down.
A new one flies in place.
Cheers block out
The groans of the wounded.

Army dissipates
Silence settles, cold and dead.
Black fly the carrion birds,
The smoke of corpse fires

Final sword is sheathed.
Final gasp is given.
Heads drop, others rear.
Last words are said.
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