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Ralen Rothadas' Memoir Page

[It appears to be a page from a journal, though presumably the rest of the document has been lost to age]

'Twas round about the time of the holiday Hogithum on the 12th day of First Seed that we set out on the pilgrimage to the Shrine of Pride. A lovely day, all agreed, and the favourable weather was what prompted us, as a group, to make the difficult journey. Though the Ashlands, as always, met only the barest imagining of hospitality, they seemed marginally less foreboding with the sun high in the heavens and no cloud in sight. Quite confident, we were, until Harrison, the brave Redguard leading our group called for us to halt.

"Kagouti up ahead, five of them" he warned, "We should give a moment, and allow them to move from the path. Other less pleasant beasts might be attracted by sounds of battle." And so we waited for near upon an hour, and still the lazy Kagouti did not move; perhaps they were enjoying the splendid rays of the sun much as we were. At length, Harrison could no longer wait "Though the weather is fine this morn" he told us, "I cannot rely on the mercy of the Ashlands. No more time can be spared."

And so he told us again to wait, while he trod up the path toward the five Kagouti. Curious it was, for he looked unconcerned as he strode up to the snarling beasts without so much as drawing his blade. The aggressive animals charged Harrison, but he grasped the lead beast by it's great tusks and stared it in the eye as it's hungry maw sought his darkened flesh.

He muttered something inaudible from our distance, and suddenly the pack turned from Harrison and fled as quickly as their powerful legs would take them. As he returned to the group, we were dumbfounded. At our questioning glances, he explained that he had used a Demoralize Creatures spell. As our group were simple laymen of the Temple, and unfamiliar with the school of Illusion, we were naturally curious. Seeing as much, he elaborated:

"When you look at me, you see a lean, wiry-haired Redguard. When Kagouti look at us, they see food. I cast the spell on them, and look the same to you, but to the Kagouti I appear to have become a beast quite a bit more formidable than they. As they saw us, they imagined I saw them, and so they fled in fear of their lives. What sort of terrible beast they imagine they see, I know not."

Harrison then prompted us to continue onto the stronghold of Ghostgate, and we quickly complied. With the fellow's sense of humour, some among us thought that if we dragged our feet he would make us see all sorts of horrible things, to turn our steady pace into a sprint in order to make up for the lost time.
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