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Name: Fieriab's Eggmine

You go to firewatch and walk into the Howling Noose tavern.
Here you meet a dunmer (Fieriab Therethi) dressed in pretty expensive clothes, aparently he is higher middle class/lower high class.
Anywho, you walk up to him and talk to him.
Fieriab tells you that he owns an eggmine close to firewatch and that he has a problem with some creature that suddenly inhabits his mine.
He wants you to remove this creature and he asks you if you think you would be able to handle such a thing.
He says he doesn't have much, but he can offer you training in the mercantile skill.
Here the player can choose between:

-Sure, I'll help you out!
-Well, i could do it, but how about you give me show me some real drakes instead...
-No, i don't think so.

1=when player finishes quest he is rewarded with one mercantile point
2=the player recieves 500 drakes when finishing the mission
(this guy is trying to get away cheap)
3=the player walks away but can always come back to accept the quest

So, if the player chooses 1/2 this happens:

The player is asked to go to the eggmine, wich i thought could be located in cell 17/16
outside firewatch. Fieriab gives the player directions to the eggmine and the key to
the eggmine. The player finds the eggmine and wanders down the tunnels.
In the bottom of the Cave you meet up with a ferocious creature.
You fight it, kill it, and go back to Fieriab and tell him the good news.
You recieve your choosen reward and walk happily way!

The story behind it all (to create a little depth):

Fieriab Therethi has owned the eggmine for a long time. It's a small eggmine just small enough so that one person can reap all the eggs. However Fieriab Therethi is not satisfied and decides to start producing Moon Sugar. he prdduces it in a small hollow inside his eggmine.
(This is why Fieriab Therethi doesn't ask an Imperial guard to kill the monster)
He grows really rich and everyone thinks it's because of his Eggs. However, one day he finds that a big creature is standing around right in front of the door to his moon sugar producing facility!
What is he going to do?
He can't tell the imperial guard, they would surely arrest him for the moon sugar.
So he goes down to the local Tavern to find a Random big, strong adventurer.

Notes about stuff:

-I didn't write what creature that inhabits the cave 'cause i'm sure one of you guys have an EXCELLENT idea of such a creature. Maybe it could be 2 creatures that has choosen the mine as an excellent place to make babies or something!

-Fieriab Therethi should also have a house near his mine.

-Fieriab Therethi could be used in some random House Hlaalu quest

-did i do this cell thing right?
it doesn't matter tough! it doesn't matter that much where in the vicinity of firewatch the mine is.

-This is a perfect quest to start of with when you arrive to FireWatch!

-Things needed:
-An eggmine
-a key to the eggmine
-a house hlaalu style house near the mine
-Fieriab Therethi in the Howling Noose

Ok, i guess that's it... i really hope you like my FIRST thought out quest! Very Happy
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I would look at map 1 and find out where you want everything to go. A few things that might change your story...

-there isn't an eggmine near Firewatch
-there isn't a hlaalu house need an eggmine (map 1 is telvanni territory)

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Yeah, it'd be best to try and base your quest around the map, since the map is already finished.
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OK! so, you can't base quests on things that isn't on the map! now i know.

i'll just go on exlploring the map and see if i find somewhere else to put the quest! Am i supposed to ReClaim this quest if i solve this problem with house and mine? like, create a new topic in the Quest Claiming forum?
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also note that alot of major interiors will be used for main quests

one thing I think we should institute is the ability to add real minor quest interiors to the map if needed, but these interiors should be very minor, and made by the quest maker only if another choice is not available.

I'll talk about it with the core later

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a smal lore note also, moonsugar is grown and does not grow in morrowind I would change that to a skooma distillary.
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