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21 Aug 2003

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A handful of you may be familiar with the Majra Decimal System. By "familiar" I mean "you've heard of it once or twice". Or "you looked in the sticky post it was in before I arbitrarily decided to delete it".

Well, now it's back.
And all future books will have to be hunted, and tagged with an identifying alphanumeric string before being released into the wilds of the Finished Books forum. Don't worry though. It's not that complicated, and it'll help modders place books without having to read every one first.

How does this work? It's simple. Books contain a variety of information, but people don't have to know everything about it to place it correctly. The Majra Decimal System makes the information most vital to placement obvious, and seperates these pieces of information with... wait for it... decimals! In each place, you've got...

Place 1: Province relevancy
Place 2: Religious influence
Place 3: Great House relevancy
Place 4: Misc faction relevancy.
Place 5: Historic relevancy
Place 6: General content
Place 7: Racial bias
Place 8: Rarity

For places 2, 3, 4, and 7 we have modifiers
Favored      +
Disliked   -
Banned      X

For many categories and misc use, we have special descriptors
General      G
Does not apply   XX

On the occasion that more than one abbreviation would apply to a given decimal place, all applicable abberviations will be given, each seperated by a slash (/)


Place 1:
Black Marsh   BM
Cyrodiil   CY
Elsweyr      ER
Hammerfell   HF
High Rock   HR
Morrowind   MW
Skyrim      SR
Summurset   SS
Valenwood   VW

Place 2:
Almalexia   A
Imperial Cult   IC
Sotha Sil   S
Tribunal Temple   TT
Vivec      V
(others as needed)

Place 3:
Dres      D
Hlaalu      H
Indoril      I
Redoran      R
Telvanni   T
Dagoth      6
Dwemer      DW

Place 4:
Ashlanders         ASH
Assassins Guild         ASG
Blades            BLD
Dark Brotherhood      DB
Fighters Guild         FG
Imperial Legion         IL
Mages Guild         MG
Morag Tong         MT
Prostitutes Guild      PG
Sisterhood of the Spider   SOS
Thieves Guild         TG
Twin Lamps         TL
(others as needed)

Place 5:
First Era   1E
Second Era   2E
Early Third Era   E3
Modern      M

Place 6:
Adventure   A
Horror      H
Mercantile   MER
Mystery      MYS
Poetry      P
Scholarly   S
(others as needed)

Place 7:
Altmer      ALT
Argonian   ARG
Beastfolk   B
Bosmer      BOS
Breton      BRE
Chimer      CHI
Dunmer      DUN
Dwemer      DWE
Elf      E
Human      H
Imperial   IMP
Khajiit      KHA
Nord      NRD
Orc      ORC
Redguard   RED
Sload      S

Place 8:
Common   1
Unique   10

Abbreviations are totally unnecessary, and only included under the possibility that someone, for whatever reason, might get off on abbreviations. Weirdo.

As an example...
Let's say I've got a common book relevant to Morrowind, written in the past, that discusses the soul and how bneastfolk don't have them. It's code would best be:

General questions about the decimal places:
Place 1: Province relevancy
---- Something is relevant to a province if it takes place there, or it the characters are predominantly of a race appropriate to a given region. A question to ask yourself is Where would I expect to find this book?
Place 2: Religious influence
---- Not just limited to the IC or TT, but also ecompassing all things (D)Aedric and metaphysical. If you have a Dremora fighting Nords or something in your story, that doesn't count.
Place 3: Great House relevancy
---- Like the Dremora example, mentioning a House in passing isn't enough. If the House or someone in it features large in the story, then yes.
Place 4: Misc faction relevancy
---- You guessed it.
Place 5: Historic relevancy
---- A piece about a time period is classified under that time period. A piece involving more than one is classified under more than one.
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21 Aug 2003

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That's not really necessary right now. I figure one way or the other someone -- probably me -- will have to go through and assign values to all of the old books. For the moment, the best that can be done is a centralized static listing, like a text file, so values given to individual books in individual posts won't really do anything.

Later on, we may have some fancy-pants way of organizing the books on the forum itself... but either way, having values on-hand will certainly help.

Requiring new books to use it... that's just so someone will have less books to read through later.

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