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21 Aug 2003

Location: Louisiana

So we've asked about favorite music, movies, and all the other intangibles. What about your character and image in society? What sort of person are you in real life and what social groups do you associate yourself with- whether it be school-based, religious or even an intrest group.

Let it begin.

I see myself as a catch-all, the goofy son of a bitch who people really can't hate. I talk way too much and people find me amusing so im generally happy about the way my perception is and have good friends that are jocks, preps, thugs, asians, the normal kids and the artsy ones (but not theatre) I cant call myself a jock by any means- 5'5 120's- but i do play a mean game of ultimate frisbee and pickup football and basketball. As for social groups, again i cant identify to one because i slide into alot, but one i can't identify with are people of my own race. It's strange- the people i have the most in common with are those who dont want to speak to me. The real killer about this fact is that im usually down with Indian guys (as you may have guessed, i'm indian myself- the brown one's that is), but the girls tend not to speak to us at all (the small minority of which are very cute.)

100% heterosexual, belong to no religious group but do vehemently belive in God, brown, Poly Sci/Business Major. Appeareance is preppy in a casual sense: jeans and a polo or t-shirt are fine with me. That being said, im far from a metrosexual.

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23 Jun 2004

Location: Sheffield, UK. Home of steel and, er, me.

I'm a little eccentrentic in real life, it seems that my sense of humour runs at a different angle to other people's, so I'm constantly having to orally back up and explain myself. However, I make up for this by being naturally friendly and chatty, so friendships with people of like mind and style come easily to me, though because of my somewhat strange mindset I've got used to a lot of gentle ribbing about my randomness.

I'm by no means a weedy nerd, I'm 6.2" and built quite broadly for my height, though while I'm not overweight, I'm not exactly the athletic type. I'm naturally pale, emphasised by choices in hair colourings. At the moment, I have only one piercing (middle bottom lip), after getting rid of my ear piercings, but I'm hoping to fill my mouth with metal by christmas.

W/Girlfriend, Atheist but a lover of Ultilitarian philoshophy, pale with red-black hair, off to University next year to start my Law degree course. Dark jeans, shirts, canvas shoes, and cord jackets.

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08 Feb 2004

Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

One of those unclassifiable mixes of everything - geeky yet popular, extroverted yet lazy, etc etc. Physically, I resemble a bizzare combination of jack from the nightmare before christmas, the g-man from half life, and billy idol - I'm 6' but only weigh 133 pounds; my biceps are the diameter of soda cans and my legs make over half my height.
When it comes to friends, just about everyone knows me - only about a quarter of my friends are other guys; they're mostly theater kids (I am too), nerds, some mild geeks, and punks - emo kids and stoner-hicks hate me, and I hate them even more. I have too many friends to count, but I have absolutely no "best frineds" - people you hang out with all the time and can really relate to. And yes, I have a girlfriend (lady nerevar is probably now thinking "damn, i'll just have to seduce, hypnotise, and rob littlebros, instead" Razz), though not until reccently.
Almost none of my friends, except for maybe a few of the geeky ones, would ever even begin to guess that I'm involved in a project like TR. To sum it up personality, I'm like a straightedge spicolli.
I've got a job working at a local club, TC underground - I usually work at the front register, but I also help with writing the community newspaper they distribute.
In other words, I get along with just about everyone and am well-known, but I'm so apart from other people that most are too afraid to try and really get to know me.

"Crashing the game is an innovative way of alerting the player that they've finished the quest, but I'm not sure that's the kind of innovation we're looking for." - Sload

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30 Aug 2003

Location: Celibacy

Um. I resent that comment.
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06 Feb 2005

This is not my life
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19 Dec 2004

Location: straight from the OC, baby

uhm.. I'm kind of a nice guy... wich is not really one of the good guys. I'm an american football player who is more or less friend with every body. I'm hanging with the gangstas and the snobs... ergo everybody.

You can say it like this, I have been quite mean to some people in my life wich is something I am not proud of.

How I look: I have a brown/blonde hair, wich is like a mohawk, just with hair everywhere, not just the top of my head. I'm quite quite brown in the skin, considering I'm white. all thanks to my vacation to france and a loong summer. (ok, I'm beginning getting a bit paler now, but hey, I live in norway you know.)
I'm not very tall:(175 cm). I have a quite normal weight compeared to my height:(69kg).

I usually wear jeans, shirts, ... belt with big buckle... sometimes a trailer cap(when I don't have the energy to fix my hair...)

I think absulute NOONE know that I can even use a computer(you know what I mean), so noone really know that I am a geek Smile .Therefore, I try to avoid using my real name, since I do not wish people to know what I really am.

I can't really think of anything more I can say about me right now...

-the real OC G
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07 Feb 2004

LOL, I would say I am completely not what people would expect but then if they expected me to not be what they expected then I would be exactly that which would cause a paradox and collapse the universe...

Not much of anything really. Those who know me only really remember me if I am standing in front of them, otherwise I tend to be more a distant memory of someone they think they may have known once. Even if I talked to them an hour ago. I tend to be somewhat of a shadow never really lasting in the minds of people I meet. Perhaps because I don't have good looks or bad looks and just tend to be average in that regard. I also don't tend to say a whole lot and therefore never really mention anything that sticks in the minds of others either. So really I guess I would be what some would call simply forgettable. With only a few very rare exceptions and those being people who had caused me to make my pressence known and unforgotten. Such as certain boys hitting on my daughter etc...times like that I am quite certain I have made myself VERY memorable to them. Smile

I also have a wide variety of interests that range from astral and quantum physic philosphy's to simple pencil sketching's and many many things inbetween, such as Gardening, Automotive work, carpentry, Sciences, Reading, Psychology, History, Creative Writing, Photography, etc etc the list goes on, but those popped into my head first tonight. So with scattered interests and amazingly forgettable look's, and a tendency for silence, I really just don't get noticed much.

I try to do for anyone what I would hope they would do for me were I in need of help, or were I in their shoes. I try to be supportive to those around me in my life much as I do in the world of cyberspace, really there is not a whole lot different about the way I am online and the way I am in real life. I try to have humor about things, yet I also try to take life seriously including the humor of it, sounds silly I know but even humor can be taken seriously and sometimes it really should be.

Aside from the enormous babble above about just me, I am the father to three (Son 21 in Oct) (Daughter 19 last July) (Son 18 in March 06) and I am a lucky as heck husband of one (Wife Yeah like I will tell her age) They all make me feel as though no other on the planet could be as lucky as I am. Having them in my life is simply more then I could ever have dreamed or hoped for in my most wonderous dream. Supportive and kind in every regard to all they meet and each very gifted in what they do etc. Truly very blessed I am. So yeah anyway enough of my ramblings. Best Futures to you all,


My Work
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I've got very dark brown hair, but if you see me in real life, you might believe my hair is black, it's just near black.

My hair is long(I'm talking about mullet style but I like it like this). I'm part chinese, part aussie and part english. I'm very much into Japanese stuff and Samurais.

The name 'Yoshi Wahoshi' is just a japanese name I gave myself. I'm am a nice person too.

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Developer Emeritus
04 Jun 2004

Location: Baltimore, MD

Well, to start out, the most important thing in my life is my girlfriend, Serra, or AlphaFemale on these forums (she hardly ever logs on that name anymore). We have been living together for over three years now, and she is easily the coolest person on the face of the earth. She is a music production major, and is an extremely good piano player. She plays the keyboards in the current jamband that I am in. I adopted a black lab puppy named Max three and a half years ago, and he has grown to be a total giant. Last summer, I found a stray shitzu puppy and gave it to Serra. She named it Petey, and he is a total and complete psychopath.
I'm an art education major, in my fourth year in a five-year university program. I consider myself to primarily be an illustrator and painter, but not much of a photographer or sculptor. I enjoy finding new ways to put paint on a canvas, and painting is more about the proscess than a result for me. For my most recent string of paintings, I busted multiple cans of spray paint over a canvas (one at a time, not all at once), and let the paint soak through. The result is like Jackson Pollock meets a blacklight poster. My drawings tend to resemble a cross between comic books (The Invisibles and Arkham Asylum style) and Surrealism.
Aside from my art, I am also a musician. I've been playing guitar since I was five or six, so I've got almost sixteen years of practice under my belt. I did the band routine in highschool, but got tired of the whole omnipresent ego and lack of talent that most people in bands seem to have. In my senior year of highschool I hooked up with a bunch of local musicians that had been jamming together off and on for years. I am the youngest person in the band, and the next youngest (besides Serra, who is three months older than I am) is 34. These guys have some serious talent. Our drummer is a percussionist for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and our harmonica player is a 64 year old bluesman that has been playing since he could walk. We mostly jam to blues and rock and roll.
I've been wrestling since the age of 12, when my mentor began teaching me. I absolutely love playing sports, and played varsity football, lacrosse and wrestling in high school. In my junior and senior years, I won states for my weight division in wrestling. I work out every day, but not for the sake of body-building. I'm a really big guy, but all the weight-lifting that I do is tailored so that I can be better at wrestling, which is my favorite sport. I've also got blonde hair halfway down my back, so I would probably make a really good "professional" wrestler. That is, if I wanted to participate in a bastardized version of the sport that I love, make hardly any money, and risk my life once a week for no real reason (I don't).
I live in a pretty nasty neighborhood in Baltimore, but everyone knows who I am, so I don't get any trouble. I've lived here all my life, and when I was orphaned at age ten, I chose to stay here rather than go live with my family in Scotland. I'm glad I did, because I love this city. I have a job as one of the two chefs and kitchen managers at a local sportsbar-style bistro.
So yeah, that's your admin. A 6'3, 256-pound pile of contradictions.

"Hail Dexter."

You REALLY don't want me to come back.
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For starters, I am without a doubt an eccentric person. I hold no regard for social standards and rarely follow a set path, my tastes for whatever you'd pick reflect this. Consider me a badger, or a wolf, as I rarely ever enjoy dealing with people. I find them repulsive, stupid but oh so amazing. I observe my fellow human as if I were looking upon a dangerous insect; aware of the stingers and claws yet in love with the prospect of it merely existing. I've got sort of two "settings" when it comes to the dangerous human being, and that's friend or foe. All of you, except a few are pretty much on the foe list, but I pretend to be friendly because it makes things go easier. If I'm nice, you're nice. If you do befriend me, I will never let you out of my sight, and I'm extremely loyal to any friend of mine. However, this is rare as if I stay silent my long blonde hair and camouflage fatigues scare most people away. I look like I'm going to whip out a gun and kill people, and I do enjoy this paranoia that everyone has. It means less distractions... right? At 6'1" I'm no stranger to looking intimidating no matter what I wear, I'm even very tough looking.

My mind, however, is not so... set in stone. It wanders, it's impossible to track and to tame. I think fast, too fast and this leads to complications. I have drastic moodswings, as if I were bipolar and I'm a paranoid schitzophrenic. My personal mental disorders are not your concern, however, and they will not be mentioned. Even with my great intelligence, I can't allow myself to trust anyone completely. I'm always paranoid, and careful, and this leads into my distaste (hatred) for women. I do make exceptions to this, but on the whole I utterly dislike the opposite gender enough to where I almost exclusively avoid them. This is a complete hypocrisy due to my hyperactive sex drive. (something I am not going to share wih anyone from here, except maybe the Dwemer trout) I also have a distaste for Asians, but I let no discrimination I have get in the way of my life. I'm more mature than some petty dispute I have inside of me.

My interests and tastes are so varied that I can't list them. Music is too much of a broad choice so I like all forms of it. Just whatever suits my fancy at the time, I'll listen to it. I even more so enjoy books, movies and other forms of mainstream entertainment. In movies and television shows, I prefer scifi, action and just about everything else. I have, in rare circumstances, been known to enjoy a romance or two. I do follow my testosterone senses and flip to things involving shit blowing up and hot babes more often, though. I dislike plays, theatre and other "live" forms of entertainment. I do specifically have a love for playing sports, instead of watching. If I watch, I gamble, and that's not favorable. Video games are my all time favorite, though, and they follow my choice in movies and television mainly. FPS, RTS, action, RPG titles are my favorite to be specific. I hate fighting games, and I hate sports games. I can do both in real life just fine. I realize I can shoot people in real life, replacing the FPS titles, and command over armies of ants weilding the god-like magnifying glass completely ruining the RTS titles but it's not the same. I play a lot of paintball, mainly milsim/scenario games.

Other than that, I plan to join the USMC (United States Marine Corps) and serve my country like a good patriot should. Even with all of that, I'd get the honor to be the first marine in my family. When my parents divorced, I had my sights set on Air Force but I soon changed to Army and then Navy. Finally I decided to be a Marine, defying all. My grandfathers served in the army and the other in the navy, and the rest of my family is assorted engineers, architects, crafters of some type (carpenters, fabricators, welders, something or other) and a few have served time in the military. If the world does "end" I will obviously be set for survival, due to the skills I was taught by them. Smile I do hope to set a good example for my four younger siblings, hopefully trying to inspire them into prosperity. Currently, however, I am making up credits from my high school years to make all of this possible. Sleeping in class still, and always will be, worth much more than listening to some old fart ramble on.
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Developer Emeritus
22 Aug 2005

Location: That big place next to the smaller place with the tree.

ThreadWhisperer wrote:
LOL, I would say I am completely not what people would expect but then if they expected me to not be what they expected then I would be exactly that which would cause a paradox and collapse the universe...

I... Understood that completely. Shocked

Well, I'm kind of different from everyone else I know. One, I'm home-schooled. I think this alone makes me stand out. I'm the kind of guy that would wear a suit of armor and carry a claymore around if it was publicly accepted, one of those guys that just can't stop thinking about medevil times and what he would do If he could make his own game. I'm the kind of guy that reads the Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion anually. Everyone knows sombody like me. I'm cool, but at the same time a geek. I can take almost anything and turn it into a joke. I'm a devout Catholic, and attend mass at least once a week. I

live in a small town in Pennsylvania. Wait, no, it's a miniscule town. The entire school here from Pre-K to 12th grade is contained in one school building, and consists of about 500 kids. My senior year will be made up of 30 people. I know and get along with almost everyone around, but at the same time I have only a few main friends. All of the people I hang around with love gaming. We rarley miss the opportunity to play a game when it comes out because one of us is bound to get it and then lend it around to the rest.

As for my life beyond my friends, I enjoy moddling in Max and art of almost all forms. The only thing I love to do more than artwork is hunt. I bowhunt almost every day of the season, and have been doing so since I first got my hunting permit. I do enjoy rifle hunting as well, and have gotten my largest deer (a 7 pointer) with my rifle, which I have properly named Deerbane. When I graduate (in 2.5 years as I'm only 15) I plan on majoring in 3d design / moddling and maybe minoring in concept artistry if I ever get better at it. TR has been a huge help to me so far.

I don't have a girlfriend at the moment because when to your home-schooled your "never around" to quote my last girlfriend. I have three dogs and two cats. I love basketball, but Tennis is my favorite sport to play. I'm about 5'11" and 160 pounds with brown hair and hazel-ish eyes. My favorite bands are Creed(R.I.P) and Shinedown. My favorite piece of literature is the Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien, which is where I got my forum name. So yeah, that's pretty much me for ya'. (Oh yeah, forgot to mention how much I hate sloads Very Happy)

Founder of the Realms of Renth. Please give us a visit!

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Mr. Sorry of Balmora

21 Apr 2005

Sload wrote:

Kill Rosanne Barr!!!!

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