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Tamriel Rebuilt Concept Art Guidelines.

Welcome to concept art forum! Smile Here you can post your concept art for everyone to view but please do follow a few of our basic guidelines:

1. Please stay on topic to ensure that your art has the most impact possible. Right now the topics are Morrowind and Hammerfell. All other concepts are to be posted in the 'Off-Topic Concept Art' sticky thread. Off topic art includes those made for other provinces, including Argonia/Blackmarsh.

2. Please keep the forum clean. Artists are allowed one thread where they can post their own work. The thematic art threads, like the FCG’s, should contain only art related to the theme.
Members are allowed to post questions if they have them. However, if it’s a question that you think can be answered by the Head of Concept Art, please feel free to bother him with it instead of posting it in this forum (send a pm).

3. Unwelcome behaviour:
When posting refrain from posting "i suck", it gets repetitive and could possibly offend artists of lesser experience. Insulting other artists work is completely uncalled for, and could result in removal from the forum.

4. Unwelcome artwork:
Do not use copyrighted artwork as your own. Plagiarism is not acceptable anywhere in this project. Do not post sketches involving nudity or sexual content. Our purposes don't require it.

5. [Atmospheric] and [Functional] Concept Art.

If you are making concept art for TR, odds are your piece will fit into one of these two categories. In fact, it is encouraged. These two types are very different, but both equally important.

Atmospheric art can be described as a scene which evokes an image of a market, tavern, town, etc. Its essential purpose is to display sweeping landscapes, images, and themes, which serve as inspiration to other modders.
In particular, they should represent some aspect of Hammerfell. Here are some examples:

Atmospheric Art:

In contrast, Functional art employs two dimensional views of the subject, and serves as a blueprint from which models/textures can be made.
The main motivation in presenting your concept as 'Functional Art' is the assumption that it will be meshed into a 3D model. Therefore is it key that the artist
portray the subject multiple perspectives, including 2D planar views, such as the Side, Front, and Top. This makes modeling any object
much easier, as it provides the next modder with the ground work for a 3D model. Here are some examples, including how 2D art aids in the creation of mesh objects:

Functional Art:

In a modeling program:

4. Make sure your drawing is clean. Just take a few extra minutes to remove extra pencil marks or finger smudges. If you have fine tip felt pen, ink your work. If not, an eraser with do fine. It will be worth it. Wink

5. Upload your image to a free image hosting website and post the link at TR. This is to save bandwidth which our host Garfield supplies to us for free. Please do not put the images directly on the site; link or thumbnail the image instead.


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