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06 Feb 2005

This'll be a series of stories, I've got one done right now.

This is Hoonga and the Furry Man, first posted in May in Lady N's thread. It isn't perfect, but I'm almost satisfied.

Volume II: Hoonga and the Furry Man

Hoonga lived outside of Kulong, a small waterside city where sailors stopped.. He lived with his wife and three sons and four daughters and prayed to Zeht and Tall Papa to let his food grow every day, except on days when he asked Morwha not to give him any more children.

One day, Hoonga walked north of Kolong by the sea. Here he found an enormous man, two of Hoonga's chests across and three more heads tall. His arms were very long, and his legs shorter than a man his size should be. But what was very different was that he was covered in white fur, all over everywhere like waves on the water. The man looked half-drowned and all the way starved, but Hoonga was afraid. Never in all of Yokuda had he heard talk of a man so big and hairy. He ran to the tree and got fruit for the big thing, that he left by him and ran to tell someone so he could know what to do. He didn't want poor Furry Man to die, but he was worried if he got too friendly Hoonga would die instead, and that would be even worse!

Hoonga ran all the way past his farm and house and neighbors and ran into the big town where they made fish and boats and other things, and where inns held sailors while they rested going from North and South. He ran to the holy man who ran things, even though he should be praying, and he told to him: Holy man! Please come fast and bring the guards with you as well, because there is a wild big man, as big as a house, and he is covered in fur! I saw him walking and gave him food, he was hungry and sick, but then I ran. I don't know what to do please come fast!

The holy man and three guards came fast like Hoonga asked and ran past his farm and house and neighbors and all the way to where the Furry Man was. They stopped fast, because the Furry Man, who had been on the ground lying before, was now standing. He grabbed fruits from the tree and ate them, but he didn't see Hoonga or the others. One guard said: What should we do? And another said he didn't know. The holy man was wise, though, and he muttered good magic from Tall Papa and walked toward Furry Man all quiet and slow.

When Furry Man saw him he screeched and roared with not making sense and spoke gibberish. He didn't do nothing else, but he made no sense and was not happy when the holy man couldn't tell what he was saying. The holy man ran back and said that Furry Man was a devil from the sea and he should be killed soon. The guards said they were afraid to do it with only three of them so they all went back to Kulong.

But Hoonga stayed behind. He walked up to Furry Man and said to him hello, but Furry Man babbled and made no sense. I don't understand you, Hoonga said, but it didn't do no good. Hoonga helped Furry Man gather food because the fruit was small and many times crushed by Furry Man's big hands. Hoonga was worried about the guards, but he knew that the holy man was right and Furry Man had to be killed or Tall Papa would be very angry. Furry Man hadn't done any bad things, though, so Hoonga was nice to him and hoped his last day would be happy instead of sick.

Soon, a lot of guards, almost ten but not quite, came back. Hoonga ran and couldn't watch. He heard Furry Man's roar, but only once, because they were good guards and killed him fast. Glad that devil's gone, one said, but Hoonga knew different. Furry Man was no devil, he was good, they just didn't understand all the things he said. Hoonga wondered what would happen if he had landed near a Kulong full of Furry Men, instead of the other way around.

Volume V: Kalia Who Walked on Water

Kalia was a lady who lived by where a river met the ocean a long time ago, but that river wasn't very big and she didn't go there much. Mostly she farmed and stood outside Babali's trading post looking for a nice husband. She was very beautiful and many men wanted her, but all were mean or rude of jealous or in other ways bad.

One day, she got tired of the bad husbands she found at Babali's and went to the sandy coast near the little river instead. She was walking and looking at the waves and the birds and the clouds, and she was looking at them so much she didn't looking where she was stepping (something she should never do) and she tripped. When she landed out of the sky, her face was right in the sand and her bottom in the air, and she would have been very embarrassed but no men were around.

What was more interesting was that right by where her face landed she saw something. A blue stone on a string, not very fancy but still very neat. She liked it, and it looked old like it had been left there a long time, so she put it on and walked away.

Later, she walked all the way to the river and saw she had to cross because there was no bridge because it was so small, so she stepped into the water and something amazing happened to her like nothing before had happened to her. Her foot didn't go through the water, like it normally does, but it stopped right where the wetness started. She knew it must be the funny stone, which must be magick, probably the evil elves who use their left hand, but she didn't care because she had too much fun walking on the ocean like it was the sand at the shore.

She walked a long ways, and soon found herself lost at sea, like sailors do, but she had no compass. Then out of the misty sky she saw a tower. It was beautiful and made of coral and just sticking out of the sea like it was nothing at all. She needed a place to stay and it was dark and the tower looked so nice, so she ran all the way to the tower and there she was.

It was like was like nothing she ever saw before. Beautiful beyond words, so beyond words that I cannot describe it. And inside it she found the strangest creature, a massive blob of green floating in the water with a fishy face.and stubby arm and legs. Hello, she said to it and it stared at her. She waited and said hello again and it stared, but after a minute or maybe two, it said Hello back.

The Blob asked her who she was and she said she was Kalia from the farm near Babali's trading post (there were three, she told it, and hers was the second one if you were walking from Babali's to the shore) and then she asked the Blob who it was. It said it was Savukt, and said that this tower was its home. Its very nice, Kalia said, and Savukt said it used to live in a whole city of towers just like it, but it had been told to leave and it wouldn't say why.

Kalia told it that she was very tired and didn't know her way back. Savukt said he didn't know how to get to the farm near Babali's trading post either, it had never been there, and said to Kalia that she could stay there for the night, it was getting dark you see, so she did. She slept on a bed of soft seaweed on a ledge above the water and Savukt slept somewhere below.

When she woke up, she was surprised to see shining men she could see through bringing her fish and crabs and other things to eat and drink and giving her the finest breakfest she had ever had. Then later when Savukt came up it told her the see-through men were its servants and they would bring her anything. Kalia was very thankful and spent the whole day with Savukt and the servants.

That night she slept on the bed, but this time it had flowers from the sea on it to make it even nicer. When she woke up that morning she had another nice breakfest and later she got pretty shell necklaces and bracelets and the sea flowers were put in her hair and she and Savukt had a lovely time in the tower for a second day. Savukt told her that it was glad to finally have someone to spend time with.

She spent many nights there and loved it, never thinking about going back because it was so lovely. But back at Babali's, the men who wanted her for a wife (and I can't forget her father who wanted her to marry well so he did not have to work his farm) all knew she was gone and were very worried. They searched all over the beaches but couldn't find her, so they thought maybe she had swept out to sea somehow, as they heard it took people to strange faraway islands when it wanted to.

They got in two boats which were painted green and not very big, and they searched for a very long time while Kalia and Savukt had many happy relaxed days in their tower. After around two weeks, though, they found the tower and thought it very strange and very ugly. One boat sailed in and saw her and Savukt and the servants they could see through and blew their horn for the other boat to come.

Kalia told them Savukt was her friend and tried to make proper greetings like any Yoku would do, but the men wouldn't have it. Kalia cried and didn't watch as they ruined the tower and killed Savukt and drove his servants away. She tried to fall asleep and did, and when she woke up they were far away from the happy beautiful tower. They told her the monster as they called it, refusing to call it Savukt, was evil and was going to eat her soon and that she was safe now. When they got back to shore she broke the stone that had brought her to Savukt's tower and cried for a very long time. The men argued over who had done the most and who should marry her, and in the end her father chose the richest.

She and the richest husband were married a week later. She died very young, and for the whole rest of her life she dreamed of the tower where she had lived so happy.

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