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Welcome to TR! If you want to contribute, you've found the right guide. Here you'll find out about something we call the Showcase.

The Showcase forum (located here) is a place for Members wishing to join Tamriel Rebuilt's team to display their own work or plug-ins in whatever aspect of Morrowind modding that they desire, and for TR Modders to offer advice and constructive criticism on how the Members might improve their work.

Each Member's Showcase thread is where Global Moderators (GMs) from different areas of the project will look for members that show enough talent to be promoted to TR Modder, and therefore able to produce content for the TR mod and claim claims.

The rules of this forum are as follows:

  • Each person must create their own thread, and are only allowed one thread.
  • Joint showcases of two or more modders are not allowed.
  • TR Modders, please only post constructive criticism, and new members, please do not take constructive criticism in the wrong way.

To clear up any confusion as to how TR Modders are selected, first let me tell you about how our review process works for mod content.

When a TR Modder makes a claim, he or she works on it until it is "ready", and then submits it for review. The reviewers look over the claim, checking for errors, and if any are found, they list these errors (and, if necessary, tips on how to fix them), and send the file back to the Modder. The Modder then fixes the errors, and the reviewers look at it again. This will repeat until the file has reached a level where it is up to TR standards, and can be merged into the main mod.

As you could imagine, if the TR Modder is not able to complete the mod to a high standard, and fix all the found errors on the first review, things get bottlenecked. While modding for Morrowind, there was a massive reviewing traffic jam when plug-ins would be reviewed several times without being up to par.

Therefore, we are changing the way that the Showcase functions. Members will no longer be encouraged to keep fixing errors on the same piece of mod content. What we have seen happens when this is done is: Members continue to make the same mistakes, and don't learn much by fixing tiny details on the same piece of mod content over and over.
Instead, we will be trying to stick to one to three lists of corrections per file, and encouraging Members to start a new file after that.

This may seem like a pain in the ass, but please do not take it the wrong way. By doing things this way, your skills will improve much faster than they would if our TR Modders simply told you what to work on. You will not only learn to watch for the mistakes that you are prone to making before you make them, but you will also improve in the areas that you are already good at, so it is a double-whammy bonus.

In order to improve the way our reviewing system works, we will be looking to promote Members who are at the skill level where they can upload files that only need a few revision to be up to TR standards. This is not as hard as it sounds. All it takes is practice and a careful eye.
More than anything else, this forum is for our TR Modders to help Members improve their skills. This is not a draft office for the TR Team, so please don't view it as such.

If you have ANY questions about the Showcase forum, please feel free to contact anyone whose name appears at the bottom of the forum in blue or green.
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Post has been updated slightly, please take the time to read it!
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