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There are important rules you absolutely must follow.

    1. In general you should be working off the most recent public .esms (because normally there are no internal .esms, only .esps), however at the present moment (post-July '09) there will be an 'internal' merged .esm that modders will be working off prior to its release to the public. Generally, it should be fairly obvious which file to work off. And never work off an internal .esp.
    arvisrend edit (2012): This is no longer up to date. We do work off the internal Mainland.esp now, which is found in this thread. The ESP has to be loaded alongside the claim file in the CS (but only the claim file should be marked as the Active plugin) every time you load your claim in the CS! If you forget to load the Mainland.ESP and then save your claim, all references to the Mainland are lost (i. e., cell conditioning on your dialogue responses), which is a very bad thing.

    If the Mainland ESP file has a newer date than your claim, change the date of your claim to be newer than the Mainland date (e. g., by loading and saving it in a hex editor).

    2. Cleanliness is most important. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES EVEN LOOK AT ANYTHING NOT RELATED TO THE QUEST. We have to coordinate this carefully so that we don't have problems merging, especially if fixes continue to be done while these quests are being made.
    arvisrend edit (2012): Alternatively, clean your accidental changes to your claim with TESAME. Automated cleaning using tes3cmd is also nice, but it only cleans the "obvious" dirtiness.

    3. Make back-ups constantly. After every major breakthrough or change. Before every clean. Save often.

    4. Clean only once at the very end, and have a bunch of back-ups. See 3.

    5. (Oblivion) Not a rule as much as a warning - if you decide to have a quest marker for anything, be very certain. Do not try deleting it, because that crashes the CS.

    6. Naming is very important. If the quest is merged and it's unsure what belongs to it, we get merging errors and maybe lose something from the quest! To name something for Morrowind use this format: TR_m1(The number of the map)_q_77(The number of the claim)_ ...... (the actual name of the object should be where the dots are) = TR_m1_q_77_deathdagger

    For journals, use the abbrevations of the relevant faction or settlement instead of a claim number, and ignore the quest signifier (q) because that's self-evident.

    Fighters Guild = FG
    Morag Tong = MT
    East Empire Company = EEC
    Ranyon Ruhn quests = RR
    Ashamul quests = As
    So for example TR_m2_FG_RatsAgain.

    If in doubt, please make sure you check precedents from Map 2 if possible, or Map 1 if not. Alternatively, use MaMeeshkaMowSkwoz's rather excellent questing protocol guide.

    To name something for Oblivion, use this format TR07(name of the map)q3(the claim number)...(actual name of the object here) = TR07q3deathdagger

Updated by Bloodthirsty Crustacean as of 5th July '09.

Updated by arvisrend as of 10 Dec 2012.
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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics. This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.

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