NPC Claims guidelines and hints

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NPC Claims guidelines and hints

Post by Haplo »

I am putting up NPC Claims for Map 2. Yay! These claims will reside within their respective Map 2 Detailing Claim threads. I will be cleaning them out completely and archiving everything so that you may start over completely. They will be moved to Exteriors: Unclaimed when they are ready for claiming.

If there are interiors needing to be merged/linked (some still need this, although there are never more than half a dozen), that will be the responsibility of the NPC maker! If you have any questions on how to do that, PLEASE ASK!

These claims will generally be on a first come, first served basis.

Woot and stuff for progress and shit.

Here are some FAQs about NPC Claims for Map 2.

1. Do we need to add ownership to the items that are supposed to belong to our NPCs?


2. What's the prefix of the NPCs' ID supposed to be? TR_m2_xxx or something else? Any specific changes to the prefix according to the faction/status of the given NPC?

Outlaws: TR_m2_O_namehere
Slaves: TR_m2_S_namehere
Everyone else: TR_m2_namehere

No extra data for factions or statuses or anything, that will be done with scripts.

3. Should we include "special" NPCs (in the wilderness, near dungeons etc) if there's a good reason for that? For example, possibility for a quest.

Yes. You are responsible for all NPCs and creatures in these cells!

4. Are there any specific NPCs that we should include in a claim (magistrates, governors, overseers etc), according to existing lore or TR planning?

Yes, but make sure it is according to existing TR plans where they exist!

5. Should we make regional dialogue for characters such as scouts? What I mean here is if the scout/other class will say xxx if he's in the Boethians and yyy if he's somewhere else.

Yes. Make sure you attach the relevant TR_mX_NPC script to your NPC, and you can then filter by the Local variable TR_Map.

6. Should the NPCs refer to famous Map 2 landmarks, through topics like little advice or little secret, even if these landmarks are far from their area? Are there such landmarks, and which are they? Should they mention any Map 1 sites as well?

Yes and no; it's a ratio of distance to popularity. If the landmark is something like the great wall of China, then someone in the United States could be assumed to know about it. If the landmark in question is the Pencil Building in Atlanta, GA, then people in China (or even the state of New York, for that matter) would most likely not know about it.

7. Should the NPCs mention famous Map 1 NPCs as well? If yes, which would they be?

If they're famous, it'd be okay. Who you choose is up to you. The duchess is famous, as are the Telvanni councilors. A random person in Bal Oyra is not. However there are situations like "If you want to learn about athletics, speak to so&so in Balmora", which was said to you no matter where you are in the game. You guys know what I'm talking about.

8. Do we have specific region names or do we only have the Boethians currently? Where can we find a map to check the names of regions, rivers and such?

Go here to see regions:

(Warning: Big Map)
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Post by Lud »

Dialogue Guidelines

Starting Out
Once you've claimed a section of NPCs, you need to become familiar with your NPCs, know who you've got to deal with and know their background (check the interior claim as these will have any information you need about the NPC). You then need to start writing dialogue. Many NPCs will have dialogue specific to them for example an ex-assassin will have "Background" based on that. You will want to make sure that each NPC has a good personality.
You can also write the more generic topics like "Someone in particular" or "Specific place" based on your town. You will want to make sure that there are a few different versions of these topics.

When laying out your dialogue, the only thing I want to see is that it is clear how the dialogue would play out and also which dialogue would be applied to whom. I will then review your dialogue to make sure that it all is lore-correct etc and you will then begin putting it in.

Anyone who claims dialogue should also be prepared to have to "review" someone else's. This shouldn't take you long, you'll just need to test somebody else's claim in game to make sure that there are no problems and should you find any, report them to the claimer to fix.

Adding the dialogue:

There are a few rules you'll have to follow when adding dialogue to the NPCs. First of all you'll need to know how to do it. There is a good tutorial [url=]here[/url] for your use.

There are a few general rules, including but not limited to:

-- Action emotes are to be put in brackets and brackets only. (While I tend to do *~*This*~* for actions, Bethesda does [this.] We must keep to Bethesda's style. Example -> "[He looks around suspiciously.]" )

-- Proper grammar and spelling. American English. No missing periods, misspells or other grammatical errors. We all make typos. EVERY ONE OF US. That's why they invented Haplo. Smile

-- Keep to the lore, but at the same time, be realistic. If I ask you a question on the phone, voice to voice, chances are you'll answer the question with the detail I need to know, but rather to the point - not like you're reading from an essay. Similarly, if you ask "Background" you should get "I am the bartender at (Insert tavern here.)" Don't draw it out real long, but keep it unique and semi-interesting please.

-- Finally, it is often considered proper English to double-space between sentences. I do it all the time. (Though the forum cuts it down to one) However, to save some length, Bethesda only used one space. We must stay consistent, so only one space between sentences.

--Use of American spellings. If you're British, Canadian or otherwise, make sure your spellings are American to follow suit.

Dialogue Standards

This the standard dialogue should be made to:
Most of the dialogue should be specific to both the region and one or two other variables. This means, that you should pick out groups that will give different responses for the topic. Here are the main groups that will apply most of the time in Map2:
-Slaves (mostly argonian and Khajiit, very subservient and give little info on anything) Conditions: Class = slave , Cell = "settlement names:
-Telvanni (mostly Dunmer wizards, enchanters, etc. Also some outlander hirelings) Conditions: Faction = TR_Telvanni, Cell = "settlement names:
-Indoril (mostly warriors, priests & locals) Conditions: Faction- TR_Indoril, Cell = "settlement name"
-Commoners (Dunmer, mostly poor, subservient and in awe of their Telvanni masters(Telvanni regions) or well-cared for by their Indoril masters) Conditions: Race = Dark Elf, Cell = "settlement names:
-Outlanders (not Dunmer, mostly pro-imperial, anti slavery and misunderstand Telvanni customs, etc) Condition: Cell = "settlement names

Each of these groups should have their own response for a topic
eg: the topic "Imperial Legion"
Slaves: I don't know anything about that, I just keep my head down, sera
Telvanni: Foolish outlanders, they think they are almighty; they don't know the meaning of true power
Indoril: Heathens, invading our land, blah, blah
Temple: Misguided outlanders, need ALMSIVI's light, etc.
Commoners: Our lord, ~local master~ keeps them away from here. Who wouldn't fear ~local master~?
Outlanders: Aren't you lucky that the brave soldiers of the Imperial Legion keep you safe? The locals don't show any gratitude, either.
*Some areas should have extra groups. Eg: Necrom ordinators will be a dialogue group all of their own.

I want to see specific topics created that relate to the local situation
Firewatch has topics for "the duchess", "the library", etc
These should parse for the various groups too.

On top of that, I want the NPCs to have as much personality as possible. Give unique topics to specific NPCs on various things that are within their sphere of interest. NPCs that you consider to be of particular importance should have lots of unique dialogue. (Each master will definitely need a lot unique dialogue) Pick NPCs that look interesting to you and do these LGNPC style, with fully fleshed out personalities. It's possible to give an NPC a good semblance of a personality with just a few unique lines-try to give most of your NPCs something to say. (One greeting/different version of a topic)

Dialogue needed:

- Local greetings (these go in Greetings 7 - remember to use Random100 filters so that normal generic greetings still appear)
- Little advice
- Little secret
- Latest rumors
- Specific place (this will be about places within the town to help the player find them (places other than services))
- Someone in particular (this will depend on the important NPCs in the area)
- Services
- Background
- My trade
- Race (this is the talk about their specific race ie Argonian - we may just keep the same dialogue as Beth used)
- Town (This will be a topic with the name of the town and will tell the played some information about the town other than what's in it (history, culture etc))
- Factions in the area (the player will need to be able to ask about specific guilds individually)
- Other topics for each settlement. These would be linked from the piece named after the town eg: one on the slave market, etc for Port Telvannis
- One for the main leader of each settlement (the local master in Telvanni places and the duchess/governor in imperial areas)
-Whatever other topics their area would need.

Some things to note:
-Be creative with the conditions you parse for. Give different reactions based on what the player is like (eg: if the player is in House Telvanni, (TR_Telvanni OR Telvanni) some NPCs will dislike them, etc, or reference it in relation to magickal topics, etc
-Factions used should be TR_ versions, not vanilla ones.
-Try to keep to the reasonably serious tone. Don't make too many comedy NPCs. A touch of light humor is great, though
-Try to give your town a theme (in my Firewatch claim there's a lot of paranoia because the duchess has annoyed the Telvanni) You can tie lots of dialogue into an overarching theme
-Try to co-ordinate with other NPC-makers; rumors will drift in from the next town over, and it really helps the "liveliness" of the mod

And finally....
Have fun! Dialogue offers great opportunities for personal touches and creativity.
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