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Developer Emeritus
18 Oct 2003

Location: Bergen

New file up. Roads added and detailed to the south and south-east. Luxurious island added as well.
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Lead Developer
04 Oct 2010

Location: substitutional world

TR_ex_ind_building_02 XXXXXAlmalexia_Kowloon (25,-28) 208432 -226696 2352 "caspers"

TR_ex_ind_building_05 XXXXXAlmalexia_Kowloon (25,-28) 206800 -227040 2872 "caspers"

TR_terr_cliffst11 XXXXXAlmalexia_Kowloon (25,-28) 207304 -227720 2624 "caspers at the upper end"

terrain_rock_ai_03 XXXXXAlmalexia (21,-28) 178498 -227828 2145 "flaot"

TR_terrain_AI_rock_15 XXXXXAlmalexia_Taythionis (25,-29) 211925 -232057 382 "flaot"

EX_MH_building_02 XXXXXAlmalexia (21,-27) 173479 -216277 173 "bridge from here..."
TR_ex_ind_tower03 XXXXXAlmalexia (21,-27) 174809 -214648 -884 "... to here"

terrain_rock_wg_02 xxxTR_Mournhold Region1 (19,-27) 161143 -219446 1076 "floats"

terrain_rock_wg_18 XXXXXAlmalexia (20,-25) 171740 -200003 2668 "float"

Terrain_rocks_WG_03 XXXXXAlmalexia (20,-25) 171721 -197544 2524 "float"

flora_wickwheat_02 TR_Mournhold Region1 (21,-24) 172394 -193946 381 "float"

flora_tree_gl_01 TR_Mournhold Region1 (21,-24) 172581 -189833 1066 "float"
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Lead Developer
04 Oct 2010

Location: substitutional world

Sorry for potential stupidity, but this claim seems to conflict with M3A8 about cells 27, -29 and 27, -30. What happened there? Or is that supposed to get cleaned out eventually?
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Developer Emeritus
18 Oct 2003

Location: Bergen

Hmm, not sure I see the conflict, unless you mean this claim might interfere due to uncleanliness. M3A8 will meet up with both roads and river when I'm done with it.
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14 Jun 2007

Location: Poznan

First of all, new Almalexia is one of the most amazing places I've ever seen in any video game - great job, Nemon. I especially like the fact that the "common" part of the city feel very organic and chaotic in design, while the Temple and Indoril holdings in the north are much more organized and look and feel really powerful.

Few questions/remarks:
What's the idea behind that Kowloon part of the city? Is it like HK Kowloon or something... more? And why is it so close to the Indoril part?

Shouldn't the road leading up to Mournhold be... wider? Or does look like that to me because i don't have tr_ex_ind_buttress meshes :P?

Also, I don't really like the fact that there are so many houses near the Mournhold gates. In fact, I think there shouldn't be any houses there - trees, statues, maybe a watchtower or two, but that's all. And of course, all symetrical. I always imagined that when player decides to use Gates of Symmachus to get out of Mournhold he shouldn't be thrown instantly into some YET ANOTHER insignificant houses, but instead, he should be given time to enjoy the landscape of the "proper" capital city. My idea - viewing platforms, or something like that instead of houses. It could work great with the current design (elevated Mournhold). Just my 5 groszy (like 2 cents, but in Polish :))
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Developer Emeritus
18 Oct 2003

Location: Bergen

Thanks for the compliments.

The "kowloon" area was originally roughly designed by me and then detailed and fine tuned by Aeven. He just named it Kowloon for kicks, as well as due to some inspiration drawn from that RL location. It's basically an indoril quarter providing housing and stuff yet to be decided.

Regarding the gates of symmachus, this area is still under revision and not yet completely finished. I may or may not change it, we'll see anyway. Also, the buttress is kinda important, without it it looks awkward.

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14 Jun 2007

Location: Poznan

Cool idea anyway, that Kowloon part. Can't wait to see it finished & NPC'd.

btw where are these buttress meshes? I'm pretty sure I have the latest TR_Data...
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Developer Emeritus
18 Oct 2003

Location: Bergen

Yeah, can't recall where it originally was uploaded. Put this file in here:

Morrowind\Data Files\Meshes\TR\x


 Filename:  tr_ex_ind_buttress.rar
 Filesize:  22.89 KB
 Downloaded:  47 Time(s)

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Developer Emeritus
18 Oct 2003

Location: Bergen

I think the new alma file is ready for interior planning and NPC quest thinkage. There's still stuff left to do, such as the flora and rock change around Othrensis, and detailing of roads and some landscapes. But the broad and important strokes has been made.

Last edited by Nemon on Tue Aug 28, 2012 9:39 am; edited 1 time in total
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Lead Developer
04 Oct 2010

Location: substitutional world

That's a fucking step forward, Nemon. How many of these houses, approximately, do you expect to already have finished ints?

Some minor stuff, some of it probably WIP:

Terrain_rocks_WG_02 XXXXXAlmalexia (25,-25) 210137 -202820 1664 "Casper"

Ex_MH_Door_01 XXXXXAlmalexia (25,-27) 208298 -220824 2199 "this door might be a bit too large for the frame"

Ex_MH_Door_01 XXXXXAlmalexia (24,-26) 201364 -209367 390 "z-fights with wall"

Ex_MH_doorjamb_03 XXXXXAlmalexia (25,-26) 207111 -205871 356 "caspers against wall"

Ex_MH_Door_01 XXXXXAlmalexia (24,-25) 200391 -204719 257 "zfighting"

Ex_MH_doorjamb_03 XXXXXAlmalexia (22,-26) 185021 -205144 264 "caspers against wall"

Ex_MH_Door_01 XXXXXAlmalexia (22,-25) 185114 -204720 261 "zfighting"

EX_MH_steps_01 XXXXXAlmalexia (21,-27) 173945 -216498 352 "weird collision of some shit annoys me when i try to climb these"

TR_ex_ind_pier_01 XXXXXAlmalexia (21,-27) 172494 -219858 16 "add something so that i can get up here without jumping"

Ex_MH_Door_01 XXXXXAlmalexia (20,-28) 165492 -222488 1509 "zfighting"

crate_01_food_misc01 xxxTR_Mournhold Region1 (19,-28) 163331 -225714 2237 "this crates and the ones around bleed into the ground"

chest_01_v_potion_h_03 xxxTR_Mournhold Region1 (19,-28) 163172 -225668 2217 "these chests even more"

De_P_Chest_02_Books xxxTR_Mournhold Region1 (19,-28) 161950 -224254 2222 "this too"

crate_01_empty xxxTR_Mournhold Region1 (19,-28) 162207 -224230 2237 "this too"

crate_01_food_misc01 xxxTR_Mournhold Region1 (19,-28) 162530 -224386 2237 "the crates around this too"

TR_ex_ind_bridge_stair xxxTR_Mournhold Region1 (19,-28) 161617 -225172 2163 "the last step of this stairway requires jumping"

TR_ex_ind_bridge_stair xxxTR_Mournhold Region1 (19,-28) 159825 -225172 2169 "the last step of this stairway requires jumping"

TR_ex_ind_bridge_stair xxxTR_Mournhold Region1 (19,-28) 162352 -228272 2196 "the last step of this stairway requires jumping"

TR_ex_ind_bridge_stair xxxTR_Mournhold Region1 (19,-28) 162352 -226480 2200 "the last step of this stairway requires jumping"

Ex_MH_Door_01 XXXXXAlmalexia (20,-28) 165492 -222488 1509 "zfighting"

Ex_MH_Pav_Tower xxxTR_Mournhold Region1 (19,-28) 160277 -224049 2248 "floats a lot"

Ex_MH_Pav_Tower xxxTR_Mournhold Region1 (19,-28) 160277 -226289 2248 "floats a lot"

EX_MH_door_02 XXXXXAlmalexia (20,-29) 171442 -234606 1249 "door should be scaled down"

EX_MH_bazaar_bench_01 XXXXXAlmalexia (21,-29) 174676 -234083 2036 "floats"

TR_ex_ind_pier_01 XXXXXAlmalexia (21,-27) 178416 -219556 32 "would look much better without that hole between the building and the garden"

EX_MH_steps_01 XXXXXAlmalexia (23,-30) 193392 -244924 274 "caspering"

flora_tree_wg_08 XXXXXAlmalexia (25,-30) 209408 -244684 2965 "caspering"

TR_m3_Silvani00000000 Othrensis (16,-29) 134914 -231295 1010 "greeting has grammar bug and kinda stupid ('home' used in two different meanings)"

TR_m3_Danaraso00000000 Othrensis, Danaraso: Weaponsmith 3843 3834 14114 "repair items should restock (and there should be more). same for ammo and maybe some basic weapons"

TR_m3_Samuel Barellin00000000 Othrensis, Samuel Barellin: Pawn Shop 3798 4257 15618 "has no stuff"

EX_MH_window_01 Othrensis (15,-29) 130284 -236955 1159 "zfighting"

EX_MH_window_01 Othrensis (15,-29) 129908 -236583 1185 "zfighting"

EX_MH_window_01 Othrensis (15,-29) 126910 -235906 936 "bleeds like hell"

EX_MH_window_01 Othrensis (15,-29) 126191 -230508 355 "casper"
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Developer Emeritus
18 Oct 2003

Location: Bergen

Aeven did a thorough cross check and merged in a bunch of ints, which are all visible by the pink arrows iirc. Don't think there are many more usable.
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Lead Developer
17 Aug 2008

Location: Groningen

List of reused and linked Almalexia interiors (A6)
• i3-424 Grand Ascendant’s Manor
• i3-34 Tower near Council
• i3-33 Tower near Council
• i3-36, 4 Apartment building
• i3-54, 3 Temple Apartments
• i3-119
• i3-36, 5 Criminals Manor
• i3-10
• i3-202
• i3-106 Bakery
• i3-206
• i3-611 Horatio Gargonath
• i3-293, 13 Brothel
• i3-30, 5
• i3-6 Indoor theatre
• i3-210 Redware+silverware
• i3-86 Dalamus Theray: Pawnbroker
• i3-57 Western Gate, North + South
• i3-259
• i3-200
• i3-264 Lerasi Mansion
• i3-56
• i3-262
• i3-247, 7 The King’s Scepter
• i3-215, T1
• i3-181
• i3-263
• i3-111
• i3-95 Black Rose Cornerclub
• i3-93
• i3-203
• i3-59 Basilica of Almalexia's Grace
• i3-108 Craftsmans’ Hall
• i3-99 Verdarun Apartments
• i3-98 Apartments
• i3-101 Apartments
• i3-54, 6 Writer’s Mansion
• i3-48
• i3-114
• i3-113 Enaalen Manor
• i3-32, West 2+3 Dancing Guar Hotel
• i3-213 Fletcher’s Shop
• i3-32 West 0+1 South Gate, West
• i3-32 East 0+1 South Gate, East
• i3-214 ‘Morag Tong’ Instrument shop
• i3-28 Guild of Brewers
• i3-25 Indoril Council House (not yet merged and linked)
• i3-679 Guild of Fighters (not yet merged and linked)

The Alma Rula Palace claim is not visible to me, but it was complete and in reviewing before we started reworking the city. It still fits and was a good claim.

Total: 49 (including the Alma Rula)
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Lead Developer
04 Oct 2010

Location: substitutional world

terrain_rock_wg_18 XXXXXAlmalexia (20,-25) 171740 -200003 2668 "float"

Terrain_rocks_WG_02 XXXXXAlmalexia (20,-25) 170194 -199610 3207 "float"

Terrain_rocks_GL_03 xxxTR_Mournhold Region1 (19,-25) 158504 -199195 1418 "casper"

Terrain_rocks_GL_01 xxxTR_Mournhold Region1 (19,-25) 158470 -199542 1504 "casper"

flora_hackle-lo_02 TR_map3 (14,-31) 119963 -247788 540 "casper"

flora_bc_fern_02 TR_map3 (14,-24) 121264 -191166 285 "a few floaters around this"

Terrain_rocks_GL_02 TR_map3 (14,-28) 122076 -225985 6 "Caspers"

Aeven, do you also have a list of the ints that we cannot keep? I'd like to see what we're losing, at least.
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Lead Developer
30 Aug 2003

Location: Celibacy

That would be much more difficult since Aeven does not have access to a full interiors list via our Claims browser. I can try to do this soon.
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Lead Developer
30 Aug 2003

Location: Celibacy

Here is a list of every Almalexia interior that Aeven and Nemon have not kept with the new version. Apologies if I've missed one or two. Although Aeven lists i3-36 twice, and i3-54 twice, and each listing is for something different, so I'm assuming some typos in his list.


Total: 121 claims. Probably closer to 150 - 170 buildings. The important thing now is to find out how many empty buildings are remaining for us to re-purpose these interiors to fit the new empty buildings.

Attached is a Microsoft Word file with every single Almalexia interior listed with descriptions and whatnot, taken directly from the Claims Browser.

All Almalexia Interiors.7z

 Filename:  All Almalexia Interiors.7z
 Filesize:  27.35 KB
 Downloaded:  48 Time(s)

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Lead Developer
17 Aug 2008

Location: Groningen

The doubles are meant to be in the list. It used to be we clustered multiple buildings (that used to be near/next to each other) into the same claim. Only the ones of the claim I specifically listed from the claim are being used. Others may be deleted.
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Developer Emeritus
18 Oct 2003

Location: Bergen

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Developer Emeritus
27 Apr 2010

Location: Somewhere in Tamriel

In this file I have marked all unused Alma ints with a z. I have added an interior window to i3-205 to fit an exterior. I have also made exterior changes to i3-386 so that an interior could be matched there as well.

I have also attached the current map breakdown of Alma. Every current linked interior is present. There are two ID's that show which are not linked these are i3-89 Alma Rula and i3-679 Fighter's Guild. The i3-89 in the current file is old and needs to be replaced by Praedator's i3-89 Alma Rula so that it can be linked properly. The i3-679 claim is not included in this file and needs to be merged.


 Filename:  AlmaMap1SW.png
 Filesize:  2.46 MB
 Downloaded:  67 Time(s)


 Filename:  AlmaMap2W.png
 Filesize:  2.46 MB
 Downloaded:  56 Time(s)


 Filename:  AlmaMap3NW.png
 Filesize:  2.41 MB
 Downloaded:  66 Time(s)


 Filename:  AlmaMap4NE.png
 Filesize:  2.35 MB
 Downloaded:  67 Time(s)


 Filename:  AlmaMap5E.png
 Filesize:  1.81 MB
 Downloaded:  116 Time(s)


 Filename:  AlmaMap6SE.png
 Filesize:  1.94 MB
 Downloaded:  50 Time(s)

And that's how you get to Llama School.
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Lead Developer
04 Oct 2010

Location: substitutional world

Here are some observations of a tourist (ingame mostly, very rarely CS). Except of some very clear-cut cases I cannot decide whether to keep or to kill, but I hope that my notes make your decisions simpler. Note that the bugs I found are not representative, and the assessments subjective.

Part 1

zTR_i3-1 Gilnith Manor: I normally look at these ingame, not in the CS, but this one I opened in the CS since it was the alphabetically first one. First things I saw were a bleeding bed and a floating rug. Other than that, fairly regular.

zTR_i3-100-Ind: Missing OOT bed. Fairly regular.

zTR_i3-102: com_sack_02_chpfood03 bleeding through floor/ceiling. Second floor looks much like that of zTR_i3-100-Ind; are these related? Other than that, regular.

zTR_i3-103: Whoever lives here sells throwing weapons. Slightly caspering window. TR_de_r_desk_01's legs bleed into wall, unless one can believe that they have been cut. The desk also bleeds with the chair, what is harder to retcon. furn_de_r_table_07 prevents walking to bed. 2 copies of a book with value 5000 gold. Door on the lower floor bleeds through crates when opened. Don't know if fixing or axing this is the better option; nothing particularly important in here.

zTR_i3-104, Pawnbroker: com_chest_02_weap_12_ir bleeds through wall (WTF). Otherwise, ok, but kinda barren.

zTR_i3-105-ind: One of the doormarkers in the attic is misplaced (leaves me stuck). There is a minor amount of stylemixing (imp silverware). For some reason, the clutter feels kinda unaesthetic to me (particularly the presence of both bottles and flasks on the table), but I suspect that falls under realism (I don't like my table either).

zTR_i3-107: Whoever lives here sells books. I'd prefer more clutter.

zTR_i3-109 butcher: I like this one: nonstandard cluttering. Note that this is a shop (butchery) and has no beds, so whoever trades here must sleep elsewhere. Nonstandard shell.

zTR_i3-109 pawnbroker: Same nonstandard shell. Nice but nothing special. Door bleeds through lamp when opened.

zTR_i3-11: Apparently a brewery shop. de_p_chest_02_potions bleeds into floor noticeably. tr_potion_wine_03 bleeds through rack. Neat but expendable.

zTR_i3-112 Abandoned House: AXE. Everything floats and bleeds in this eyesore.

zTR_i3-115: TR_a_ind_pauldron_right_02 epically bleeds through shelf. There seems to be a gridsnap error (in_MH_wall_01 at 3979, 3503, 14421 and in_MH_wall_01 at 3988, 3759, 14421 have a minor hole between them), and a furn_de_tapestry_11 bleeds through a wall. In_MH_door_02 bleeds through column when opened. More inexplicable gridsnap and bleeding. Style mixing. Some parts not cluttered enough Probably not wise to keep.

zTR_i3-116: Communal housing and shop of two (probably lower-class) traders (clothing and food). Classical in_MH bug: if you look at the staircase from below and look up, you see a hole in the ceiling. bk_firmament bleeds through chair (but nice idea!). The only entrance/exit doors of this are in the living area, not in the trading one, so you end up behind the bars!!

zTR_i3-117 Hospital: Shell is pretty nonstandard. Some stuff bleeds/floats because apparently the thickness of rugs is a recent discovery. bk_PilgrimsPath and some books nearby bleed in the shelf. Not sure if there should be an ashpit with bones and skulls in a hospital, but I guess the Dunmer have a different idea of what makes a cozy place. A desk (in the room full of potions) is missing, probably due to OOT. These sound like a verdict, but truth is, I like this interior. It leaves a good feeling and is quite well-cluttered, too.

zTR_i3-118: Some Temple services here, apparently. I don't like the com rugs, as this is Dunmeri (but I am not sure if they are imperial). Nothing extraordinary here.

zTR_i3-12: Apparently home to some rich but tasteless people. Style mixing (but that's not even the part I mean by tasteless; just look at the tapestry). I don't have any hard objections other than that, but I wouldn't really miss this one if it doesn't make the merge.

zTR_i3-120: WTF bonsai trees? This actually is a tavern, and a pretty nonstandard and fun one. I don't like the candles on the lower floor, because there is just too much flamable stuff nearby, but I assume physics doesn't work in Morrowind. I thought of Indoril gongs as being something more sacral, but I guess that's only because of where I have seen them so far. It's a nice int.

zTR_i3-14 West Guard Tower, Bottom: Not sure but I think that tall buildings made of stone (rather than modern building materials) need some more pillars at lower levels for stability. And there *is* place for pillars here. Looks fine otherwise.

zTR_i3-14 West Guard Tower, Middle: Good.

zTR_i3-14 West Guard Tower, Top: Good.

zTR_i3-15: Warehouse full of crates (but not only). Ordinator armory? Too many doors, for my taste, are locked 100. More egregiously, some crates(!) are locked 100. bonemold_shield balances on one handle. Do we really want an evidence chest in a warehouse? Fighter training area on upper floor; why? Somewhat ugly transition between in_MH_int_corner_01 and in_MH_int_stairs_01 on the staircase that leads to the uppermost floor. Furn_de_r_table_09 blocks passage. The building might have too many basements. There are good things about it, though, like the planter on ground(?) level.

zTR_i3-16_*: Quoting description: "Terith Manor - castle of an important family of Indoril nobles. Formerly known as T3, but not a watch tower any more." But it looks more like a town within a town; it is too big for a reasonable manor, and many parts don't really belong into a manor. The communal beds in the basement are still reminiscent of a watchtower. The chests by the beds (TR_m3_cont_pos_i3-16) make no sense; and they were specially made for this claim! Technically well-made, though.

zTR_i3-173_*: WAY too much unused space in all of these, even on the bookshelves.

zTR_i3-174: Nice cactei, but way too little useful stuff in there, despite the 273 references.

zTR_i3-175: One in_MH_int_column_01 caspers near ceiling. Nice int, despite of noticeable rich/poor mixing (I'd explain it away by saying that these people don't throw away their old stuff).

zTR_i3-176: Some kind of arms merchant (fletcher according to i3-177 claim description). No living space. Not bad.

zTR_i3-177: Supposedly the home of the i3-176 merchant. Weird waste of space, particularly on the second floor (stabilizing walls should rather be on the ground floor). Needs work, but is a good start.

zTR_i3-178: Missing OOT bed and probably more. An alchemist who has mostly bargain and cheap potions on display, but uses rich middle class furniture. A pity, since the int looks quite nice.

zTR_i3-179: Com rugs (along with de ones). This is a bookseller's house and shop, but for some reason there is no food and no dining table. Other than that, good.

zTR_i3-17_*: Another manor that doubles as an armory. 5 beds are too few for such a manor, I think. Ownership betrays the origins of the arrangement of items on a shelf, although there seem to be only few items copied (or all others have been de-owned). Not bad altogehter, but not great or something, and probably not very useful.

zTR_i3-180: Apparently a weaver lives and works here; but if so, why the unusually dim light settings? Also, the empty planters are strange; OOT items missing? A bit too little clutter, too.

zTR_i3-182: Claim description: "a small shop. Sells lamps and candles, as well as silverware and forks, spoons and kitchen knifes (use Objects of Tamriel!). No basement, no living quarters." I wouldn't want to buy a burning candle, though. Nice cell, although not extraordinary or something.

zTR_i3-183: Claim description: "Assassin supplies shop. Short swords, daggers and light armor. Guarded well." Nothing remarkable and nothing that couldn't be done in half an hour of messing around.
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Developer Emeritus
27 Apr 2010

Location: Somewhere in Tamriel

the current linked i3-25 is old and needs to be replaced by Yeti's.
And that's how you get to Llama School.
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Lead Developer
04 Oct 2010

Location: substitutional world

Part 2

Note: When I say "undercluttered", it is (1) my personal opinion and (2) possibly due to OOT references being lost.

zTR_i3-184 Taythionis *: In the "Suite", an in_MH_door_02 has 0 lock. NPC in Castle probably needs to be axed. Also, "Castle" is a strange word for "library". If this is a guesthouse for rich people or a venue for high-end meetings, why the vault and the attic? Otherwise it seems to be quite well-done. Not sure if it fits the new ext, though. If not, most of it can probably be reused for noble manors. "Chapel" uses a vanilla quest item (misc_lw_bowl_chapel).

zTR_i3-185: Rich-ass alchemist lives here. Nice house.

zTR_i3-186-Ind, *: Claim description: "Sarethan Quarter - Ordinators prison complex". The Lower and Upper Tower actually don't say "prison" at all except for the occasional prison books, and are quite lush a living space for ordinators. On the other hand, they might have a use for more clutter (even though they would be even lusher that way). Could be the offices of one of the ordinator orders. I don't see any problems with this int.

zTR_i3-187-Ind Drora Manor*: com rug in "Dining Room" (however, used as blanket). Seems a well-designed but undercluttered manor to me. Technically good, although it might need some more "soul".

zTR_i3-188 Fine Clothier: furn_de_r_table_07 floats. Ground floor could probably do with a chair. Other than that, nice one.

zTR_i3-189-Ind: Claim description: "A luxurious manor, owned by a minor noble family. Basement. Houses servants, too." Bedrooms are severely undercluttered. I don't see much luxury. There are many books here, but only 1 quill and 1 inkwell, so it's not like this place is inhabited by scholars devoid of mundane needs.

zTR_i3-18_*: There is no claim thread, but I am rather positive that this is a mansion of a high-profile Indoril alchemist (who even got a contract from Helseth). It's designed like a stronghold minus the military part, and I think it's well-designed. Also the clutter is good and the place feels useful. Another question whether we can use it... It doesn't have to be in Almalexia, btw; we might put it somewhere in the fields west of it (which Nemon will have to redo anyway, given that they are sucky GL right now).

zTR_i3-19-Ind Clothier: Generic, not very tasteful.

zTR_i3-190-ind: Chair blocks passage. Small bookseller, quite well-done.

zTR_i3-191: in_MH_door_02 bleeds through light_de_lamp_01 when opened. Weird use of columns in horizontal position, at least one of them caspering. Only one bed, so claim description ("A manor, owned by a family of Indoril officers.") is not satisfied. Also, bk_formygoodsandemperor in Indoril house. in_MH_wall_01 caspers on the left of the front door (when you enter the building). I like the planters at the entrance, but other than that I don't like much here.

zTR_i3-192-Ind: Obvious hole in the wall. The ingredients on top of the baskets don't look like they make much sense to me (they'd just annoy IRL), and the baskets block the passage to the bar. TR_m3_com_chest_02_skoo bleeds through rug and shouldn't be there (this is an alchemist's shop, not a drug dealer's nest).

zTR_i3-193-Ind, Animal Shop: Claim description: "A larger shop, selling trained animals. No living quarters, just a basic shop. Use the smwall statics to create pens and cells." Nice idea, although the space is probably not enough for most animals, or do they sell scribs and pack rats? A guar could fit in there but I don't think it would like it in there, or even be usable after that kind of treatment. I'd also add more flowers. Don't be fooled: I like this int and would very much want to see it improved.

zTR_i3-194-ind: Two books bleeding into each other in the basement, impossible not to notice. Quill pen floating over inkwell (magnetism?). misc_de_fishing_pole bleeds through shelf. More problematically, this is a low-tier shop (look at the wares) but full of de_r furniture.

zTR_i3-195: "A small shop, selling cheap weapons" according to claim description. That's ok, but I'd like to see more of these weapons on display (in particular, arrows and stuff like that). Fine otherwise.

zTR_i3-196-Ind: Floating misc_soulgem_lesser. "A small shop, selling enchanted clothings" by claim description. For some reason, the clothing it sells is high-end, despite the de_p furniture and the small size of that thing. Some belts bleed into shelves. TR_m3_mda_stumble_shirt misses icon. Claim contains several new enchanted clothing objects (TR_m3_mda_*) which need at least their names improved, but partly also their balancing re-examined (the telekinesis one might make things too easy for the player). TR_misc_com_fp_broom bleeds through floor.

zTR_i3-197-Ind: Claim description: "A larger shop and inside garden. A somewhat mad gardener raises all kinds of morrowindian herbs and sells them. He also makes potions, but isn't quite skilled in this - use them with caution." I don't understand why he has to be mad; planters are quite a commodity in MW. I like the int, but please add some potions.

zTR_i3-198: Shop selling armor and weapon, but only iron. Nevertheless, de_r furniture all around. I could understand this if he had a forge in there, but he hasn't. Nothing particularly remarkable here.

zTR_i3-199: Another ironsmith, but not sure if this is a shop (although claim description says "A small shop selling arms and armor."). What I'm sure of is that this has floaters and bleeders.

zTR_i3-2: One furn_de_r_chair_03 slightly bleeds into a wall. Connected with zTR_i3-3 by a door. Seems to be a manor, and not a bad one.

zTR_i3-3: Floating furn_de_r_wallscreen_02 (at least 3 of them). Connected with zTR_i3-2 by a door. Seems to be a manor, and not a bad one (although i3-2 feels more inhabited).

zTR_i3-20-Ind, *: There are only two parts: "zTR_i3-20-Ind, 2 Saint Nerevar Lodge" and "zTR_i3-20-Ind, 3 Adamant Flower Inn", but that's right; #1 was a different claim. Quoting the unhelpfully confusing claim thread: "Building #2 is the Saint Nerevar Lodge. Originally a proper inn/tavern kind of thing, the owner has since decided to lease his rooms out to wealthy or connected Indoril retainers. It still boasts a bar popular with rich Indorils even though the prices are through the roof. Building #3 is the Adamant Flower Inn. Not a wealthy establishment like the Lodge, it is nevertheless still a good place to get drunk and stay for the night. It is popular with less wealthy Indorils." Saint Nerevar Lodge is quite nice, although a "sc_paper plain" is floored too hard and bleeds with the desk. Adamant Flower Inn feels undercluttered, even for a poor place.

zTR_i3-201: 2x2 and full of skooma. Looks like a house of a skooma addict after an ordinator raid, but where did he hide all that skooma before? light_com_lantern_02_200_Boat used in horizontal position, which is quite absurd (that lantern has the Float script). Axe, I assume?

zTR_i3-204: Apparently a potter's shop. If you enter this int, the in_MH_int_column_01 at your left caspers at the ceiling (and so does that to your right). misc_de_lute_01 bleeding through floor. Not much of value here, I fear.

zTR_i3-207: Claim description: "Jeweler, selling cheap to expensive jewelry". Not bad, but nothing remarkable either. Possibly some jewelry from OOT has been lost.

zTR_i3-208: Cartographer's shop. Uses TR_furn_com_tapest_map (map of the Empire), which might not make him very popular in Almalexia. Not bad, though.

zTR_i3-209: See the discussion in the claim thread. It may be a trader with an unhealthy passion for table stabbing, but surely not a butcher. Nothing valuable here.

zTR_i3-21: Nice single-floor apartment complex.
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04 Oct 2010

Location: substitutional world

Part 3

zTR_i3-211: Small manor, nicely done. The use of a feather as a key and of the altar as a container for skooma might be inappropriate, though.

zTR_i3-212-Ind: Again, quill pen floats over inkwell. bk_LivesOfTheSaints bleeds with stuff. The int feels barren, almost as its inhabitants are in the middle of moving out (particularly given the amount of crates in there).

zTR_i3-22: General store. A bit too little goods for my tastes.

zTR_i3-23: Expensive inn with footbath. Very nice geometry; I'd much like to keep this.

zTR_i3-24: One In_MH_door_02 bleeds with rug when opened. Manor. Nice, but not extraordinary.

zTR_i3-247, 1 Olvirith Residence: This Olvirith must have a passion for cushions and living underground. in_MH_wall_01 should be moved a bit so that it doesn't casper when you look at the stairway from its lower end. Not sure about the aesthetics of this one.

zTR_i3-247, 2 Drelo Residence: Kinda neat.

zTR_i3-247, 3 Ilthrasi Olari's House: Flooded cellar, neatly done.

zTR_i3-247, 4 Trinath Dero's House: Like the other i3-247 ints, this one has a bit too much tableware, but other than that, pretty nice.

zTR_i3-247, 5 Androval Residence: One flora_grass_05 bleeds through planter. Nice, but nothing special here.

zTR_i3-247, 6 Fedorith Manor: In_MH_door_01 weirdly cut off by floor. Not very interesting, but don't trust me.

zTR_i3-248-Ind #8: Fairly regular, might do with more chests (as this is a rich one).

zTR_i3-250: Fun bed, has something gothic about it. Nice int, too.

zTR_i3-253: Manor. One inhabit collects expensive clothing and enchanted items (de_r_closet_01_nermarc). Other than that, don't know what to say. It's not bad, but nothing extraordinary either. I'm repeating myself: One In_MH_door_02 bleeds with rug when opened. That very rug bleeds a bit with the wall.

zTR_i3-255 #15: misc_de_lute_01 completely misplaced. So is BookSkill_Alchemy5. So does quill pen. "sc_paper plain" bleeds with limeware platter. active_de_r_bed_06 bleeds into rug. But it's a nice int, and has some fun ideas.

zTR_i3-256: Light_Fire_NoSmoke_128 should probably be deleted. Fine and nonstandard pub interior. Ceterum censeo, TR_bk_HandbookDevout is still a piece of shit.

zTR_i3-257-Ind: bk_ConsolationsOfPrayer floats, possibly due to lost OOT book underneath. More importantly, wrong tiles are used, leaving a hole in the ceiling and a partly invisible column. in_MH_int_column_01 caspers into lower floor. light_de_candle_02_64 floats. Probably not worth keeping, although the furn_de_tray_01 behind the bed is a nice idea.

zTR_i3-258: "alchemist, herb seller and butcher" by claim description. de_p rotation used only in rare cases; this is not something I'd notice ingame, but it means that there won't be much work lost if we axe this. Doors bleeding into rugs again. Not much in the way of aesthetics.

zTR_i3-26: Axe the fucking diary with the fucking axe. TR_w_ebony_dagger might not belong here. Anyway, the whole int might not be worth keeping anyway. Please do look at it, though; I might not be understanding it.

zTR_i3-260: Missing de_p rotation leads to numerous floaters, some visible ingame. furn_de_p_bench_03 floats. Nothing remarkable.

zTR_i3-261-Ind: In_MH_door_02 bleeds through lamp. Not sure about the purpose of the int; an informal gathering space? Nothing of significance here, but the work isn't bad.

zTR_i3-27: Okay. Add some more stuff near entrance?

zTR_i3-282 *: The Morag Tong guildhouse. Some parts, particularly the basement, are severely undercluttered, but the rest looks quite uninhabited as well. Does the Morag Tong really need a tavern in their guildhouse, and if so, why must there be so little food in it? Also, com rug detected. The tower is interesting, but the rest is meh.

zTR_i3-293 #14 Suicide House: The inhabitant must have killed himself from boredom.

zTR_i3-293 #8 Arms Dealer: z-fighting columns on both sides of the entrance. Too undetailed. (Copypasting the same thing over and over doesn't count as detailing.)

zTR_i3-294 15, Tavern (the Golden Golbet): Creative and nice int. Axe the NPC. Maybe clutter the bar at the middle floor a bit more.

zTR_i3-294 2, Apartment Building: Pointless in_MH_int_column_01's z-fight with existing columns from the in_MH tiles, but on the other hand an in_MH_int_column_01 on another spot is missing. Nice building otherwise.

zTR_i3-294 6, Apartment Building: Nice building, too (I imagine some mercenaries living here), but there's an obviously misplaced in_MH_int_wall_01 tile (along with a doorframe and a window).

zTR_i3-29: *: Welldone. Apartment block with 3 rooms.

[zTR_i3-3 see above.]

zTR_i3-31, Clothier: Low-tier clothing shop. Again, good job, and de_p rotation done right as far as I can tell. My only issue is that there should be some food and drinks and maybe some more tableware. This is not the kind of person who can afford eating at taverns every day.

Here is something I don't get: zTR_i3-32_East_2&3 is connected to TR_i3-32_East_0&1 by doors, but one of the ints has a z before it, whereas the other doesn't. Is this correct?
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Here is something I don't get: zTR_i3-32_East_2&3 is connected to TR_i3-32_East_0&1 by doors, but one of the ints has a z before it, whereas the other doesn't. Is this correct?

I'm not sure, they were not linked by me, and the ones marked with z are not supposed to be in use according to the list of Aeven, who I assume is the one who linked them.

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I believe this is a part of an interior that I chopped up. One part was simply storage and used a separate static on the outside. The larger part was kept.
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Short Overview of Almalexia

So before we end up making Almalexia again, let's first figure out what we want it to be.

Nemon's new Almalexia looks absolutely great. Everyone agrees on this. Some people, including myself, have problems with the very big towers and huge ramps (we rebuilt Almalexia to solve exactly this issue), but that problem can be fixed up without a lot of work.

I'm leaving the exact details of what to alter in Nemon's exterior to others. What I want to achieve with this post is simply to establish a feel and a look for certain areas of the city before we fill them up with (existing) interiors and end up having to make sense of it afterwards.

At the onset of this discussion, a couple of rules:

Rule #1: If it's got Ordinator in the name, you're probably doing it wrong.
No longer shall "Ordinator" be our filler. If it's a big building and we don't know what to do with it, it either needs to be removed or get some unique purpose. There will be no more Ordinator Barracks, Ordinator Storehouses (??) or Ordinator Indoor Carting Tracks.

Rule #1: If it hasn't got Ordinator in the name, but it's religious, you might still be doing it wrong.
"Monastery" is the other eternal fall-back. Got plenty of them already. Got more than plenty of things named after saints already, especially those twelve. We can think of better things.

[Updated and moved a few posts down.]


 Filename:  almalexiafullwithgrid.jpg
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Part 4

One note in advance: when I say "clutter", I mean all kinds of clutter, not just the useless/filler one. Several ints seem to have more than enough empty bottles, pots, redware, vials etc., but very little valuable things like weapons, potions, scrolls, enchanted items, ingredients etc.. Note that these things can range from very cheap to very expensive, so there is always a way to make them fit the social class of the inhabitant.

zTR_i3-32_East_2&3: Guards live here? Missing OOT beds. Loooots of them. in_MH_int_corner_01 caspers near door to 4&5 int. Nothing really interesting here.

zTR_i3-32_East_4&5: Ah, a guard tower? Anyway, this one is better. There are missing beds again, though.

zTR_i3-32_East_6&7: Weird to use a furn_de_p_table_06 in a de_r int. p_cure_poison_s floats. Otherwise, nothing special.

zTR_i3-32_West_2&3 Dancing Sword: I am surprised, since this one is linked (both ways, except that the door on the outside is submerged in the building shell). The door to the Immigration Office (TR_i3-32_West_0&1) doesn't make much sense. This being an inn on the less cheap side, add more clutter (books, chests) to the guest rooms?

zTR_i3-32_West_4&5: Ordinator/guard dormitory (again, missing beds) and dining room. Being connected to the Dancing Sword Inn ("zTR_i3-32_West_2&3 Dancing Sword"), this could be repurposed as the extension of the latter (just remove the armor). It's also connected to zTR_i3-32_East_4&5, though.

zTR_i3-32_West_6&7: More Chuzei armor atop missing OoT beds -- can you guess what this is? This one is probably too obvious to be reused out of the ordinator context. In_MH_door_02 bleeds through sack when opened.

zTR_i3-35 #1: Furn_Planter_MH_03 and flowers bleed through floor. Same for flora_plant_04 and furn_de_r_chair_03. Generally I like very little in this int, except for the bookshelf.

zTR_i3-35 #2: Missing beds and Chuzei armor again. Some battle training going on here apparently. TR_w_silver_mace bleeds into chest. de_p rotation missing. If we want to reuse this, we can remove the hints of ordinators/guards and make this a small fight club, but do we want it?

zTR_i3-36, 1 - TG - Three Cauldrons Inn: Waaaaaay too barren (random crates and barrels with stuff that has nothing to do with an inn don't count).

zTR_i3-36, 12 - Three Healers: Feels quite barren, too. FFS people are supposed to be living here. The many empty(!) bottles and flasks don't help. NPCs who are dealing with flameeater robes and greater soul gems should have more stuff lying around.

zTR_i3-36, 3 - Seedy Strip Joint (Blue Moon Club): Now that's a stupid name for an inn. in_MH_int_column_01 missing. Unsurprisingly given the rest of this claim, there is a serious dearth of clutter (a bed and a pillow don't make a guestroom).

zTR_i3-36, 5 - Criminals Manor: Again, this one IS linked. This could use some more clutter (not as badly as the other i3-36 ints, though), but less empty bottles and cushions. For example, planters, weapons, armor, potions (the invisibility/sneak/personality kind of, given the purpose of this int), alch apparatus (skooma making?), gold, scrolls could all have their use here.

zTR_i3-36, 7 - Nice Manor: What does the name tell us about the other parts of this claim? Missing column again. Weird amount of tableware here. I agree, this int is nice, but it could use more useful items.

zTR_i3-37_*: Gate towers, shared by guards and bureaucrats. I don't see anything interesting here. Weapons in zTR_i3-37_SouthSecondlevel tend to lack de_p rotation. Storage spaces look annoyingly repetitive even if they aren't.

zTR_i3-38 Ind: Standard guardtower in de_p style. Too many containers (and too little other stuff) if you ask me.

zTR_i3-387-Ind: Nice ideas, really good ground floor. Basement could need some work (has a barren feel, due to too many identical containers).

zTR_i3-388: Very nice.

Coursework is calling.
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I'm concerned about the feasibility of creating an interior to match the twisted design noticed center-right here:

Forum Administrator & Data Files Manager

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Kowloon? That's not all one interior and the least of my worries.
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Part 5

zTR_i3-4: Weaponsmith house with forge in the basement. Maybe the forge shouldn't be burning when the NPC is on the ground floor. furn_de_bar_02 microscopically caspering through floor. In_MH_door_02 bleeds through rug when opened. Floating misc_com_basket_01, through which ingred_bread_01 bleeds. Nothing extraordinary, although it feels cozy.

zTR_i3-41_*: Watchtower with weapons depot and training area, hence probably useless. In_MH_door_02 bleeds through rug when rotated in Upper part of the int.

zTR_i3-42 1: de_p shop with way too little assortment.

zTR_i3-42 2: de_p store selling some items which I'd consider a bit too good for de_p, including some custom enchanted ones (TR_i3-42*). Caspering between two Furn_de_Bar_01's. de_p rotation mostly missing (misc_de_basket_01 floats).

zTR_i3-42 3: See claim thread. Looks very much like office space, so it should be used as such if used at all. Nothing remarkable here; I'd call it outright boring.

zTR_i3-42 4: Some kind of storage, full of crates, barrels and redware.

zTR_i3-42 5: Office space. Maybe it's me getting tired, but I find this boring. The dozens of repetitive ledgers and books don't help.

zTR_i3-43: Looks like rentable space (surely not a manor, since there are way too many dining tables for the size of this thing). Several references float near entrance, probably due to missing OOT objects. I'm repeating myself, but... boring.

zTR_i3-44: Not clear what this is. Caspering in_MH_doorjamb_02. Quite a lot of unsystematic clutter (that's OK; NPCs can be disorderly).

zTR_i3-45: Small manor. Nothing wrong, but nothing remarkable either except the raised part left of the entrance. Can't say it's done very well; I'm also missing valuable items other than clothing and that one book.

zTR_i3-46: Several apartments including both de_r and de_p ones. I don't like the clutter (it places too much emphasis on drinks and corresponding vessels). Missing de_p rotation, particularly obvious on the alchemist's table (where are his potions, btw?). If this isn't clear, I'm not a big fan of this one.

zTR_i3-47: What does this one sell? Tableware? Again, misc_de_basket_01 makes lack of de_p rotation obvious.

Not much done today, sorry.
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New WIP.
NE ramp totally reramped, most of it deleted and replaced with landscape road winding up the hills towards the boardwalk.

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Part 6

Another note to those who are going to fix these: When I say "needs more clutter", please try to add as much TR clutter as possible (as opposed to vanilla clutter), first and foremost for the sake of variety (we don't use it even half as often as it should), secondly because some of these ints lost some of their TR objects due to the upgrade from OOT to TR_data (so they have a very high bias towards vanilla clutter right now).

zTR_i3-49: Tavern, apparently. Neat idea with the double bar, but I wish it was realized by scaling down the bars rather than letting them bleed into the floor. Other than this, nothing peculiar here. There should be more drinks and less empty bottles. This is a de_r place, so it shouldn't feel that unprovided.

zTR_i3-5: Home and workplace of an alchemist. Quite nice (I wish we could keep this), but pretty impractical: Objects block passage in two places, and the nonstandard architecture (two staircases where one would be enough) waste much space in this already small house. I really hope this can be somewhat improved. Also, add some weapons/armor maybe.

zTR_i3-50-Ind, *: Tower with treasury. Boring as shit, and buggy too (door and doorframe at wrong position; another door bleeds through stuff when opened). The only nice thing here is the flowerbed across the first room of the Lower Tower; copypaste it into an int that deserves it better?

zTR_i3-51-Ind, Guard Tower: Dwarf-sized TR_act_de_bed_01's (scale 0.83). Moreover, they bleed through floors occasionally. Well, it's not like we need guard towers anyway.

zTR_i3-52-Ind, Guard Tower: Another guard tower with, like, nothing remarkable *at all*. Except of com rugs used as tablecloths.

zTR_i3-53_*: Another pointless guard tower.

zTR_i3-54_1 Abbey of St Delyn*: For an abbey, this is quite a letdown (too small and partly too barren). The entrance room is nice, though.

zTR_i3-54_2 Apartment Building : Very nice planter on ground floor. For some reason, the upper floor is boring, as if the claimaint had run out of ideas by then.

zTR_i3-54_4 Alchemist: OK, but where are his potions?

zTR_i3-54_5 Drunken Scamp: Serious lack of clutter (containers don't count!) makes this feel very barren. Also, is this an inn or a pub? The name sounds like a pub. But there is a room, probably rentable, on the upper floor...

zTR_i3-54_6 Writer's Mansion: This one is linked! Floating TR_sc_blank_scroll. IMHO, the crates on the ground floor aren't good for the atmosphere (I generally tend to associate crates with warehouses rather than with mansions...), and I generally wish this one had less containers and more clutter. What is a writer without some good weapons and armor? Imprudent, I'd say.

zTR_i3-54_7 Mansion: Somewhat undercluttered, otherwise fine.

zTR_i3-54_8 House: Too little property for de_r.

zTR_i3-55 Sleeping Quarters: Boring guard tower.

zTR_i3-55-Ind: Lower part of the same tower. furn_de_rug_big_06 floats, and so does the chair nearby. Anyway there is hardly anything worth keeping here.

zTR_i3-57, Western Gate, *: Guard/bureaucracy tower complex. Nothing interesting here, but then again what should be interesting in such a place? The door from the Guards' Quarters to the North Tower should not be locked, as it is an exit door. Anyway, this one is linked!

zTR_i3-612 Great House Embassy, *: Somewhat bland for such a purpose. Would be well-done if this was a noble family's manor.

zTR_i3-7: Quite okay. Hole in the ceiling near in_MH_int_column_01 at 4224, 3904, 15104. Hole in the ceiling near in_MH_int_column_01 at 3456, 3904, 15104. As usual: add more useful clutter, even if these are poor.

zTR_i3-78: Add a table, some food and some tableware (and more clutter if you wish) and this one will be fine.

zTR_i3-79: Bath house. Feels rather barren, but no idea how to improve.

zTR_i3-8: WTF? Also, several other things float and bleed into each other. Probably not worth fixing, as it's easier to make a new int. Axe.

zTR_i3-80: Abbey of St. Olms. Back from the times where bleeding was thought to be a substitute for de_p rotation. Looks nice generally, but needs more clutter (books, of all things; this is an abbey) to feel inhabited.

zTR_i3-81: Abbey of St. Felms. Looks like a boring copy of the St. Olms one; really nothing to see here. TR_bk_RuhnAniaALMSIVI bleeds into bed.

zTR_i3-82-Ind, Barracks: As exciting as the name suggests. tr_ex_ind_s_wall04 above the entrance looks very moddy. Other than that, not bad, but filler.

zTR_i3-83: Nothing against Massey, but this one needs de_p rotation. Also, I'd say it needs more stuff for the trader to trade with (the second floor could use some more furniture, too). Otherwise, fine.

zTR_i3-84-ind: Very nice manor, which I'd like to keep. But why misc_skull10 ("Servant's Skull")? Needs food containers (no crates, please) and a few more useful items like weapons.

zTR_i3-85-ind: Fairly mediocre. Description: "A shop selling common items and some good deals. Owned by a rich nobleman that was kicked out of his house by a mad wife, so he started this shop." Ground floor could use a chair. The chest would look better if on floor, while the shelf could be filled with other stuff.

zTR_i3-87: 459 references but feels completely abandoned. Doorjamb caspering. Probably supposed to be a guard tower, so it's not like we could use this one either way.

zTR_i3-88 *: Yaaaaawn another straightforward guardtower. TR_cont_basket_01 bleeding through floor.

zTR_i3-9: Apartment block. My usual rant about lack of useful clutter applies (well, there is ONE scroll), but this one isn't bad or something.

zTR_i3-90 *: Multi-int claim containing the Mages Guild, the Fighters Guild and a "Bank of Tamriel". The latter is boring and doesn't look like a bank anyway (the lore implications of a "Bank of Tamriel" left aside). The Mages Guild looks more like an enchantment shop, and yes, it's lacklustre and bland as well. The Fighters Guild is undercluttered. Well, it was clear anyway that we will have to redo the guilds...

zTR_i3-91, *: This is mostly about storage. The Lower Tower is architecturally nontrivial and quite fun to explore! tr_ex_ind_s_wall04 at 4224, 4224, 13632 caspers, though. The Upper Tower is the usual guards-and-vaults stuff, however, and contains nothing of interest. I very much hope that we can find a use for the Lower Tower, and make the door that leads to the Upper Tower open onto a balcony.

zTR_i3-94: de_p store. No lack of clutter or wares this time, but lack of de_p rotation (most of the time, not really noticeable). Add chair to ground level. Nothing special, but not bad.

zTR_i3-96: Another de_p misc store, too small to make sense IMHO. No de_p rotation, as usual (witness the flying misc_com_redware_platter).

zTR_i3-97_01: Sketchy de_p bar. Needs more drinks, I'd say, and consequently more shelves for them. I don't see any de_p rotation here, but I can't find any floaters/bleeders visible ingame.

That's it. Not much of value was lost in total, but I'm rather disappointed; does this mean that the other interiors in this region (Othrensis and surroundings) are of similarly... mixed quality?
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Location: Celibacy

Doubtful; I think Almalexia interiors were made much earlier than the rest of the region.
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[06/19/2012 04:15AM] +Cat table stabbing is apparently a really popular sport in morrowind

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Location: Adelaide, Australia

That, and making them had been one hell of a chore that lasted a considerable amount of time.
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22 Jan 2006

I updated the information in my previous post, but because I'm attaching a new map and the information might get overlooked, I'm going to post the finished version here.


The following is a list of ideas and inspiration sources for Almalexia. Though it contains some ideas for exterior work, it also looks ahead a little bit towards the NPCing and questing stages, in order to give the whole city a coherent feel.

The numbers in the following text refer to the attached map. The colored areas indicate the various proposed neighborhoods, though these need not correspond to cells. Dialogue goes a long way too.

1 “The Projects”

Name needed

Generally poor area. Has a long history of showy Indoril charity. The western part is windy and cramped. A few small shops and housing. Food handouts by shrines. Other ideas are encouraged. The big blocks in the eastern part were funded by Indoril nobility to provide cheap (but naturally poorly maintained housing) for the poor. The Mother's Embrace (working title) was constructed long ago in a similar way as a “shrine for the masses”. Remember that among well-off Indoril, charity is considered extremely debonair.

2 The docks

Name needed – yes, they're docks, but in dialogue they could always use something more local and colorful

Warehouses. The shadier bars. Camonna Tong presence here and there. Gambling dens and similar establishments. Other ideas are encouraged.


Name needed

Mostly middle-class residential. The podium in the middle is not for typical hellfire-and-damnation preaching, because that's not a Dunmer thing:

[17:05] <Why> in that case, a place for public discussion of the applications of tribunal doctrine to every day life?
[17:05] <Why> not *if* they should be applied, but *how*, mind you

Other ideas are encouraged.


Name needed

Why and I feel the little horseshoe-shaped area seems a little odd. Who'd want to live there? Suggestion: flatten out and connect it to the Sarmoon terraces. Make the top a sort of lookout area, and relocate the two statues that are now jutting out of the side of the rock somewhat awkwardly to the scenic ends of the horseshoe.

At the entrance to Mournhold, these statues should ideally depict Almalexia in her welcoming, motherly aspect, rather than her terrible, warrior queen look. I'll see if I can make something unique looking without too much effort.

The ramp here is awfully steep. 45 degrees. It doesn't really look like anything a human being should be able to climb without great effort. Maybe replace it with stairs?

Other ideas are encouraged.


Name needed

The imperial guilds are located here because... their signs are here. Well, there isn't really a more fitting location, so we'll work with that I guess.

By decree of the king (or one of his predecessors), this area was redeveloped as a “center for the promotion of Imperial commerce and its refreshing contributions to the economy of the province of Morrowind”. The area houses a number of foreign businesses, which don't do too well, but are kept afloat by the royal bureaucracy, which upsets some of the local traders and other powers, both and legal and less legal. Other ideas are encouraged.

Probably something shady or very squalorous in the roofed canal under here.


Name needed

Seems weird how this pretty half-connected island doesn't have much of a background yet. Currently its only resident of note is that purple poet Horatio Gargonath. Seems too much of a prime location to go to a foreigner just like that. Nice interior on that one, though. Ideas are encouraged.

7. Strider hub – included in this list for no particular reason


Name needed

No particular destination yet. Can potentially be merged with 5, but then not all of it should follow the description of 5. Largely commercial judging from the current interiors. Can perhaps be competition for 5.


Name needed

This neighborhood is the fashionable and ravenously expensive cultural heart of Almalexia, the place where Morrowind thinks the highest of itself. (Largely rightfully so. Make sure that the following is not -mostly- understood as a parody on stuck-up aristocracy.) Cultural venues. Some aristocratic mansions. (It's a privilege much sought after to call the Alma Rula your neighbor.)
If you're anyone at all in the city, you show your face here on a regular basis. If you're big, you show your face atop a palanquin. This is where you go if you're rich and you want a night out. This is where you go if you're getting a good education. Stuff you'll find here:

- The St. Delyn Academy of Triune Law:
Following the example of St. Delyn, the students of the academy are scholar-jurists, schooled in law and ethics under the Tribunal faith. They often also occupy themselves with studies of textual interpretation and religious questions. It attracts many of its students from House Indoril.

- The Conservatory:
A grand school for the study of music, dance, poetry and other arts. Receiving rich funds from House Indoril, the temple and various other institutes, the Conservatory's alumni are highly respected and count some of the country's most renowned artists, past and present, among their number.

- The Zhigat-Sora:
Zhigat-Sora is a mixture of stylized theatre, dance, music and acrobatics native to the city of Almalexia. The expensive shows that the (eponymous) theatre puts on are popular among (and virtually exclusive to) the city's elite. Apart from entertainment, they provide important socializing opportunities. The Zhigat-Sora is not to be confused with the vacuous Imperial plays sometimes performed in the poor quarters. The performances generally have philosophical undertones and have a loosely defined set of stock characters that play out historical scenes or religious parables (not necessarily involving saints or Triunes). The performance area is in the middle of the room, surrounded by audience. The building itself is a grand example of Indoril architecture, with a magnificent performance hall, and a lavish lobby.

Notes for exterior: keep the general look, but make it more condensed, more organic, more alive, more lavish. More green. If at all possible, also loose some of the symmetry with the NW area.

Further ideas:

Keep the general Manhattany feel, but replace the large ramps with a more terraced look. Read discussion below for more info:

[16:00] <Why> so we d have this cultural park/plaza area with the Alma Rula and the other things you suggested
[16:00] <Why> but in the distance at the far side of it you see a fortress thingy
[16:01] <Adanorcil> mmm
[16:01] <Adanorcil> ok Idea
[16:01] <Adanorcil> This place kinda slopes up
[16:02] <Adanorcil> so a big flat park might be a little tricky
[16:02] <Adanorcil> but some people wanted hanging gardens anyway
[16:02] <Adanorcil> so why not there
[16:02] <Adanorcil> terraced garden park
[16:02] <Why> nice
[16:02] <Adanorcil> the fanciest real estate in town
[16:02] <Adanorcil> should give Nemon a run for his money too
[16:02] <Why> indeed
[16:02] <Adanorcil> and it probably offers a nice relief too

10. Ordinator fortress or something

Name needed

One of the headquarters of the Ordinators, conveniently close to the Alma Rula's home. Houses the headquarters of the various orders of the ordinators. This place should be made to look a little more military, but -Why stresses - should only look defendable at a cursory glance, mostly smoke and mirrors.

11. Kind of disconnected. Residential?

12. Islands of Orendeth and Orendavur

Another impressive feat of Indoril civic engineering, these twin water reservoirs provide most of Almalexia with clean water. They're the subject of some folklore, which I'm still working on.

13. A little underdeveloped. What to do with it?

14. Almalexia "Whitehall"

Name needed

The government center of Almalexia and, by extension, Morrowind. This is where the politics happen. Indoril traditionally provides the accommodations for political decision-making that requires input from across Morrowind and takes great pride in that (obviously advantageous) role. Since the Armistice, they also serve as the public face of Morrowind towards the Empire at large. Contains, among many others, the council hall of House Indoril and the Grand Ascendant's mansion, who clearly has a major part to play in all of this.

- Imperial Consulate: Headquarters for the Empire's dealings with the internal politics of Morrowind. The legions and the higher ranking officers tend to stick to the forts and Imperial charter towns, but armies alone don't cut it. There always need to be people to grease the gears and play the game the Morrowind way.

- Grand Council Hall (needs a much better name). A meeting hall where, in times of crisis, representatives from Morrowind's Houses and Temple, and a host of other dignitaries can debate. The king and Imperial diplomats also try to have a voice here, but do not always succeed.

14.5 Area being worked on by Nemon.

15. “Kowloon” area

Name needed

What's this going to be? Ideas needed. Needs some flavor to it. I personally feel it should be a little less isolated. While it fits the look of the place somewhat, the eastern half of the city (Taythionis island, Kowloon, etc.) is awfully comparmentalized compared to the western half.

16. Taythionis island (name should change)

Estate of the richest family in House Indoril. Taythionis often entertains the elite of Almalexia at lavish social events.

17 - That big ring around Mournhold: Sarmoon Terraces

Yes, it's not accessible right now. Here's a suggestion: make it so. (Though not with a humongous ramp. Try to make the southern ramp connect to it?)

These are the Sarmoon Terraces, the seaside of Almalexia. Scenic view. Prime recreation area. Everyone can go there, everyone goes there, rich and poor. Going full circle on a sunny afternoon is considered an afternoon well spent. Vendors, stalls, useless trinkets. Kids will nag their parents all week to get a wad of hackle-floss here.

Detailed Almalexia map with neighborhoods

 Filename:  detailedmap.jpg
 Filesize:  2.41 MB
 Downloaded:  108 Time(s)

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For #6, maybe replace one of the smaller structures with a large pagoda and a garden? The island could be kept open for public use as a park, maintained by the poet ...part of the reason why he is pretty much the only person who lives there.

Also, for #1, are you referring to what has been known as the Basilica of Almalexia's Grace when you say The Mother's Embrace?

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[06/19/2012 04:15AM] +Cat table stabbing is apparently a really popular sport in morrowind

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Both are names that have been floating around. Mother's Embrace is an infinitely better name than Almalexia's Grace though.
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30 Jul 2010

Is that a "Bridge here" message I see on the left?
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Location: Bergen

That is is.
Btw, the ramp is ca 32º, not 45. And it is like it is because carts are pulled up there with goods to Mournhold. Stairs would make that hard. Regarding the horse shoe area I really didn't have any good ideas for the small houses up there (seems odd to have such small houses at such a special place so I might replace them with other things.

Also, as Ada has adviced on IRC, no interiors listed as the new grand stuff exists from before, besides a few already linked ones. So I can have some fun then. I will kill off the NW ramp and make it more like the new terrace like area in NE, although it will be slightly more large structures than NE.

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Location: Groningen

As the person who built a large part of the 'Kowloon' area, I have some ideas about the place.

In my mind, it is built on the Old Mournhold base of a large fortress or palace. Currently, it is designed as an area of a close-knit, relatively poor Indoril supporters. As for the fact that is it somewhat disconnected, this has to do with its history as a place where the poor were located and 'closed off'.

I think a fitting name for the area could be Khalet Nardin.


A name for zone 3 (the harbour) could be "Orethas Marir"
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Location: PRAGUE

Or maybe it was first a fortress, than it became a temple of some pious religious order and they turned it into a lazaret for wounded soldiers. During an epidemy of some disease this became a large hospital for the poor affected by this plague. Now it is place for widows and orphanary (there are currently no childern Smile, only widows). Some old monk could give you a quide and tell you a history of this place. Maybe someone with better knowledge of lore could develop this into more detail.

#13: This could be some memorial garden.

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