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Rules and Guidelines

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In an effort to better run this project, here are some rules for the forum. These rules have always existed; they've just never been written down. Most of them are common sense, some of them are not. Some of them have been pulled from a hard to navigate section of our site so that everyone can be on the same page. If anyone feels the need to report something, [url=]here are the people you need to talk to.[/url] The following list is in order from the most severe infractions to the least severe:
  1. 1. There is to be no dealing, discussing, asking, mentioning, or directing towards of any hacks/pirated material of any type on this forum. We do not care if you are from a country which allows that type of thing, go and spend some money and get it legitimately, like the rest of us. We know some of you might not be trying to do it intentionally, or just not thinking straight, but realize that our butts are on the line, and there will be no allowance of it in any form.

    2. Any act of plagiarism on the TR forums, where a member posts content that is not of his or her own making, and claims that it is, is a bannable offense. No warnings will be given. TR thrives on creativity, and plagiarism is one of the most un-creative things a person can do.

    3. When posting, have some respect for your fellow posters. Sometimes arguments and debates can get a bit heated. A heated discussion can proceed without needless insults. Feel free to insult an idea, just not the person that made it. It is also of note that any insult to an idea should be in the form of constructive criticism.

    4. There is to be no [url=]flaming[/url], [url=]trolling[/url], or [url=]baiting[/url] on this forum.

    5. There is to be no discussion of politics or religion anywhere on the site. We tried to allow it in the past, and it didn't work. Those two topics invariably led to flame wars and fighting and the eventual closure of the Off-Topic Discussion forum altogether. It was reopened a while back and all has been good since. Any posts of this nature will be removed without warning.

    6. No backseat moderating. We have a fairly large group of moderators for just such a task, and it is their job to enforce forum policy and these rules. If anyone sees an infraction of a rule, it is a good bet that a moderator will see it too. We appreciate your desire to make this project a better place to work, but our small army of greens and blues can get the job done at their own discretion.

    7. Don't double post - edit your post instead (the button is next to 'reply with quote' at the bottom of your posts). If the thread is months old and you're the last poster, but you have something entirely new to bring up, its fine, but don't just post one post after another all at the same time. You can bump your showcase if its been at least two days - and if you have a claim you can bump it if you have some sort of notice or update about its status.

    8. Even more importantly, please don't respond when someone double posts to tell them not to double post. That's even more annoying and wasteful than the doubleposting itself! It could lead to a whole conversation about whether or not the double posting was justified or whether or not its your business telling them not to double post (see rule 6) and so on and so forth - its just all off-topic.

    9. Don't bump threads that are not claims or showcases. This is considered necromancy, and necromancers are not welcome in these parts. Feel free to post in old topics, yours or anyone else's, as long as you have something new to speak about on the same topic. But please don't reply to anything from a thread that isn't active anymore, if it hasn't been posted in in over a month, the conversation is probably over. Just remember to check the dates.

    10. If you have a question, use the search function first. It's the third link in the centered list at the top. If you can't find the answer that way, feel free to ask.
The administration of Tamriel Rebuilt reserves the right to add, detract, modify, or otherwise change these rules and their related disciplinary actions at any time. Please remember to re-read these from time to time to stay updated.

These rules are here for a very small number of posters that wish to cause trouble and should be common sense to anyone reading them. Let that be your guideline for everything in the future - common sense. Just behave sensibly and you should have no problem on this forum. If you'll just be polite and productive, we seriously doubt you'll have any problems here. We're a great group of people, and the fact that we as a project have went so long without these stands as a testament to our ability to work as a community.

If there is anything you should take away from this thread, it is just to use your common sense and to not be a jerk. If common sense tells you it would probably be okay to break a rule, then it probably is. We are not here to lord over you, we are here to make the best possible product we can.

Good luck and happy modding!
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