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08 Feb 2010

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Thread necromancy! Ignore this post, move or delete it if it's better suited elsewhere.

Malahk Orcs

What's the stance on the Malahk orcs of the Northern Velothis? If any discussion have been had at all.. I suggest three or four caves in the mountainous regions (so it's more Velothis than it's Uld Vraech, but I couldn't find a suitable thread), each with a group of more savage Orsimer than those you find hanging around Vvardenfell. Perhaps one tribe of 5-10 and two or three smaller tribes. Now I'm not talking Warhammer orcs, but here's what (semi-official) lore tell us about the Malahk orcs:

Interview with a Dark Elf:
And you haven't seen an Orc unless you seen a Malahk-Orc, which run screaming around the northern hills. They make the Orsinium lads look like sissies.

I remember reading more about tribes of Orcs living in the Velothis, but I can't find any other sources. Can someone help?

Anyways, as I wrote, I propose a few tribes. These should be hostile, high-level and savage. Perhaps see if we can borrow a few of SHOTN's Orsimer goodies, but I don't think it would be absolutely necessary. Another thing; if we wanted to, we could slightly upscale the Malahk orcs a bit, making them at least as tall as Nords and a bit more frightening to look at. Like this although I went a bit overboard here:


  1. It doesn't conflict with any lore
  2. It adds some diversity to the regional enemies
  3. It could do for some local folklore and rumours
  4. It makes for some basic Redoran/FG quests (Malakh orcs raiding a caravan - kill them and get the goods back, rescue a local mer taken hostage, kill a Malahk chieftain to secure a region and probably more, I'm no quest expert)

Please let me know what you think!
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Lead Developer
04 Jul 2009

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I like this idea, though I'm not so sure about the rescaling. Cave-dwelling orcs are also convenient because they don't require many exterior alterations. I'd keep them out of the Uld Vraech though, that region has enough going on already. They'd fit in better in the Velothi Mountains below it, I think.

On multiple tribes, I actually think one (larger) tribe would make more sense. Malahk makes a nice tribe name.

Do you think they'd be completely savage, or be civilized enough to deal with the natives in any way beyond eating them?

Edit: please make a thread for this in lore and quest discussion, concept art isn't really the right place to continue this, I realize now.
Edit2: actually scratch that, I forgot I have all these crazy moderator powers here. I'll do it.
Edit3: there, all done. Congrats on your own lore thread!
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08 Feb 2010

Location: Sea of Ghosts

Why wrote:
Congrats on your own lore thread!

Yay! Thanks.

The rescaling was just a random thought, I'm sure their savageness could be represented in some other way. Smile And yeah, I didn't think Uld Vraech either, caves in the Velothis sure! A single tribe could do, the name Malakh orcs must come from something beyond their Daedra-worship. But I still think they should be spread over several caves. I don't know just how savage they would be. Perhaps some of them could be reasoned with, although I'd like their dialogue to represent them as more primitive than your regular greenskin. It would be cool to represent them in the local lore, feared by both Dunmer and Nord and sometimes sought out as a trial for warriors. The natives in areas with Malakh orcs would warn you about straying from the main roads. And yeah they'd be cannibals! Or at least conceived to be..
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18 Oct 2003

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I support this idea of Orcs in the mountains from Kragenmoor and northwards. We have a ton of interesting locations.
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Andres Indoril
Senior Developer
13 Jan 2006

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I support this idea so I could make more in-cave settlements. Razz

"You guys are no fun, I'll start my own TR with dead children and toy guars!" -Why
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