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Local map: 5-13 Redoran village
Parent: 5-13-Red
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 Faction: House Redoran
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(-29, 4) #7 See local map. Home to someone with an unhealthy passion for booze. Uses de_p.
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06 Sep 2009

Location: Armun Ashlands, Morrowind

Probably my favorite character in this hamlet. Although proud of her Redoran heritage, she is one deviant floozy.... secretly, though.

If everyone in the hamlet all knew what #7 woman was having sex with other men in the hamlet, she would be kicked out of House Redoran, and probably killed. She's a sweet girl but doesn't live her life by the rules of Redoran; Duty, Gravity and Piety. She's rather tawdry and is someone who is proud to be in the House yet doesn't obey any of the rules when people aren't looking. She's not evil, she's just immature and likes to have fun when her husband is gone on a quest.

This dunmer woman is a Hierling in House Redoran, yet doesn't do any quests. She is living with her husband, a Retainer in House Redoran, whose job and majority of income is from questing. And he makes a decent amount of money from the assignments he gets. This woman has the i5-69 husband get her lots of alcohol when he makes his trips to Soluthis or Rift Pass market with the Hoomar's son.

This Hierling does do a little of this and a little of that, like weaving baskets and sewing socks or cooking, typical commoner stuff, etc...

When her husband is gone, she'll get to drinking and get to sleeping, that is, with either the lower ranking guard in the tower or the Huntsman in i5-68.

Living next door to i5-69, she and her two man-toys are often loud and obnoxious when her Retainer husband is gone, as drinking and sex tends to do.

The i5-69 couple know what is going on but they try to stay out of the affairs of their neighbors. This hamlet is the last settlement for those heading out of Morrowind into Skyrim, or the first for those leaving Skyrim and heading into Morrowind. There is a deep sense of pride here, not only by the inhabitants of the hamlet but of those travelers who come through. It's like a first impression for those crossing the border and the Redoran have a strong sense of pride for their heritage and culture. Thus, any drama or domestic violence or spousal abuse or adultery should be kept under the lid and out of the public's eyes.

i5-69 couple don't tell anybody about what is going on, not even to the high ranking members in the manor. However, that is not to say that the Player cannot learn of what is going on. But thus far, things are pretty calm as long as nobody spreads rumors, which is frowned upon by House Redoran any ways.

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10 Feb 2014

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06 Sep 2009

Location: Armun Ashlands, Morrowind

Claim is finished.
Created new item for the small gold chest: TR_key_m5-70_chest

I edited the description a little. I'd like for the NPCer to follow it as best they can. Her sleeping with the two other guys is only known by the i5-69 couple, and that's it. And even then, they wouldn't tell the Player right away because it's not something that is causing any trouble. It's just highly frowned upon, but since nobody else knows, the i5-69 couple don't want to stir up drama in the hamlet.

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10 Feb 2014

Off to review
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