Claim: i4-472-Hla Claimed by Bero
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Accurate map
Parent: 4-11-Hla
 Status: Final reviewing, 100% Complete
 Faction: House Hlaalu
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(0, -28 ) Hlaalu Outpost, Tower
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Author Message
26 Sep 2007

Location: Slovakia

Id like to claim this outpost (de_rm/de_p)
I guess 4 beds and 3 guards in tower, anything special?
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Lead Developer
17 Aug 2008

Location: Groningen

Granting. Nothing special in particular :)
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26 Sep 2007

Location: Slovakia

Completed Morrowind Interiors: 47
The trice sealed house withstands the storm.
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Lead Developer
17 Aug 2008

Location: Groningen

Off to review.
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Developer Emeritus
02 Feb 2005

Location: Kah-nah-duh


Fits exterior: Yes

Northmarker set: Yes
Loading errors: No

Review: Locked the room with the glass sword heavily. Will let someone else decide if we want one here. Other than that fixed a barrel that sank into the hook.

Comments Good stuff, recommending priority approval for ANT-South.



 Filename:  TR_i4-472-Hla_Bero_1.esp
 Filesize:  27.65 KB
 Downloaded:  78 Time(s)

"Idleness and lack of occupation tend - nay are dragged - towards evil."
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06 Sep 2009

Location: Armun Ashlands, Morrowind


Fits exterior: Yes

Northmarker set: Yes
Loading errors: No

This outpost protects the eggmine across the way and does regular patrols. The nearest settlement is Indal'Ruhn.

-Replaced de_p_closet_02_g1 with TR_de_p_closet_02_cloth. Even though this closet is in the Balmora and Suran guard towers, I feel that it has too much gold and armor for a small group of guards out in the middle of Thirr River Valley. Howver, I did leave the de_p_closet_02_g1 in the attic.
-barrel_01_ashyams bleeding into wall
-barrels on hooks are bleeding into wall, as are the barrels themselves bleeding into the hooks
-replaced a couple of the blue bottles with green and brown ones to break up the monotony.
-Added a few bottle corks to floor
-Lowered shelf on west wall. It's too high for Dark Elves, which I'm assuming are the NPCs that will be living here. It's pretty high for High Elves even.
-tr_misc_stn_pot_01 bleeding into redware plates
-Deleted one misc_com_redware_plate from shelf
-Replaced empty barrel in cart with TR open barrel and lid.

2nd level
-Replaced TR_furn_De_Rm statics with furn_de_p_ (5x) RM_ containers should be used for middle class or upper class or nobility
-Replaced TR_furn_De_Rm_Closet with de_drawers_02_fclothes9. This can be swapped out with a male clothing container if the NPCer is using male guards.
-Replaced TR_furn_De_Rm_Chest_pos with de_p_chest_02_pos3
-Deleted TR_furn_De_Rm_Drawers since there are already plenty of containers in here for 4 guards
-Moved tapestry away from wall a little
-flora_grass_01 bleeding into wall slightly
-Deleted furn_de_tray_01
-F'ed TR_cont_basket_01_food
-Locked chest_small_02_gold_05
-Replaced a few Mazte with Shein and Jagga
-Added utensils to table

3rd level
-Added pillow to bunk bed
-Added health to weapons/armor
-Replaced de_p_chest_02_fara1 with de_p_chest_02_fclothes3. fara1 chest has commemorative plates which guards would not have in their barracks.
-Moved lockpicks to upper shelf so they wouldn't be in such plain sight.
-F'ed TR_misc_dice
-Moved goblet over to small desk in between bunk beds.
-Deleted misc_de_pot_redware_02 on top bunk bed. The same object is already on the small desk.
-Moved stoneware jug from top bunk to floor since it's made of stone and weighs a lot. The boards on the top bunks would break over time.
-Deleted cookies. Cookies shouldn't be used for people or interiors that are set in the middle of the wilderness. They're better suited for interiors in towns where there are food merchants like bakers and cooks and taverns.
-Replaced bookskill_medium armor1 with TR_bk_PaintedPeoples_GD. Skillbooks are fine behind locked/trapped doors and such, especially if the owner is a professional of some kind. Using skillbooks in dungeons as rewards is good, too. But a guard outpost doesn't generally need skillbooks.
-Moved two bottles out from behind bed because they were hard to see and reach
-Locked de_p_chest_02_gold_50 at level 50
-Locked de_p_chest_02_pos4 at level 15
-Replaced de_p_chest_02 with de_p_chest_02_fclothes3
-Removed 90 level lock from the trapdoor that leads to the top level room. There is no need to lock a trap door in their barracks that leads to the next level up.
-Added inkwell and feather pen
-Moved com_sack_02_thief to 4th floor. I'm assuming this was confiscated from bandits
-Created TR_key_m4-472_chest to unlock all the chests. It's hidden behind the stoneware pot.

4th level/attic
-Moved jug and bottle that were behind two barrels.
-Repositioned TR_furn_ladder_02 to connect to ceiling trap door
-Replaced barrel_02 with barrel_01_torch.
-Deleted glass and dwarven swords. Those are too extravagant for Hlaalu guards. Bows and swords of silver or less are appropriate
-Rotated swords on wall
-Rotated bottle
-Deleted a basket to make room for thief sack
-Added health to repair hammer
-Added another ladder for the higher areas in the attic
-Added barrel_02_eggs. They live near an egg mine and it would make sense for them to live mostly off of eggs.

Comments Good work on hiding the caspering staircase with ex_hlaalu_pole_01. I like the custom made closet using the bookshelf and the Hlaalu wall and posts that were used to make a shelf in the attic. However, this Hlaalu Outpost had way too many expensive items and containers. These are merely guards stationed near an egg mine. They're going to have little more than the bare necessities. Although unusual items can be interpreted as being taken from enemies and bandits who try to loot the egg mine. I'm going to assume the attic is for confiscated stolen goods.

I don't know what Bero had in mind for this. He didn't specify anything really. The NPCer could make this place unique by having all female guards living here. The chests I added or swapped in are catered to female players. These can be swapped out for male chests if there will be male NPCs here.

Note to final reviewer, the ladder in the attic that is connected to the ceiling trap door should be swapped out with a door made from the same model. The ladder is already there; it just needs to be made into a functioning door so that the ceiling exit can be activated without jumping.

Great interior, Bero!


Clean TR_i4-472-Hla.esp
2nd Review

 Filename:  Clean TR_i4-472-Hla.esp
 Filesize:  28.97 KB
 Downloaded:  78 Time(s)

Project Tamriel

"If one is to understand the arcane arts, one must study all its aspects, not just the dogmatic narrow view of the Mages Guild."
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20 Feb 2012

Clean- Yes.
Northmarker- Good.
Lighting- Good.
Illegal to Sleep Here- Yes.

iron club

bonemold arrow
bonemold arrow
bonemold long bow
iron war axe

Replaced ladder on top floor with a fake "Trap Door" using the ladder mesh; both the ladde\
r trap door and the fake trap door will need to be linked to the same exterior location.

Uploaded file to new site.
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