Claim: i4-477-Red Claimed by EJRS
Maps In Group Map 4 at 1:(-2283, -3131):0
Accurate map
Parent: 4-16-Red
 Status: Reviewing, 100% Complete
 Faction: House Redoran
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TR_i4-477-Red_EJRS_2.esp 153.2 KB Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:46 am
(-18, -24) low priority, Large Dwemer ruin. This has multiple entrances, including the ones in -18, -25.
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Lead Developer
21 Oct 2012

Unlocking, low priority.

Entrances just to give you an idea:

You'll have to check the exterior, found here
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14 Aug 2013

I'd be into doing this one.

I'd like to treat this as two connected facilities, separated by the gorge. On the side without the obervatory, focus would be on giving an air of a sort of library/science facility, with several connected small rooms containing various paraphenalia and machinery. The side with the observatory would have more focus on passages, rather labyrinthine, playing a lot along the Z-axis, leading into a larger main hall.
While the side without the observatory would be largely intact, the other side would feature more caved-in passages and transitions into cavescapes.
The idea on the observatory side would be to reward exploration, making areas difficult to reach by various means.

Claustrophobic and ancient.
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Lead Developer
21 Oct 2012


sounds good. If you're unfamiliar with the various dwemer pieces, this might be of use.
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14 Aug 2013

Off to a good start on this one, armed with a newly developed obsession for plumbing.

A few questions to the higher-up devs (or whoever feels they can provide an answer):

- I couldn't find any info on this, but is there a max cap on refs per interior cell?

- The exterior for this claim seems way too big for a one-cell interior, I would say three (plus one for tower interiors) would be more like it. Is there a limit on how many cells I can use?
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Terrifying Daedric Foe
26 Aug 2010

Location: England

I think the limit is somewhere around 1000 refs.

As for cells, include as many as you need.

'The strange thing about TR is that I think it is by and large accepted that we will finish. We are all the sort of crazy people that would do such a thing. We are inevitable.' ~ Thrignar Fraxix
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14 Aug 2013

Version 1. I can now spell 'Ngelfltingth'.

Ngelfltingth Ruin

 Filename:  TR_i4_477-Red_EJRS.ESP
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Last edited by EJRS on Sat Apr 05, 2014 6:32 am; edited 2 times in total
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Lead Developer
19 Aug 2013

Location: California

Cool! Remember not to include any living creatures in your final version!

(The note in cell 3 is great) Smile
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14 Aug 2013

Sorry about that, still trying to get my bearings around the whole claims-thing. Fixed version uploaded above.
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Lead Developer
21 Oct 2012

EJRS wrote:
I can now spell 'Ngelfltingth'.

Congratulations! You have reached level 2!

Bloodthirsty Crustacean wrote:
Kemel-Ze, Chgkfpz Unchurmz; Kemel-Ze, Fzchnrzg; Kemel-Ze, Gzpfmchz

Final boss:

Bloodthirsty Crustacean wrote:
Like a true genius I've just spotted one heinous one (sorry! :P) "Kemel-Ze, Czmfzkck"
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14 Aug 2013

Sometimes it's sad we're not going to voice-act everything...
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14 Aug 2013

Cured this of some odd bits of sloppiness, new version above and below.

Ngelfltingth Ruin

 Filename:  TR_i4_477-Red_EJRS.ESP
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06 Sep 2009

Location: Armun Ashlands, Morrowind


Fits exterior: Yes

Northmarker set: Yes
Loading errors: No


Notes from EJRS:
I took a few pointers from the level design of Super Metroid for this one, thus the lock-and-key layout. This layout gives the creative player a few alternative angles of approach to the ruin, using lockpicking and/or levitation. The general design is an attempt at portraying a more common life side of the dwemer, rather than heavy on the fantastical and epic. I think of it as an atmosphere-piece.

TR_i4_477-Red_1 contains two bedrolls. I didn't detail this area too much, but my thought is that this ruin is large enough to warrant some small quest involving this temporary camp. Perhaps this is the camp of slave smugglers from across the Cyrodiil-Vvardenfell border? Perhaps one of their sneakier slaves has escaped further into the ruin, either carrying some stolen valuable, or perhaps carrying moon sugar within its bowels that the slavers are desperate to get back? Something of that sort. This is also why this cell is much smaller than the others, so that potential NPCs would not come into contact with any hostile creatures.

These were my temporary names for the different cells:
TR_i4_477_Red_1: Ngelfltinghth, Planar Coil
TR_i4_477_Red_2: Ngelfltinghth, Wards of Tension
TR_i4_477_Red_3: Ngelfltinghth, Hands of Huzrlaft
TR_i4_477_Red_4: Ngelfltinghth, Augural Rotunda
TR_i4_477_Red_5: Ngelfltinghth, Cells of Auspice

No1 connects to the entrance in the canyon, No2 connects the north-western bridge entrance, No3 connects to both of the southern bridge entrances as well as the southernmost entrance, No4 connects to the north-east bridge entrance. No5 is for the tower cells, no exterior entrances.

-Lowered sunlight for all cells
-Added high level locks to chests which I feel goes with its sheer size and convoluted maze-like halls, making this not only difficult to navigate but also difficult to pick locks. I recommend high level creatures and NPCs for this interior.

Here are where all the cells go.

-Deleted TR_i4_477_Design_Notes from data files (please post notes for reviewer in thread, not in the actual game data)
-Slightly rotated furn_dwrv_fitting00
-Moved furn_dwrv_fitting50 closer into furn_dwrv_dynamo
-Moved furn_dwrv_fitting50 out further from dynamo
-furn_dwrv_fitting20 ghosting from ceiling. Added slightly larger furn_dwrv_fitting20 to cover the ghosting
-in_dwrv_door_static00 not flush between hinges on in_dwrv_doorjam00 but increasing its size to 1.01 causes it to bleed. Player won't notice any ways but just wanted to address that here.
-Lowered opposite in_dwrv_door_static00 a little since it was floating from the bottom hinge

-Rotated misc_dwrv_mug00
-misc_dwrv_mug00 floating
-furn_dwrv_fitting20 bleeding into in_dwrv_corr2_03
-TR_furn_dwrv_brrl_lid floating
-locked dwrv_chest00 at 97 (sometimes contains dwarven armor/weapons)
-misc_dwrv_artifact60 floating
-slightly adjusted some ceiling piping
-Added volcano_steam to broken pipe
-Locked dwrv_closet00 at 75
-Increased lock for door_dwe_00_exp to 85
-Locked dwrv_chest00_common at 100
-TR_furn_dwrv_brrl_lid bleeding into barrel
-Added 24/25 health to repair_prongs
-Locked dwrv_chest00 at 90
-Rotated tr_m4_477_key1
-misc_dwrv_artifact00 floating slightly
-Deleted TR_in_dwrv_corr_wall02 since they were outside the cell (2x)
-Lowered in_dwrv_door_static00 to avoid bleeding into frame
-Moved pipes in "pipe corridor" area out further so they wouldn't bleed into the wall and add furn_dwrv_fitting10 so that the furn_dwrv_fitting50 wouldn't ghost from the wall

-Added usage to repair_journeyman_01
-Adjusted furn_dwrv_fitting50
-dwrv_barrel10_empty bleeding into other keg
-misc_dwrv_pitcher00 floating
-misc_dwrv_bowl00 floating
-Applied health to iron_shield 0/200. This person's corpse was looted prior to the player coming here most likely since he has nothing on him and a broken shield would probably be one thing people would not want to loot.
-Edited text in TR_i4_477_note from "I triggered some kind of trap when fiddling with a chest I found" to "I triggered some kind of trap when picking a chest I found." Fiddle isn't a word used in Morrowind, seeing as how it isn't a native instrument. I assume you're referring to dwrv_chest10_rare, in which case it is still locked. I raised it's lock to 80 instead of 20.
-dwrv_barrel00_empty bleeding into wall
-TR_in_dwrv_hall_pillar_03 bleeding into wall
-Raised lock for dwrv_closet00 to 46
-Resized furn_dwrv_well00 to 0.95 so it wouldn't bleed into sides of walls
-F'ed TR_furn_dwrv_brrl_lid
-Left TR_i4_477_table unlocked so player could take the key
-Added 943/1000 health to dwarven halberd
-dwrv_closet00 bleeding into wall
-Regarding contain_corpse10, he has no possessions other than a broken iron shield and his scrawled note, most likely due to a previous adventurer looting his corpse since he doesn't have a quill pen or ink well which he would have used to write that note. Therefore, I'm deleting the 3 dwemer coins because it doesn't make sense that this person's possessions would be taken, including his ink well, quill pens, clothes and money, but not the 3 coins on the table. This entire facility is very confusing so I could understand why other things would still be left there even if this place was raided by many people before. I'm still getting lost in it.

I like the pipes angled downwards. Great idea, EJRS.

-Slightly rotated in_dwrv_door_static00
-dwrv_barrel00 bleeding into wall
-Rotated in_dwrv_door_static00 on ground to be flush with floor
-Added in_mudboulder00 to hide flickering on the two stacked bridge pieces near the bottom
-furn_dwrv_bookshelf00 bleeding into in_dwrv_wall00
-Applied 380/400 health to dwemer_shield
-dwemer_shield bleeding into dwrv_drawers00
-in_dwrv_scope20 bleeding into in_dwrv_scope30
-locked dwrv_chest00_common at 100
-Deleted in_dwrv_corr2_02. It was sitting outside the cell design; probably an oversight.

-Moved furn_dwrv_fitting00 to be flush against furn_dwrv_bookshelf00
-ingred_scrap_metal_01 bleeding into shelf
-Moved door marker off of the top of door_dwrv_loaddown00. If player climbs up through that door and then closes it, he won't actually be on top of it since he's having to close it with his hands.
-furn_dwrv_bookshelf00 floating
-Raised lock level to 100 for dwrv_chest10_rare since it has 25 dwemer coins in it, each valued at 50 gold.
-Added in_dwrv_scope50 to the southern tower. That contraption you have looks bad ass but it didn't make much sense mechanically. The top was not connected to anything, so I added a second wheel to have it all connected.

Be mindful when placing pipes and other objects close to walls so that they aren't bleeding into the corners and sides of the wall. I found this quite frequently.
TR_in_dwrv_hall_pillar_01 has terrible UV mapping issues (if I'm correctly diagnosing the problem)
To the Exterior Modder, chimney_smoke_green needs to be lowered into the smoke stack deeper because when I levitate over it in-game, I can see the pink cube sticking out.

*Pathgrids were already added by EJRS. They were quite extensive and even though interior modders aren't supposed to do that, I've left them alone. I'll let the NPCer deal with it.

EDIT: Removed lock from door_dwe_00_exp in cell 2 which leads to cell 4.
Rating 7/10

Clean TR_i4-477-Red_EJRS.esp

 Filename:  Clean TR_i4-477-Red_EJRS.esp
 Filesize:  151.5 KB
 Downloaded:  115 Time(s)

Project Tamriel

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