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06 Apr 2008

I just uploaded Lurlock's Missing Cave Pieces to Morrowind Modding History and was struck by a thought that they maybe of use for TR's interior modders.

The meshes fill "in the gaps for cave pieces in the Bloodmoon cave set. (And one missing piece in the Bonecave set.)"

They're made in the vanilla style and set to use vanilla textures so, in my view, they'd fit with the whole TR aesthetic.

I have no idea as to their suitability as models, whether they've got flipped vertices or slippery normals or whatever kind of thing indicates a poor model.

In a similar vein (extending the existing tilesets) DonnerGott has released a bunch of "inverted" mesh sets, which, from what I understand, mirror image existing pieces (so where a spiral stair is clockwise in vanilla it's counter-clockwise in DonnerGott's set)
Inverted Cave Pieces
Inverted Imperial Spiral Stair Set
Inverted Shack Exteriors and Interiors
Inverted Telvanni Meshes
Inverted Velothi Interiors
Inverted Vivec Gondola Dock

Sorry if there's already a thread and/or you guys already know about this.
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26 Sep 2007

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Lots of them should be handy.
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06 Apr 2008

Glad to here that, Bero Smile

I saw this post by arvisrend over in the "Models needed for Morrowind" topic. I can't post replies in there but if you're looking for a palisade model then have a look at Nomad's Wooden Fort Modder's Pack
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02 Feb 2005

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You can't post in Models and Textures? Someone needs to get that fixed ASAP. All Asset forums should be readable and postable by the public.
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