i4-414: the Velothi tower on an island near Shackville

Development of the Northwestern bank of the Thirr River, including the Hlaalu port of Andothren. Hlaalu territory.

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i4-414: the Velothi tower on an island near Shackville

Post by arvisrend »

[url=http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/old_forum/viewtopic.php?t=22892]Original int thread[/url].

The int is a weird mostly-collapsed mix of Velothi tower and stronghold. I am not saying it's bad, but it doesn't look like a good fit for the ext (at least as far as water levels go). There are ebony rocks in the lowest level.

Suggestion: remove the ext (these little isles will look even better without visible civilization) or replace it by an ancestral tomb or half-grotto-half-cave; reuse the tower int somewhere in the mountains in the new border zone between AA and TRV.
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Post by Yeti »

Oh, so this velothi tower is that interior. I'd say replace it with an ancestral tomb (there should be something for players to uncover when exploring these islands) and move Bero's int to the AA-TRV border zone.
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Post by immortal_pigs »

Sounds like a good proposal to remove the ext and retain the int for later use.

I dont know if its better to replace it with something low level, or just keep the islands peaceful.
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Post by Gnomey »

I'd consider moving the interior to the Velothi tower marked 'i4-?' in the west of this map (green dot), assuming that tower currently lacks an interior:


Might be a bit of a rough fit, but I think it could work. I think two Velothi towers is really plenty for the section, and would prefer a Daedric or maybe Dwemer ruin instead. (Or a more dangerous OM ruin). I'm all for replacing the current exterior for i4-414 with an ancestral tomb.