Claim: q3-10-Mis Claimed by Tondollari
Maps In Group Map 3 at (4273, -3855)
Accurate map
Local map: Gorne
Parent: 3-1-Ind
 Status: Approved, 100% Complete
 Faction: Miscellaneous
 Quest type:
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Dondril misc quest #2. See post below and please ignore the local map and coordinates.
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Lead Developer
04 Oct 2010

Location: substitutional world

Dondril Quest #2

Base file: M3A2

Relevant Locations: Village of Donril and the Daedric ruin of Hadrumnibibi. Please note that Hadrumnibibi doesn’t have an interior, which is intentional, I think

NPCs involved: Galoro Selvor, Mok gro-Uulnag, Yaga gra-Lamok

Existing Latest Rumor to Use:

“There have been rumors of cultists moving into the old ruins of Hadrumnibibi. Most here in Dondril want the Temple officials at Almas Thirr to look into it, though Galoro Sevlar, the renowned witch hunter, has been thinking about doing his own investigation.”

Galoro Selvor is an elderly witch hunter living in the Shack farming village of Dondril, where he is also the local Hetman. Although he describes himself as being retired from the trade, he still keeps an ear out for reports of potential threats near the village. Lately there have been rumors in Dondril of cultist activity in the nearby ruins of Hadrumnibibi that Galoro Selvor has been thinking of investigating. However, he has come to conclusion that he is too old now to take such action and instead asks the player to look into it.

The player will go to the ruin and find two Orcs located at the end of the ruins near the giant statue of Malacath. The two Orcs are low-ranking (a Spearman and Recruit) members of the Imperial Legion heading towards Old Ebonheart. They decided to stop by Hadrumnibibi to pay their respects to Malacath, patron god of the orcs (they’re ignorant of the Dunmer’s disapproval of his worship).

Facing this situation, the player can either choose to:

1. Don't kill the orcs and report to Galoro Selvor that you found no cultists at the ruin. Result: a modest reward for checking out the ruins but nothing amazing.

2. Kill the orcs and report to Galoro Selvor. Result: He’ll reward you.

3. Don't kill the orcs and tell Galoro Selvor that you found them there and choose not to kill them. Result: Galoro won’t attack, but the player will receive a negative ModDisposition for their peaceful correspondence with Daedra worshipers.
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02 Dec 2013

Location: Louisiana

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Lead Developer
04 Jul 2009

Location: Utrecht

How are your q3-5 and q3-9 claims coming along? I don't want questers to spread their attention too thin, as that may lead to people dropping their work in progress claims, which are notoriously hard to pick up for other developers. Or have we forgotten to properly send quest claims to reviewing again?
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Lead Developer
21 Oct 2012


Why - both other quests are done
[quote="Why"]Or have we forgotten to properly send quest claims to reviewing again?[/quote]
Ya, finished quests have been left in Claimed until they get final-reviewed lately; I assumed the reason being so they don't get forgotten and can still potentially get tested by non-devs (sadly not going to happen I know)
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02 Dec 2013

Location: Louisiana

Complete, ready for testing. Orcs will be unable to start this quest. Also, the already present "latest rumors" entry should allow the player to access the "Galoro Sevlor" topic with villagers but there is currently a misspelling I think.
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Lead Developer
21 Oct 2012

Some more comments from the CS:

- thought the orcs' script was deliberately preventing ever talking to them if one was attacked, but it seems incidental?

;attack if provoked/hit

if ( combat == 1 )
   "TR_m3_Mok gro-Uulnag"->startcombat player
   "TR_m3_Yaga gra-Lamok"->startcombat player
   set combat to 0

if ( OnPCHitme == 1 )
   set combat to 1

OnPCHitMe only resets if you do it manually (set to 0), meaning it will always be ==1. Worked fine when playing, but I remember MSFD states 'startcombat' shouldn't be applied every frame (risks bugging?)
Still good to prevent illogical dialogue from talking to them afterif the PC's attacked, suggest SetFight 100 every frame instead.
(with also a forcegoodbye greeting if 'function fight 100')
(or much easier, just a forcegoodbye greeting if either is dead)

- same script,

if ( CellChanged == 1 )
   if ( GetJournalIndex "TR_m3_Do_Cultists" >= 40 )
      if ( GetHealth > 0 )

Health > 0 technically doesn't denote a NPC is alive (health can become > 0 if there's a healing effect during dying animation). Since this is conditioned on the quest being complete anyway, can just Disable them from Sevlor's finishing dialogue entries

- (you can remove 'controlQ' if not used)

- TR_m3_q_10_Axe_Yaga_Script : when possible it's good to give the player an unscripted version of items they might want to keep (performance issues if many scripted items are hoarded), probably not necessary if this doesn't have a special name

- Hadrumnibibi, "Umm... That doesn't sound good."...
the messagebox with this one is the only one without 'Yaga:'

- since the orcs are Legionnaires, they'd probably obey orders from a higher-ranking legionnaire PC (in uniform?)

- did I mention the orcs have really good dialogue? the orcs have really good dialogue.
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02 Dec 2013

Location: Louisiana

Updated with discussed changes.

Note: The only edit I made on Sevlor was his name (not ID); before, his name was displayed as "Selvor". Also edited latest rum to correct name.

1.) "goodbye" greetings in proper places, orc dialogue for death
2.) You can now pull rank on the orcs if Legion
3.) Scripts new & improved, I think. ONPChitme manually reset, The axe in the tree is scripted, but is disabled on pulling out, and an unscripted one is added to inventory.
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Lead Developer
21 Oct 2012

TR_m3_q_10_cultists_script - added setfight to startcombat

greeting 5 "Looks like you couldn't convince Mok." relies on done1 == 1 which is only set on the other Orc. They have the same script, but operations on variables only apply to the one calling them!
Hadrumnibibi - added done1 to Yaga

greeting 5 "Oh no, not another Malakite. I have enough worries without you barging in here, Orc."
- result: "setdisposition 20" risks bumping disp back up, also sets base disp without modifiers. This instead:
set controlQ to GetDisposition
if ( controlQ > 20 )
set controlQ to ( 20 - controlQ )
ModDisposition controlQ

spelling: "witch hunter" to "witchhunter"

removed mentions of "werewolves", even if half-joking it's a Solstheim thing

added choice to start the quest if PC didn't initially offer to help, no point in blocking it

+ discussed dialogue edits

note to self: check that they don't get the "citizen" greeting if PC is a legion superior

*edit: reuploaded without the test messagebox. doh! also cleaned. Thanks Tondollari*


 Filename:  TR_q3-10-Mis_Tondollari_3rv.esp
 Filesize:  29.55 KB
 Downloaded:  133 Time(s)

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Lead Developer
21 Oct 2012

is on new browser
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