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19 Jun 2014

Just an album on imgur that has a dark and eerie feel to it, some of the pictures actually are Morrowind fan art, but they all might be of use to capture a particular feel of an area in TR, or might be of inspiration to some of the people here. Smile

EDIT: Aaaaand here's another larger album as well, so, enjoy!
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Ironed Maidens
23 Feb 2008

In the same vein of inspirational art stuffs, I'd seriosuly recommend taking a look at the concept art of The Dark Crystal. It oozes Morrowind. a basic gist of what is available via google. Really good stuff.
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st.Veloth, The Repenting
28 Feb 2015

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the hlaalu are worthless, godless, imperial dogs, they have sacrificed their identities as true dunmer for the sake of coin. siding with the empire is bound to get them on house dres's hate list. i don't see why these two houses would ever work together, at least with recent events in mind.
this is in response to the ingame book file
( i don't hate house hlaalu, i'm just trying to see from a dres noble's perspective)

almsivi bless, to create one must first destroy, the nature of all, is in equilibrium
- sotha sil
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Lead Developer
19 May 2006

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Not sure if this is the right thread to discuss this, but ah well. The Dres are unscrupulous. They wish to further the Dunmer, and don't care how they do it; whether it requires striking deals with House Hlaalu, House Telvanni, the Sload or the Hist, all of which they have likely done. House Hlaalu is a useful trading partner at the start of the game; they have scratched each others' backs and have benefited from it. For the Dres, that's enough. They have no love of House Hlaalu, but that doesn't stop them from doing business with the House.
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02 Dec 2013

Location: Louisiana

40 Days in the Desert - Jean Giraud

These drawings reminded me a great deal of Morrowind.
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