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02 Feb 2005

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Hey everyone,

The Othreleth Valley has been organized into two subsections, the West Merge & the East Merge. All of the work (except any new interior cells) will be done on these two files once the exteriors have been finished. Claims will rougly be organized within these boundaries.

Any proposal for additional work to be done on these files should be made in a separate thread. Once a proposal is worked out & approved by the section team, it will be put into the list of things to be done on that merge.

Posts in the merge threads should be limited to posts about the status of the file - who is working on it, who wants to work on it to do what, what needs to be done still, et cetera. New ideas or questions should go into other threads.

Please tag your posts appropriately when making a proposal (once exteriors are done). This does not apply to general region planning and topics that cover both sections.

"Idleness and lack of occupation tend - nay are dragged - towards evil."
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