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02 Dec 2013

Location: Louisiana

This will probably fit best somewhere in Hlaalu territory.

There are rumors around town that a local egg mine has been having problems with exploding kwama eggs.

The player talks to the miners, and they say that the rumors are true, and that they all have egg on their faces. Terrible, scalding egg. From the explosions.

After thorough investigation (to be designed later), the player concludes that one of the miners is a rogue mage. The player finds out who by finding suspicious items in their quarters, and/or figuring out which miner was present at each of the egg explosions.

When questioned, the miner admits to making the eggs explode with fire magic. He is being paid by the owners of another local egg mine. The competitors want the miners to consider other job opportunities.

The player can try to turn the mage in (he likely attacks & dies) for a modest reward, or agree to keep quiet in exchange for a strong fire spell.
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Lead Developer
04 Oct 2010

Location: substitutional world

Very nice! A few details that might or might not improve the story:

- The mine boss is particularly worried that people will believe the eggs to be rotten/"overripe" if they hear of the explosions. He gives the player a couple eggs right away to prove that it is not the case.

- The mage is a former novice of a Telvanni master, dismissed for preferring mischief to actual work. This pattern of behavior has not changed since, and the player can point this out to the mage.

- IMHO no reason to make a fight option unless the player really wants it. This ought to be a low-level mischief-maker, more akin to the Ajira-Galbedir rivalry at the Balmora MG than to actual rogue mages.
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