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we need publicity.

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 5:58 pm
by st.Veloth, The Repenting
hey everyone, as you all know, this project has been around for many years. i'm glad to have joined now, at such a pivotal time in development. now this may sound crazy, but i'm guessing by now you guys are used to my special brand of crazy. i would like to create, or be apart of the creation of an official TR youtube channel, like what tesrenewal is doing. i know we already have one, but it's barely posted on. i would gladly give my free time to make videos on the different places, and the planning. all i need is sufficient screenshots, artwork, and perhaps even some feed of you guys using the CK. of course, i'm not claiming this job. if anyone else wants it, then i wouldn't mind if they wanted to give this a shot. i'm not as experienced with this kind of thing, but as of now, free time is popping up more often.

let me know what you guys think about the idea, i think Tr needs some real publicity, to get more people devoted to the project.
plus, i found these online, what are they, and are they still in production..