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19 May 2006

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Download TR_Data v1512
Last Updated December 17, 2015

This thread is used to link to the latest TR_Data download. (Alongside the TR Data link at the top of the page). It may also be used to announce and discuss updates to TR_Data.

TR_Data contains content used across all other TR files, such as models and books. As such, downloading it is a prerequisite to being able to experience and work on TR content.

If you spot any errors in the latest TR_Data file, please post them in TR Bug & Error Reporting. If you want to provide feedback, please do so in TR Public Feedback.

Perhaps the most common error people run into with TR_Data comes from the BSA not being registered. Here's a quick tutorial on how to register the BSA:

Open the Morrowind.ini file present in your Morrowind directory and add this line to the [Archives] section:
Archive X=TR_Data.bsa
where X is the next available number.

If you don't have any other mods installed that use BSA files, you should see this once the above line is added:
Archive 0=Tribunal.bsa
Archive 1=Bloodmoon.bsa
Archive 2=TR_Data.bsa
If you have properly registered the BSA but still get errors, please post them in the TR Bugs & Error Reporting thread linked above.

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10 Feb 2014

Old Versions:
TR_Data v1510Last Updated October 14, 2015
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10 Feb 2014

Updated to version 15.12
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