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19 May 2006

Location: In your garden.

In this thread, you will find the files containing our entire landmass. Please note you must also download our asset file (TR_Data) to be able to play Tamriel Rebuilt.

If you spot any errors in these files, please post them in TR Bug & Error Reporting. If you want to provide feedback, please do so in TR Public Feedback.

Download TR_Mainland v1512
Last Updated December 17, 2015

TR_Mainland is the main release of Tamriel Rebuilt, containing the playable portion of our landmass (Northeastern Morrowind). As sections reach a level of finish, and quests are added, they will be added onto this file.

Download TR_Preview v1512
Last Updated December 17, 2015

Formerly TR_Alpha, TR_Preview contains the remainder of our landmass, containing a mixture of semi-finished and unfinished content not ready for the main release. Use this file alongside TR_Mainland if you wish to see the entire Mainland. Eventually, this file will get smaller, as areas will be shuffled over to TR_Mainland once they are finished.

Download TR_InDev (internal use only)
Last Updated December 17, 2015

TR_InDev contains the same content as TR_Preview, minus the currently active sections. This file is for internal merging and bugfixing, and makes it convenient to master new versions of TR_Preview. It is recommended that casual users do not download this file, unless they are well versed in merging game files together.

Below are outdated pre-merge versions of the above files. Archiving purposes only, do not download.

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