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Lead Developer
10 Feb 2014

These are just some concepts I had floating around. This is busy work for people to do while waiting for more important stuff to come down the pipeline.

1. Morrowindized Cyrodiil plants.
I still like this concept, but if no one does anything with it, we can just copy P:C's stuff.
The thought here is that Morrowind has some kind of detrimental effect on the flora of Cyrodiil. The current plan is to only use these in the Old Ebonheart Castle.
PC Flora pdf file contains the Flora I had planned on including. Here are the Meshes and Textures.
I'm looking for any ideas, drawings, or even new meshes/textures. I'd like to see at least the textures changed a bit.

2. Paintings / Artwork
I really am not impressed with the paintings that have been added to TR Data. This is an alien world and we've got earthly landscapes and common earth food. Blah.

Now there are tons of images of Morrowind (Mainland and Vvardenfell). Why not do something interesting with them to make them look like local art.
Here is a picture I modified with Gimp to give you some ideas.

In addition to paintings. How about some picture frames that might have been made out of local materials. Try to avoid normal looking tree branches - but Mushrooms could be used.

And finally, how about some sculptures out of mushrooms or stone, or anything else in the arts. Just try to make it look like it would be something from Morrowind.

3. I am in the process of learning about animation. One idea, I had, is to have some kind of mushroom that opens up at night. All I could think of is something like an umbrella opening - but I want to read your ideas before progressing further with it. Some art work with funky mushrooms moving/opening would be nice. Also, if a modeler would like to take this on, that's fine too.
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Lead Developer
19 May 2006

Location: In your garden.

As far as paintings are concerned, I think they should mostly be an Imperial thing. Dunmer appear to prefer murals applied directly to walls or, of course, tapestries and other textile work. I also personally don't think Dunmer should make heavy use of sculptures, and that generally sculpture should also be more of an Imperial thing. The exception is major religious sculpture work, like the Daedric statues and the statues of Vivec, Olms and Delyn.
As such, having paintings commonly portray scenes from more familiar provinces might be a good direction to go, I think, to represent that a lot of outlanders try to surround themselves with more familiar and less hostile scenes than Morrowind tends to provide them with. Though more familiar does not mean mundane; some scenes of Nibenay and such might be interesting.
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Ironed Maidens
23 Feb 2008

I think tapestries would be more important. If you look at every vanilla asset, the issue comes down to the fact that they were all HAND PAINTED by artists and you can see the mixing of quite a few subtle colors in virtually every texture, so just taking a screenshot and applying a filter with it just seems mundane. I think, if any work is to be considered with adding new paintings or tapestries, then at the least there would have to be some kind of manual manipulation going into the picture. As far as statues goes, I'm with gnomey as well; I don't think there would be much use for statues outside of perhaps EO at this point, and I would really like to see a few smaller statues of some of the saints, or perhaps even new Daedric price statues. Why use the same ones over and over? Why not have a few variations of each, with various differences? I think once you have the base statue it wouldn't be hard to change positions of their hands a bit, or change the expression of their face, or have them holding something.

In that same realm as well, what about new Dwemer statues? Something to consider as well....
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Lead Developer
03 Apr 2015

1) P:C plants: they look nice, but they at least need some new textures. Many of those are real world plants, so they're a bit too normal for Morrowind as is.

2) I can make hand-made paintings fairly easily, if someone provides me with screenshots as inspiration (or something to copy). As Gnomey said, keep in mind the cultural background of art; most ancient cultures only make art of certain subjects. And they only made certain forms of art (painted urns, statues, rice-paper and ink wash paintings, rock carvings, etc). I'd be up for making "local art" textures if we can hammer down what sort of art medium and subjects people in Morrowind would have.

3) Here are some loose sketches:
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