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Showcase Guidelines [Developer Showcases]

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We need updated showcase guidelines. This thread will be for constructing those updated guidelines.

What this sticky needs:

What areas needs showcases for pormotion
Guidelines on each type of showcase
Reviewing/being/becoming a reviewer

How promotions work
How claims work in a why you need to be a dev to do claims sense

Other things?

Thougts/suggestions/comments welcome, especially including existing sticky threads we should include data from.

Stickies to use:


Showcase guidelines

Modders in the four categories of Exteriors, Interiors, Questers, and Scripters must make a showcase here in this forum before they can take claims and begin working for Tamriel Rebuilt. This post contains the guidelines for how to make and submit a showcase.

General Guidelines

Showcases must be made by all modders who want to work in exteriors, interiors, questing, and scripting. (That is: anyone who wants to do work directly in the Construction Set.)
Everyone else does not need to and should not post a showcase thread. Instead, head to How to Contribute to Tamriel Rebuilt [link].
You should post exactly one showcase thread, in which you can display however many of the four types of showcase you would like.
If your showcase has not been officially reviewed or it seems to be taking a while, please bump the thread as a reminder. Sometimes we forget!

For each of the types of showcase, scroll down to the right section. (Perhaps we will place the next four guidelines in separate posts in this thread, then supply links here.)

If you’re just starting out and can use some help, head to the tutorials section. [link]

Exterior Showcase Guidelines

Exterior modders create the landscape and all exterior spaces, including the wilderness, underwater, and city areas. Everything in an exterior cell, save for NPCs, are placed by exterior modders.

Exterior showcases should do the following…

Interior Showcase Guidelines

Interior Modders create interior cells, which means they design and implement the insides of houses, caves, dungeons, and anything else in an interior cell. Everything in an interior cell, save for NPCs, are placed by interior modders.

Interior showcases should do the following...

Quester Showcase Guidelines
Questers implement already written quests into the showcase. Quest writers design quests in the quest forum [link], but the job of actually putting these quests, with their associated dialogue and scripts, into the Construction Set is done by Questers.

Quester showcases should do the following…

Scripter Showcase Guidelines

Scripters write the scripts that Morrowind uses to run practically everything from activators to dialogue, gameplay, and everything else.

Scripter showcases should do the following…