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19 Mar 2015

Images and videos here are safe for everyone. Smile

Bored and megafauna has been in my brain for some lurking for the past few days.
I can't even imagine 10 ton Colombian mammoths or 1 ton moose!
Edit: Just realized this picture is incomplete wat-da...
What can i say? I like creatures!
I'm such a nerd i specifically looked for the spinosaurus(no morzilla you add this word Surprised)
I posted this one because of image above, first time ever seeing this image I thought the spinosarus was just a balloon-shaped crocodile(fun word to say).
Some animals had traits of the gods n survival tactics.
Hard to imagine a North America without settlers.
This one goes out to all the single-celled organism out there. Thank you.

wtb: (bracket)img resize(slash bracket) or html option <_<
Ty for your eyes and feel free to contribute. ITT: shit to make you forget about work
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