Almalexia Interior Cells

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Almalexia Interior Cells

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Hey guys,
I've just installed this mod for the first time and I have to say that I am EXTREMELY impressed!!!

I was especially amazed at the sheer size of Almalexia, The exterior of the city definitely has to be the jewel in the crown of this huge undertaking of a mod. Whilst I don't want to become hugely involved in this amazing project. It is clear that Almalexia lacking interior cells. Is there anyway I could get involved, perhaps by working on some of the interiors for the city?

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Hi! Welcome to the forums, glad you like what you've seen! As far as Almalexia goes, at the moment the progression of the city is on hiatus, as we are in the midst of redoing the city proper. HOWEVER, we are always more than happy to have people help us build the world up in other parts of the province.

Please read this thread:

to see what you need to do! I'm excited to see what you have in store for us. :)
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Post by RyanS »

Yes, it would be great if you could get involved!

Believe it or not, most of the Almalexia interiors were completed a few years ago. They just weren't merged with the preview file, mostly due to the hiatus. However, there will likely be some dungeon claims going up within a few weeks, so if you finish your showcase by then, those will be free to grab. :D
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I moved this topic here because the Almalexia forum should just be for work pertaining to Alma.