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Website Administrator
12 Aug 2005

As 2016 begins, times are changing at Tamriel Rebuilt. After a lot of behind-the scenes testing and developing, we are now ready to move on with our site infrastructure to new, better software to help with our changes in project management.

To that end, we are beginning a one-week trial period of the two solutions remaining on the table: we will either subsume forums and/or claims system into Drupal (the content managament system which powers our main page), or move either or both to Redmine (a dedicated project management suit).

To do this, we need you! A trial period is pointless without people doing the trial. We need people to register on both the main site and the Redmine trial.

After you've registered with either, please check out the forums (Redmine, Drupal), the claims system (Drupal, Redmine), and the bugtracker (Redmine, Drupal).

Please be aware that neither installation has been finalized - styling in specific will be addressed only after the Tamriel Rebuilt team has decided on either solution. The new parts of both sites look awkward and clumsy, as that is among the last parts that need to be addressed.

After that period ends, the final decision will be made at the Discord (with Skye a possible fallback) meeting on Saturday, 16th January. As always, people interested in the project are welcome to join and give their feedback directly.

As this represents a clean break, the existing forums will be retired as a read-only archive as soon possible when the final decision has been made.
The forum software Tamriel Rebuilt uses was a workhorse forum software back in the day, but time does not stand still. Neither for Tamriel Rebuilt as a whole, nor the software it uses.
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Lead Developer
03 Apr 2015

I'm putting my vote in for using the Drupal forums over the Redmine forums, since I won't be at the Skype Meeting this weekend to do it. I think the functionality and formatting abilities of the Drupal forums, and the ability to mesh them well with the drupal-based website, are going to work better for us than the Redmine forums. Those seemed rather basic, like they wouldn't do that great of a job for things like asset development and things where you need to post lots of pictures and such.

I have not gotten a chance to test out the claims browser or bug reporter on either of the options.
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Lead Developer
23 Nov 2014

Location: Europe

I second Kaziem with preference for the Drupal forums. Concerning the bug tracker and claims system I do think Redmine offer much more versatility and ease of use in the future, but as I am not a developer of actual content, nor someone who fixes bugs, my vote on that part is a neutral one. I leave it to the pro's to decide what's best for them.
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