Deshaan Plains

2018-09-30 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  1. What are the current bottlenecks that keeps us from entering Deshaan?
  2. Do we have enough concept art for the architecture?
  3. Does the current concept art satisfy our needs?
  4. How could we improve/add detail to the future models? feat. Rubberman (hopefully)
  5. Examining the existing concepts; (Meriyal's, Feivelyn's, Gnomey's) and finalize it.
  6. Testing the existing Deshaan textures. Can we use them? If not, how could we improve them?
  7. Architecture textures, can we salvage the existing ones?

2017 02 19 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  • Backlog
  • Handbook for TR1703
  • Marahk-Bazhul
  • Foul Murder

Meeting Summary


  • The Ashtaar heads were discussed. Mutton chops and Socius Ergalla-with-beard are slated for some editing. Mutton chops is supposed to get more polies, and and SE-with-beard will be un-Sociused by Rats.
  • Nedothril plants, Othreleth/Shipal-Shin and Deshaan Rocks were discussed and generally found okay.

Deshaan and friends

The discussion veered off into the Deshaan as a whole.

2016 04 23 Meeting Summary

Meeting of Saturday April 16 2016

Discussion Leader: Gnomey   

Proposed topics to discuss

  • discuss the general heightmap (I’ll be uploading a new version of my file with images)
  • discuss the borders of the Deshaan region
  • decide the rough number and positioning of Dres clansteads
  • discuss the general number and placement of dungeons in the Deshaan
  • discuss the weather (of the Deshaan)



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