Dres Horak

2017 05 14 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  • Deshaan, who do what
  • Almas-Thirr Dialogue, good to go or no-go area
  • Indoril-Thirr, further problems: Roa Dyr, Felm’s Hamlet
  • Nav Andaram, concept needed
  • More exterior claims east?
  • Region template meetings for Ascadian Bluffs
  • Handbook needs butter by the fish
  • External updates: Wiki, Nexus (Tamriel_Data needs images)
  • Roles/Responsibilities (you know what this is about, leads)


2017 02 19 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  • Backlog
  • Handbook for TR1703
  • Marahk-Bazhul
  • Foul Murder

Meeting Summary


  • The Ashtaar heads were discussed. Mutton chops and Socius Ergalla-with-beard are slated for some editing. Mutton chops is supposed to get more polies, and and SE-with-beard will be un-Sociused by Rats.
  • Nedothril plants, Othreleth/Shipal-Shin and Deshaan Rocks were discussed and generally found okay.

Deshaan and friends

The discussion veered off into the Deshaan as a whole.

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