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2017 07 30 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  • Kemel Ze - Reason for the lich
  • TR Status Update - Feedback Discussion
  • Tamriel Data Addon wrap-up


Meeting Summary

Dwemer Lich

The current implementation does not work, for such an outlier as a Dwemer Lich, a sound concept needs to be provided and it needs to be readable for the player. Furthermore, it dilutes the themes of the Dwemer if it is not well explained.

2015 12 05 Meeting Summary

Skype Meeting Summary Notes for December 05 2015

Recording starts mid-conversation

Rift Pass could be transformed into a normal Dunmer stronghold – maybe with shrine to St. Felms.

NOTE: Need to fix Passes in TR_Preview (Passes are not labeled properly)

Historical Events

Veloth's Route. This is primarily a straight line from west to east. Ending in the Necrom area, where Veloth then continues off to the east.

2015 08 29 Meeting Summary

This is a summary of the Skype meeting that took place on Saturday, August 29, 2015, where we started discussing the Master Plan. We didn't discuss the actual content yet, but we did list some things that should also be covered in the Master Plan:

Shops should have a purpose in towns, instead of merely being filler. Presumably, this idea would extend to settlement demographics in general.

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