Hortator Quests

2016 10 15 Meeting Summary

2016 10 15 Proposed Agenda

The main thing on this meeting’s agenda is discussing the Quest Expansion Pack for TR_Mainland.


*How/where to post quest ideas and what they need before being turned into claims

*Quest ideas, including:

--breadcrumbs leading from Vvardenfell

2016 09 24 Meeting Summary

Meeting Notes for Saturday August 13 at 5PM GMT on Discord



Frequency - We’re in favor of a semi-annual release instead of a quarterly one. Quarterly releases presume the optimistic version of a workflow TR doesn’t currently have, centered around assembling finished and reviewed claims.1612 should be released on schedule as a bugfix release, but afterwards TR should move to 1 release every 6 months.

Tamriel Rebuilt 1609

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