Imperial Legion Questline

2017 11 19 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

How’s Roa Dyr coming?

What questlines should OE include that aren’t yet written or designed (write a list in the summary of what questlines are written or done or neither)


Meeting Summary

Roa Dyr

Gnomey is hard at work on Roa Dyr and should have something new up soon. Current focus is the chapel and its elevation, so that it will act as a blueprint for other chapel-monasteries down the line.

Old Ebonheart Quests

OE Faction Questlines: LL = Low level HL = high level

2016 10 15 Meeting Summary

2016 10 15 Proposed Agenda

The main thing on this meeting’s agenda is discussing the Quest Expansion Pack for TR_Mainland.


*How/where to post quest ideas and what they need before being turned into claims

*Quest ideas, including:

--breadcrumbs leading from Vvardenfell

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