Mainland Vampire Clans

2018-08-12 Meeting Summary

Orlukh Clan

The Orlukh have a unique clan power makes them incredibly slow, but nigh-immune to all damage

Skin of Iron (Power)
Resist Normal Weapons, Resist Magicka, Drain Acrobatics - 100, Drain Athletics - 100
Dodge, Burden
something else (other possibilities were buffing all of the armour skills + unarmoured, having a shield effect, restore or fortify health…)

Mainland Vampire Clans: The Orlukh


The Orlukh are a mainly Orcish vampire clan who dwell primarily in an abandoned mine in Roth-Roryn.
Their original conceptualisation took place in 2016. A quest claim for the "introduction" quest is here.

As with all vampire clans, it is likely that the player will want to become part of them, so we need to make some concepts what their powers are, what their questline would be, and, in general, what we want the mainland vampire clans to be like.

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