Old Ebonheart

2018-03-25 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  • Newly-merge section, recap and outlook
  • Old Ebonheart, status report
  • Northern Aanthirin, status report
  • Ebon Tower Dialogue: Palace and Curia, big claims that should probably be discussed as a group with lots of important NPCs

Meeting Summary

Development Recap

The Old Ebonheart and Northern Aanthirin section files switched to a “released” state and the Spring Release has taken their place. Work can continue on it, and merging should begin soon.

2018-03-11 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  • Old Ebonheart, status report
  • Northern Aanthirin, status report
  • Propylon Network, extended to the mainland
  • Post-Release housekeeping (dialogue, scripts, quests, etc.)

Meeting Summary

Old Ebonheart and Northern Aanthirin To-Do List

  1. review/merge coastguard / navy esp
  2. merge the Talos Tower and Briricca Bank ints when they are done and reviewed
  3. move the curia vault daggers
  4. detail the census building
  5. add more cool treasure to the main palace vault
  6. merge the

2018-02-11 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  • Old Ebonheart, open issues
  • Northern Aanthirin, open issues
  • HarryLillis is proposing to do voice acting, scripts for OE Guards Exemplar?
  • Next week's open meeting plan?
  • Reorganizing the needed Dres assets list

Meeting Summary

Old Ebonheart, Recap

  • Rats has dropped a file and done the following edits (some which need to be followed up on):
  • Ebon Tower interiors have pathgrids and all but the most generic ones (guard towers) have NPCs (except for the Census and Excise interior)

2018-01-21 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  • Old Ebonheart, open issues
  • Indoril-Thirr, open issues
  • Local greetings, the little custom topics (bug)
  • Master Trainers & Soul Trap (forum topic)
  • A future revision to the meeting structure: We will hold an open discussion once per month (if it doesn't get cancelled), and directed meetings on all other Sundays (that don't get cancelled). The free meeting should be held at the end of each month, starting January.
  • Do we want to hold an open meeting on 2018-01-28, this close to a planned release date?

2017 11 19 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

How’s Roa Dyr coming?

What questlines should OE include that aren’t yet written or designed (write a list in the summary of what questlines are written or done or neither)


Meeting Summary

Roa Dyr

Gnomey is hard at work on Roa Dyr and should have something new up soon. Current focus is the chapel and its elevation, so that it will act as a blueprint for other chapel-monasteries down the line.

Old Ebonheart Quests

OE Faction Questlines: LL = Low level HL = high level


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