Player Stronghold

2017 11 05 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  • Faction ranks: Should any of TR’s faction ranks for Great Houses replace the vanilla ranks?
  • Player strongholds

Meeting Summary

Faction ranks

In general, the discussion started with a review of a previous short disagreement whether the vanilla ranks should be kept or the ranks that TR invented for the mainland factions (which no longer exist) should be used instead.

2017 01 08 Meeting Summary

Lake Andaram Planning

Where is Lake Andaram? Here is Lake Andaram:

Lake Andaram is the center of a conflict between the encroaching House Hlaalu and the houses Dres (more) and Indoril (less).


As a lake that the Thirr flows past, Lake Andaram is a major shipping route of House Dres and seat of Dres Horak, one of the two Dres embassy settlements (this one is for dealing with the other Dunmer).

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