Redoran Questline

2020-07-26 Meeting Summary

What is the future outline?

What are the rough outlines for local plots? How do they tie into the global plot?

Roughly speaking, the local plots will be tied to the March capitals, where the local councils try to keep sense of things as well as they can until the Nail-Knock Reaver uprising occurs.

The early Snows March quests should focus on the Hlaalu in/and Cormar, the early Stones March focus on the conflict between “Princess” Demia Sarethi and the Hlaalu around Bodrem. The Ashes March could have something with Velothi Orcs (not the Marakh-Bazhul ones!).

2020-07-19 Meeting Summary

How are they represented in game?

Do they own settlements or buildings in other people's settlements?

They own settlements. In some temple settlements, they rent space; in others, or in neutral territory, they set up garrisons that accept their presence.

Do they have faction guards?

They have faction guards, clad in Bonemold armor of various styles. There are also Watchmen, who act as scouts and patrols, but are not technically faction guards.

2017 11 05 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  • Faction ranks: Should any of TR’s faction ranks for Great Houses replace the vanilla ranks?
  • Player strongholds

Meeting Summary

Faction ranks

In general, the discussion started with a review of a previous short disagreement whether the vanilla ranks should be kept or the ranks that TR invented for the mainland factions (which no longer exist) should be used instead.

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