Region Revamp

2017 04 23 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  • Opening up exterior claims (Knocker's Neck; what is still missing to open Thirr, Orethan)
    • Thirr Valley assets need to be assessed: textures and flora?
  • Roa Dyr and state of completion (NPCs, interiors, exteriors, purpose of the town in the lore)
  • Aeven wants to examine a possible makeover for the Alt Orethan region, and do research into what needs to happen with Almalexia, including the many completed interiors until progress halted in 2015.
  • Update various documents on the site
  • Finish reviews of various as

2016 11 13 Meeting Summary

Roth Roryn Review – Meeting I (Conceptualization)

Feedback thread
First, quickly go over the current implementation of the region. This stage is about taking stock of what we have to work with.

  1. What does it currently look like?

Roth-roryn is a region furrowed with hills and ridges (for the most part), eroded grasslands, and canyons (in places). It contains a river and a few smaller bodies of water, but is otherwise landlocked.

2016 07 23 Meeting Summary

Meeting Notes for Saturday July 23 6:15 PM GMT meeting on Discord

Region Planning

  • Askkaedh Coast -> Ascadian Bluffs (AB) Its borders as outlined in black in the image below.
    The Ascadian Bluffs form half the remnant of the greater Ascadia region, divided during the creation of Vvardenfell island.
  • The Inner Sea region will be divided between the other regions


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